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iPayTotal will help your low or high-risk merchant account through the approval process, enabling an approval today, at the most competitive rates.
About us Apply Now We are High-Risk Merchant Account Specialists Our high-risk merchant accounts are our primary focus—we handle such accounts with the highest attention, specialist care and respect.

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International Payment Gateway

iPayTotal will assist you in creating your high-risk merchant account, providing you with customised solutions for your credit card processing. Added to this, with our expertise and guidance, we can also assist you through the often-difficult banking underwriting process.

Businesses can be considered a high-risk merchant if they operate in an industry identified as high risk by the credit card processor or if there is a significant risk of financial obstacles inherent to the business model.

In addition, by utilising iPayTotal to assist your high-risk merchant account, the day-to-day management of your business’s transactions will become seamless since all the requirements set out by credit card payment systems such as adherence to outlined policies, merchant agreements, merchant underwriting, risk management, and monitoring, etc., are appropriately and carefully assisted by iPayTotal, giving you the peace of mind you need to carry on with business as usual.

iPayTotal is a ‘total’ solution for any account you require. Whether you require an international payment gateway, an international merchant account, a high-risk payment solution for your start-up, a subscription account for your gaming business, a pharmacy merchant account, a travel merchant account, or need assistance with the setting up of an offshore merchant account, iPayTotal can help you secure it efficiently, and at lowest rates for your high-risk business.

What we do

IBAN Accounts

Accounts are provided directly, with no intermediaries. We offer full assistance in opening your IBAN account in your most preferred location.

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Do you want to sell a product in a specific currency? With crypto-processing, those costly chargebacks will be a thing of the past.

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Offshore Company incorporation

We offer a full spectrum of incorporation services and are experts in establishing companies in over 83 countries.

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Merchant Accounts

Connect your business to a qualified merchant account provider without travelling anywhere .

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Offshore Bank Accounts

We’ve established a close and continual working relationship with a great number of international banks.

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Prepaid Cards

This stops companies from taking drastic measures like downsizing or closing down sites.

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Customized Credit Card
Processing Solutions

Growing your brand through Customised Payments


In order to maximise revenue and minimise loss, merchants should install restrictions to keep fraudulent shoppers away; but at the same time, ensure a smooth process for their customers by using a customised credit card processing solution through iPayTotal.

Our international payment gateway provides powerful built-in fraud-prevention filters and monitoring tools based on client behaviour, ensuring any suspicious activity is blocked.

Our Dashboard gives you accurate, real-time transaction data from anywhere in the world as well as from any device. Always keep track of your transactions with automated reports and in-depth visualisations. Our global payment gateway and its modern reporting tools will help you keep track of your entire account without spending countless hours tracking your sales, saving you time.

Award-winning payment gateway for efficient and secure transactions

Online International Payment Gateway

Our online payment gateway is an independent platform, providing safe and secure payment processing for PSP /ISO and merchants. Our PCI DSS Level 1 Certified cloud payment platform allows consumers to pay merchants securely for goods and services online, mobile and over the telephone.

online international payment gateway
iPayTotal Support Team

iPayTotal offers a complete customer support operation on demand for all your credit card processing needs. We answer tickets for you 24/7 while regularly training and improving our team.

We are a company that provides insight and help to customers who need it. This is not only the vision behind our company but the passion for each employee who works with us. Our company is a family and each of us has a common personality trait and passion. We hire driven people who have a passion for helping others, which enables us to protect our customers in their businesses.

Our goal is always to put the customer first. We do this by making sure our knowledge of the industry is always up to date so that we can provide the best advice.

We love the satisfaction we feel every day by helping you! Having the answers to tough questions makes our jobs worthwhile and exciting.


Eliminate Charge backsIf you want to protect yourself from chargebacks, then our chargeback protection service is for you because it gives you complete protection.

Our advanced and integrated chargeback management system will reduce your chargeback rate and remove the operational burden of chargebacks from your organisation. Our comprehensive chargeback management has produced an overall (online/IVR/in-person) chargeback rate of less than 0.002% (less than 1 in 50,000 card transactions are charged back). We have an even more impressive in-­person chargeback rate of only 0.00057% (less than 1 in 175,000 card transactions are charged back). This low chargeback rate means iPayTotal offers you a chargeback protection that is over 10 times better than the industry average.

Offshore High-Risk Payment Solutions

We are dedicated to going above and beyond for our customers. iPayTotal strives always to be a game-changer within high-risk industries. At iPayTotal, we make it our mission to ensure that your business can process credit card payments with a high-risk merchant account.

We partner directly with banks specialising in numerous high-risk industries, all in the effort to secure legitimate approvals and processing solutions for your high-risk merchant account. We offer the kind of value and personalised service your business needs to get off the ground and grow.

Our support team will work with you to identify the best merchant services and payment products to suit your needs. In addition, if you have a question about your merchant account, need help with chargebacks or have a question about your statements, our representatives are here to help you 24/7.

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