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iPayTotal caters to the needs of pharmacy businesses, helping them boost sales and generate revenues using specialized pharmacy merchant accounts.

We provide online pharmacy merchant accounts to online pharmacy websites and online supplement websites (bodybuilding, herbals, dietary, enhancement, etc.). We have lots of experience in the field of high-risk merchant accounts and we know how to do best for your business to provide you with the best credit card processing rates and terms.

Every online pharmacy business should have a chance to be able to process credit cards, thus make profits. Online customers are very important assets for any business. Loosing your online customers without any pharmacy payment processing solution can be damaging. We provide solutions for merchant accounts for online pharmacy businesses worldwide.

Payment processing for the pharmacy industry is considered high risk. By establishing a pharmacy merchant account with iPayTotal Payments and one of it’s direct acquiring banks or third-party solution providers, your customers can accept Visa and other card types in multiple currencies such as USD, EUR & GBP. Other currencies might be available on request.

A pharmacy business requires a high-risk payment processor with multiple banking relationships with both domestic and offshore banks. To get a payment gateway for your pharmacy website you need to have a good credit history and processing history. We have dozens of providers and high-risk solutions to help any pharmacy business get a merchant account even without a very good payment processing history.

Why open a pharmacy merchant account?

A pharmacy merchant account offers convenient and secure payment solutions that make the business look more appealing to online customers. Hence, ensuring not the possibility of running a successful web pharmacy business. Looking for an instant approval? Unfortunately, when setting up an online pharmacy merchant account there is an extended application process. For standard merchants, we do offer instant approval for merchant accounts, but for our high-risk merchant accounts, it takes about 48 hours to be approved.

High Chargeback to Sales Ratio with Pharmacy Merchant Accounts.

A high chargeback to sales ratio can be devastating for a business. If the client is not convinced with the product, he files a chargeback. This negatively effects the merchant and acquirer. There have been numerous cases of Friendly Frauds in this industry. Credit Card processing organizations understand this. That is the reason it is challenging to get an online Pharmacy Merchant Account. iPayToTal provides security as well as the tools one needs for reliable, fast and safe transmission of any information related to transactions between the payment systems of master and visa card and your site.


What Are The Requirements To Start An Online Pharmacy Business?

Online pharmacy website should list each medicine that is available to be purchased. The site must be SSL secured. A appropriate description of each medicine is crucial. Online pharmacy must have a registered pharmacist and necessary government and business licenses. Registered pharmacist must see at prescription before delivery any requests for RX Medicines. The business must have legitimate lawful licenses according to the country of the purchaser and the seller. They ought to have legitimate import-export permits if necessary. They should have relevant licenses for online medicine sales. e-check processing organization will share a list of KYC documents.

These KYC documents are mandatory for the approval of pharmacy merchant account.

  • Business License
  • Vendor Agreement/Supplier Agreement
  • Business Plan
  • Copy of national ID of all the Owners
  • Copy of address proof of Owners
  • Utility Bill of all the directors
  • A Non-expiring user id and password of the merchant?s website
  • Cancel Check or letter of good standing from the corporate bank
Merchant Account and Payment Gateway options that work for Online Pharmacies?

There are two best alternatives for merchants in this industry. These are Echeck or ACH Payment gateways. Merchants must know that they can not sell any controlled medications even with ACH and Echeck.

Nowadays merchants can also set up merchant accounts for credit card processing. In any case, that is an extreme case with many hindrances. Merchants are in charge of every one of their exercises while utilizing the merchant accounts. Merchants must comply with local and international law processors rules.

iPayToTal will be happy to have a phone call with merchants to answer any queries. iPayTotal pharmacy merchant account solutions are very powerful for pharmacy merchants. Merchants can save a lot from chargebacks. The chargeback rate is very high with online pharmacy credit card processing. Echeck processing for pharmacy enables merchants to lessen the loss as a result of Chargebacks.

How To Get A Payment Gateway Or Merchant Account For An Online Pharmacy?

If your site is prepared and you have the above-recorded archives, you can begin the application procedure. iPayTotal team will send your application to the Echeck payment processor. Our team will keep you updated about the advancements.

We will share the updates about your pharmacy merchant account application. The underwriting team will send you a merchant account agreement after internal approval. This Online Pharmacy Merchant Agreement will have all the terms and condition. You should consent to the arrangement and send it back to the echeck processor. After this you will get the logins to the echeck payment gateway. The processor will likewise assist you with the API documentation. Your technical team can integrate the pharmacy gateway with your site.

Industries often considered to be ‘pharmacy’ include, amongst others:
  • Weekly payouts
  • Real-Time Payment Processing
  • No volume restrictions.
  • Easytouse Virtual Terminal.
  • Support the most popular shopping carts
  • Low Processing Fees
  • Multiple Currencies Support
  • Repeat/Recurring Billing
  • Transaction Fraud Scrubbing
  • API Integration and hosted payment page
  • Detailed reporting of sales, refunds, chargebacks, and settlement of funds
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