Leaders in
High-Risk payment processing
We believe that every idea needs encouragement, and with our services,
we want to make your growth conducive, because greatness starts from small beginnings.
discover iPayTotal
Leaders in
High-Risk payment processing
We believe that every idea needs encouragement, and with our services,
we want to make your growth conducive, because greatness starts from small beginnings.
discover iPayTotal

iPayTotal is a rapidly growing provider of high-risk payment solutions for various businesses. It offers customisable payment solutions at competitive prices while providing multiple layers of security.

Our company’s bespoke package includes an arrangement of a merchant account (MID) with one of its international-acquiring banking partners as well as an award-winning payment gateway service, reporting tools, integrated fraud-prevention and free dedicated lifetime support.

We offer transparency and standards to the high-risk payment processing industry, providing businesses with the most competitive deals in high-risk merchant accounts suited to their needs. iPayTotal provides these solutions in integrated packages that perfectly adjust to the client’s company card payment requirements.

Success, like every process, needs nurturing in order to grow and flourish. In the business industry, thousands of ideas are generated, and millions are rejected. However, iPayTotal Ltd was not such one idea. iPayTotal Ltd was an idea started by three people in 2018, and their aim was clear: they were going to make it work. They planted this small seed, but they didn’t hope for it merely to grow on its own; indeed, they nurtured the growth of the company to put it up on its feet where it is today. Through intricately managed meetings, teams and designs, they went up against every obstacle, only to come out stronger and bigger.

Through combined, prior expertise and years of experience in this field, iPayTotal has grown exponentially, offering expert services to high-risk merchants and other businesses around the world.

Why are we unique ?

Multiple Verticals

iPayTotal is a global payments company. We assist merchants in creating high-risk merchant accounts and provide them with customised online fraud-free credit card processing solutions. As the world’s digital demand continues to rise, we are proud to have our in-house developed white-label gateway solution with one of the best payment technologies today. We also want to acknowledge our great relationships with international banking institutions to provide IBAN and SWIFT banking solutions.

Truly Global

Apart from our headquarters in the UK, we have operations in the other countries such as the United States and Estonia. We continue to grow, serving millions of customers across all market segments, anywhere in the world. Our national and international connections, with acquiring partners, gives us the edge to offer reliable credit and debit processing to almost every industry considered low or high risk. At iPayTotal, the agenda is to ensure that a customer’s business can process credit card payments with a high-risk merchant account.

Strong Team

We have a strong team that believes in accomplishing iPayTotal’s mission. We know payments and always make the payment processing experience simple and enjoyable, not to mention hassle-free for our customers. We know how important your time is, and we work hard to make sure you are moving quickly towards your goal of building your business whether it is high risk or not. We are leading in customer service also, in which our team will attend to you whenever you need them, 24/7.

iPayTotal provides high-risk merchant account payment solutions for businesses and consumers around the globe.

Our highly experienced and educated team has more than a decade of experience within the industry. Our main aim is to safeguard our clients from fraudulent services and provide them with the solutions that mainstream banks refuse to provide. We offer these solutions in integrated packages that will seamlessly adapt to your company card payment requirements. We process for both low-risk and high-risk merchant accounts.

Our international connections, with acquiring partners, give us the edge to offer reliable credit, debit and E Check processing to almost every high-risk industry, no matter if you are in the USA, Australia, Latin America, EU or Africa. We can secure the right payment processor for your high-risk merchant account. We understand your need to offer a hassle-free solution, which is why we review your business details and select appropriate banking partners amongst our network of banking partners and regulated EU payment institutions. For no additional fee, we work closely with you throughout the application process.

At iPayTotal, we combine our technical skills with our simple, straightforward approach

iPayTotal can assist you in creating your high-risk merchant account and guide you through banking underwriting procedures during the on-boarding process. Regardless of whether you require an account for your start-up, a subscription account, a pharmacy merchant account, a travel merchant account or to set up an offshore merchant account, iPayTotal can effectively help you secure an account with the lowest rates for your high-risk business.

Our Journey

At iPayTotal, our story started in the basement of our houses, with our computers and the internet as our only infrastructure. We had a passion to develop a set of services, primarily to help businesses considered as high risk and in need of payment processing. The passion for solving this problem came from our own hardships of years together, finding payment solutions for our prior business of remote technical support, considered as high risk in the payments industry. We ran out of money, maxed out our credit cards, and borrowed from relatives.

Not the prettiest opening to a story, right? But, it’s honest!

There were hindrances and hardships, but we had ambition; and through this we worked even harder. Every entangled situation was thought over to provide the best service, which is still our core ethos.

Now, we can say that we are an international company with offices in countries such as the United States, the UK and Estonia, providing services from Payment Acquiring to IBAN Accounts to Prepaid Cards, with partnerships and alliances with the top-level banks and financial organisations all around the globe.

We believe that every idea needs encouragement, and with our services, we want to make your growth conducive, because greatness starts from small beginnings. We have faced many different challenges over the years. We struggled initially to understand various fraudulent activities and then worked on providing high-safety systems.

Now, our international payment gateway provides powerful built-in fraud prevention filters and monitoring tools based on client behavior, ensuring any suspicious activity is blocked — this is the peace of mind we want to offer our customers who want to offer services internationally as a high-risk merchant.

Range of markets


iPayTotal is an innovative Forex payment gateway and Forex Merchant Account provider that provides tools to transform, and grow, your online business globally.


iPayTotal specialises in both online gaming merchant accounts and online gaming payment gateways, offering the best gaming merchant account in the industry


We enable cryptocurrency exchanges and traders to accept payments on their websites through credit and debit cards. iPayTotal is an innovation driver for crypto exchanges, ICOs and wallets.

Adult Content

Whatever form of entertainment your business offers, iPayTotal likely has a solution for you. iPayTotal can offer adult content merchants to accept online payments.

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