Health & Beauty Merchant Account

Health & Beauty Merchant Accounts: Credit Card Processing Services to let you get started

Be it a start-up or a centuries’ old business, today everybody has to have a presence on the world wide web. In the present times, people don’t have the time or the patience to deal with cumbersome payment processing procedures; they want things fast, efficient and smooth. Products like Anti-Aging creams, Energy Boosters,Skin Care Products, Vitamins and Supplements all can be categorized by banks as High Risk Merchants.

In business it takes a considerable amount of attention and planning to become really successful. For some industries it can be even more harder to get off the ground especially for Health & Beauty companies. This is the result of the difficulties and obstacles involving running a successful business, also obtaining satisfied customers while still preserving full compliance of industry laws and regulations. Health & Beauty business usually relies on the ability to take credit cards from customers as a form of payment. To make sure growth for your business and deliver services clients need without delay; Health & Beauty need a solution for online credit card processing on their websites.

Risk level of beauty products

Before you can open a merchant account you must be aware that not all businesses are treated equally. Normally, they are segregated into low-risk, medium-risk and high-risk business based on the industry, geographical location and the volume of business.Thus, a business or a start-up dealing with beauty products comes under the medium-risk category. Beauty products include shampoos, soaps, cosmetics, body lotions and everything else needed for skin care.Here the risk is moderate and the volumes are high.

Why Do I Need a High Risk Health and Beauty Merchant Account for my business?

The main reason health and beauty companies are considered to be high risk is because of the number of chargebacks that incur in this industry. Let’s understand why do health and beauty merchant accounts get a lot of chargebacks?

Here are a few reasons :

Health and beauty businesses, particularly eCommerce or online stores, assume that by providing a good product at a fair cost, and by being upfront with all of their terms, that all of their clients will be pleased. That is until the chargebacks start kicking in.

Experienced health and beauty businesses know about the number of the chargeback management tools available and use them readily. However, managing chargebacks isn’t that easy also not something that a lot of companies do from the get-go.

Some health and beauty businesses claim or insinuate incredible results for their products, and when it does not wind up working the way the product was advertised to, it leaves the consumer feeling scammed. And also because many health and beauty merchant accounts have smaller businesses, they generally don’t have a strong customer service call center set up to deal with irate and unhappy clients – and the more with irate and unhappythe customers – the more they get hit with unnecessary chargebacks.


As a health and beauty professional, you know how important it is to achieve profit. Online beauty retailers have a wide range, selling products from skincare solutions, haircare solutions, diet pills, muscle enhancements, and everything in between. However, a majority of these retailers fall under the ‘high risk’ category.

This is where we come in. IPayTotal can help you unlock additional profits by providing the tools for you to increase sales through our merchant account services. It’s one thing to drive online traffic to your business but it’s another thing entirely to give your customers a secure portal to pay for your internet specific products and services. We will help create an efficient and convenient merchant account solution that is tailored to perfectly fit your business.

iPayTotal, by contrast, has been proud to serve the skin and haircare industry. Our extensive relationships with credit card processors and acquiring banks who specialize in underwriting businesses perceived as “high risk” enables us to confidently support these businesses

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The experience with iPay Total Ltd. is a very good experience in an overall perspective. Nice and helpful staff, a lot of support during the process of processing transactions, and also good territorial coverage are the most important positive features of this provider (although they are still working on widening of the same).

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