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Debt Consolidation Merchant Accounts: Fast Credit Card Payment Processing Solutions

Since its inception, Ipaytotal has been providing high-quality merchant accounts for e-commerce businesses globally. Through a network of offshore and domestic acquiring banking partners, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide payment processing solutions for many different merchants. With our debt consolidation merchant accounts, you will be able to accept credit card payments online through your own website in as little as three to four days. Click below to get started.

Fast Credit Card Processing Solutions

Our merchant account application is easy to complete and is sent straight to our team of merchant account specialists. Qualifying merchants can be approved and matched with an acquiring bank in as little as 1-2 business days. With free payment gateway integration and other client support services, you can start processing payments in under a week.

Payment Gateway Integration For Debt Consolidation Merchants

With a debt consolidation merchant account from Ipaytotal, you won’t have to worry about complicated payment gateway integration. Your acquiring bank will connect your website to its secure payment gateway, enabling you to accept credit card payments online. Ask your acquiring bank about the best shopping carts and currencies acceptable through your new payment gateway.

Many merchant services companies do not accept debt consolidation companies, for three primary reasons: (1) the first is that debt relief and consolidation are industries regulated by the US federal government. As a consequence, underwriters reviewing a credit card processing application by a business in this field must undergo a deeper level of business due diligence. (2) Because the nature of the product offered leads to a higher than average risk of chargebacks, either from so called “friendly fraud” or due to customer dissatisfaction. (3) The setup of debt consolidation businesses is primarily to accept non face-to-face credit card transactions, that is, either over the phone or via the internet. Both of these payment types are inherently more vulnerable to fraud and chargebacks. Combined, these three factors cause many merchant services providers to decline to offer merchant accounts to the debt consolidation industry as a whole.

By contrast, iPayTotal has been proud to offer merchant services to the debt consolidation industry since its inception. Our extensive relationships with credit card processors who have the capability to underwrite regulated businesses, such as debt relief and consolidation, as well as our integrated chargeback and fraud protection tools, uniquely positions iPayTotal to provide reliable, low cost debt consolidation merchant accounts.

What types of debt consolidation industry businesses do you accept?

iPayTotal accepts a wide range of retail, eCommerce, virtual terminal and mobile payment based companies in the debt consolidation industry. These include: debt consolidation, debt refinancing, debt counseling, debt settlement, loan brokers, and debt relief companies, among others.

Is there a transaction ceiling for debt consolidation merchant accounts?

We understand that debt consolidation services frequently cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. And that often, the difference between making a sale and not is a debt consolidation companies ability to accept credit card payments. Therefore, we do not impose an industry-wide transaction ceiling. Rather, when you complete your application you’ll be asked to tell us what your “high ticket” is, and your business’ application will be underwritten with your specific transaction ceiling in mind.

What chargeback and fraud protection technology do you offer to protect my business?

iPayTotal offers all clients a full-array of chargeback and fraud mitigation technology. However, due to the unique risk and chargeback exposure of the debt consolidation industry, we offer unique industry specific solutions.

Debt consolidation businesses, particularly those accepting eCommerce and over the phone payments, need a streamlined system for conclusively identifying the individual making the purchase and ensuring that this individual is authorized to use the credit card, as this dramatically lowers fraud and chargeback risks. To assist in this regard, we offer a specialized payment gateway which uses multiple data points, IP matching and “wet signature” technology, to match the purchaser’s identity. For those chargebacks that might still occur, we offer integrated chargeback alerts and chargeback fighting software, which enables businesses to promptly and effectively respond to chargebacks via expert outsourced third parties.

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