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iPayTotal provides high risk merchant account payment solutions for businesses and consumers around the globe.

Our highly experienced and educated team, has more than a decade of experience within the industry. Our main aim is to safe guard our clients from fraudulent services and provide them with the solutions which mainstream banks refuse to provide. We offer these solutions in integrated packages that will seamlessly adapt to your company card payment requirements. We process for both low-risk and high-risk merchant accounts.

Our international connections with Acquiring Partners gives us the edge to offer reliable credit, debit and Echeck processing to almost every high risk industry, no matter if you are located in the USA, Australia, Latin America, EU or Africa. We have the capabilities of securing the right payment processor for your high-risk merchant account. Today, consumers expect to shop for your products or services online, therefore it is vital to offer a secure and efficient Ecommerce experience, otherwise, you’re missing out on significant sales revenue. We understand your need to offer a hassle-free solution. We review your business details and select appropriate banking partners amongst our network of banking partners and regulated EU payment institutions. For no additional fee, we work closely with you throughout the application process.

Our goal is to have your account approved as soon as possible with the most competitive rates.
Typically within 5-8 days, your account will be approved. Integrate your website with a selected payment gateway or use a Virtual Terminal to accept credit card payments. Tailor-made packages includes an arrangement of a merchant account (MID) with one of our EU/UK or international banking partners, with an award-winning payment gateway service, reporting tools, integrated fraud-prevention, and free dedicated lifetime support. We bring transparency and standards to the high-risk payment processing industry, providing businesses with the most competitive deals in high-risk merchant accounts suited to their needs – not just for now, but long-term.

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In August 2019, we fly to UK to meet the CEO, we were greeted like a king and that alone has touched me on a professional level. I must also thank James Smith for all his support and advice they have been providing to us and these are simply working fantastic so far for our company. We get our settlements on schedule, no questions asked. Extract from Trustpilot ratings.

Avery Mendell
Business Development Manager, Arco Globus Intl
Adaptability 100%
Risk-Free 100%
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How are we different?

We believe in fostering real long term relationships with our clients, and always go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. We offer 24/7 technical support to effectively tackle any issues that arise. It is our mission for your business to flourish and grow with our services. We believe it is of the utmost importance that the needs and expectations of clients are clearly defined and translated into prerequisites that are fully met. Through the correct application of our Quality Management System, we can guarantee the highest degree of satisfaction.

Our banking partners have been carefully selected to best assist our customers to secure high-risk merchant account solutions for their business sectors. We have chosen the banks with the highest integrity and methods, adding confidence to your payment processes, to get you the most competitive fees for high-risk industries.

We offer the kind of value and personalized service your business needs to get off the ground and continue to grow. Our support team will work with you to identify the best merchant options and payment products to fit your needs. Furthermore, whether you have a question about your merchant account, need help with chargebacks, or have a question about your statement, our representatives are here to help 24/7. Our team will prepare a solution tailored to your business. We combine the right technology with service and support to guarantee you never miss out on a business opportunity.

At iPayTotal, we combine our technical skills with our simple, straightforward approach.

iPayTotal can assist you in creating your high-risk merchant account and guide you through banking underwriting procedures during the on-boarding process. Regardless of whether you require an account for your start-up, a subscription account, a pharmacy merchant account, a travel merchant account or set up an offshore merchant account, iPayTotal can efficiently help you secure with lowest rates for your high-risk businesses.

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Our Mission & Vision

The Team at iPayTotal  have a unique knowledge of the high-risk payment market, thus enabling us to give the best possible guidance and advice to set up payment acceptance solutions for you.

Our banks have been selected to assist our customers to get the most secure high-risk merchant account solutions for their business sectors. We have chosen the banks with the highest integrity and methods, adding confidence to your payment processing solution, to get you the best transaction fees for high-risk sectors.  Our Vision is driven to provide you the most safest and stable solutions for all your processing needs.

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