iPayTotal has adopted the most safest and reliable medium, Crypto-Processing Gateways

While still somewhat “geeky” and poorly understood, banks, governments and many companies are aware of their importance.

Let iPayTotal support your business by offering acquiring and banking services. We have solutions supporting payments in and out of a crypto exchange.

At iPayTotal , we believe strongly in providing a payment foundation that allows our clients to take advantage of cryptocurrencies increasing consumer demand.


Enhancing Business with Crypto Currency

With our award-winning tool, Processing Partners provides your business the opportunity accepting digital currencies via online, mobile, e-billing or POS checkout.

Bitcoin technology is the first successful 100% digital payment method – each transaction starts and ends online. Bitcoin processing offers new types of customers:

  • Generation Z – Post Millennials
  • YUPIDS – Young, Urban, Professional,
  • Intellectual and Digital Natives
  • Millions of Users in Asia
  • Multinationals in Emerging Countries

Bitcoin Shoppers also tend to spend more, request fewer refunds and are also loyal customers.

Benefits of Crypto Payments


  • No bitcoin currency risk
  • Instant payment experience
  • Receive settlements in legal tender
  • Low transaction fees
  • Price in any currency
  • Inbound payments & real-time payouts
  • Instant payment clearing for e-commerce
  • Quickly and easily via highly secure API technology and integration
  • Patent pending dynamic delivery authorization system
  • State-of-the-art application development tailored to fit your needs
  • Fair value conversion rate consolidating market depth from multiple exchanges
  • GEO-targeting
  • Advanced refund handling
  • Automated payouts in real-time
  • Customizable regulatory settings
  • AML/KYC only if thresholds are met
  • Affiliates tools and Rev-share programs

Lower cost

Fees around 1%. Significant Savings.

Lower risk

No Chargebacks. No Fraud.

Faster settlements

Receive EUR. Better Cash Flow.

Need support?

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The experience with iPay Total Ltd. is a very good experience in an overall perspective. Nice and helpful staff, a lot of support during the process of processing transactions, and also good territorial coverage are the most important positive features of this provider (although they are still working on widening of the same).

Michał Telka
Chairman, Bluewater Corp