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The Future of Point Of Sale Terminals Market Comments Off

The Future of Point Of Sale Terminals Market


A point-of-sale (POS) terminal is an electronic device used to process sales and payments at retail locations. The POS system can incorporate the capacity to record and track customer orders, process credit, and debit cards, interface with different frameworks in a network, and manage stock. Generally, a POS terminal has as its core a personal computer, which is given application-specific programs and I/O devices for the specific environment in which it will serve. A POS framework for a restaurant, for instance, is probably going to have all menu items stored in a database that can be queried for data in various ways. POS terminals are utilized in many businesses that have a point of sale, for example, hotel, entertainment, hotel, restaurants, and historical centers

. Progressively, POS terminals are also Web-enabled, which makes remote training and operation conceivable, and also inventory tracking across geographically-dispersed locations.

The global POS terminal market is expected to expand at a whopping compound annual growth rate of 10.5% from the year 2017 to the year 2025 following the increasing approval of POS terminals across all the high risk businesses namely E-commerce, Warehouse Distribution, Gambling Web sites, Healthcare, Travel Agencies and Hospitality Sectors, as per the Transparency Market Research (TMR), a global market research, analysis, and intelligence firm. This market is defined by the presence of a substantial number of players. Perhaps, the presence of multiple players is making this industry remarkably competitive however such existence of the competition will only prove to be positive arousal for the growth of the market. This will not only motivate the industry players to constantly utilize and adopt superior technology but also to come up with enhanced and optimized solutions. This is another reason why the market should expect to observe the rise of several new industry players in the coming time over the years.

POS Terminals i.e., Point of Sale Terminals have a varied number of advantages which includes effective and optimized maintenance of client database, faster processing of checks, dynamic inventory management, an upgraded continuance of customer loyalty programs, and superintendence of exclusive discount offerings.

Mobile POS Terminals is also expected to witness huge adoption increment in the coming future

Talking about terminal types, it is anticipated that in the coming years the fixed POS terminal will lead in comparison to mobile type POS terminals. You’d be surprised to know that the fixed terminal accounted for an unbelievable 93% aftermarket in the year of 2016. In the subsequent years however it is expected that the adoption rate of mobile and wireless POS terminals will increase simultaneously on the basis of the ease of use. Besides this, it is also considered cost-effective, and itinerant against the conventional POS which are fixed. The industry requirement for mobile POS terminals is foreseen to grow among small and medium-sized businesses on account of the rising affordability. The expanding invasion of smartphones and tablets is a key factor in the increase of the mobile and wireless type POS terminals.

With the upcoming demand for the POS Terminal, Retail seems to be the most lucrative area of application for POS Terminal
The retail application area is leading on the basis of the increasing popularity of technology-driven payment options among small-scale retailers against the various application areas of the POS Terminal such as a warehouse, distribution, hospitality lodging, travel agents, restaurants, supermarkets, grocery stores, field services, healthcare, gambling websites, marijuana stores, luxury watches and many more high risk businesses. The fastest growth, however, is expected to be displayed by the healthcare sector in the coming years. With a whopping compound annual growth rate of 12.1% from the year 2017 to the year 2025, the healthcare sector will showcase healthy growth in the years to come within the global point-of-sale terminal market. Also, the warehouse application segment will also experience a healthy growth on account of the growing popularity of mobile POS terminals.

Let’s talk about POS components, the POS hardware segment is expected to lead. The POS hardware segment includes physical inventory scanner, pin pad, receipt printer, tag printers, wireless barcode scanners, cash drawer, payment terminal reader, workstation, and accessories. The rising adoption of POS terminals among quick-service restaurants and small retailers will continue to drive the growth prospects of the point-of-sale terminal market in North America. The market in this region is also driven on account of the compliance requirements such as Master Card, Europa, and Visa which is in place in this region in order to ensure the enhanced security of payments.

How can iPayToTal’s POS terminal software help your business?

We make your business more efficient and keep you two steps ahead of the competition.

No more late nights. No more working weekends.
Easy to set up and a breeze to utilize, iPayToTal’s software operates on any terminal with an internet browser and enables you to step out from behind the counter. Promptly add and sell any type of product, effortlessly track inventory in one store or across many, and keep your customers coming back by rewarding them through a loyalty programme

smarter decisions. Improve your bottom line.
Spare yourself time and money with access to real-time reporting that gives you a snapshot of sales and staff administration — anyplace, whenever. Anxious over what’s popular or what’s going to sell? Make better data-driven decisions with iPayToTal’s detailed reporting on your most profitable products, bestsellers, and more. POS terminals for sale is the best option to scale up your sale with revenue.

Scale your business quickly.
Administer one store or numerous at the click of a button. Add registers and locations to build productivity and oversee top sales periods. What’s more, when you do include locations? Your reporting, products, and key features transfer across.

Why retailers trust iPayToTal to power their stores.

There are so many retail innovation solutions alternatives out there. So for what reason do retailers the world over choose iPayTotal?
CLOUD-BASED : Sign in and work from anyplace. Your sales, product, and reports are always accessible, safe, and up to date.
WORKS ON ANY DEVICE:iPayTotal POS works on iPad, Mac or PC. All you require is a browser. It might even work with POS equipment you already own.
WORKS OFFLINE: Keep selling even when the web goes down, iPayToTal POS will consequently resync your sales when you’re back online.
ACCEPT ANY PAYMENTS.iPayToTal POS enables you to choose the most ideal approach to acknowledge payments in your store.
CONNECT ADD-ONS:iPayToTal interfaces with the best business applications in accounting, e-commerce, staff rostering and more – maintain your whole business online
AWESOME CUSTOMER CARE:We provide 24/7 customer support and have a global network of iPayTotal merchant account specialists to help you get up and running.

Point Of Sale Credit Card Processing Software And Hardware

Each of iPayToTal’s domestic banking accomplices obliges POS merchants with the POS hardware and software they should be compatible with their payment gateway. iPayToTal’s banking accomplices offer POS hardware and software that can accommodate EMV credit card transactions as U.S. merchants proceed to migrate from swipe terminals.

Mobile POS Solution: For merchants who are mobile, who travel, set up at flea advertises and invest their time to a great extent in a hurry, iPayToTal offers the best mobile POS software solution. With domestic merchant account approval through iPayToTal, mobile merchants can incorporate with two domestic banks for EMV credit card transactions.

E-Commerce And CNP Options: While POS merchants will appreciate the security of the new EMV cards, e-commerce merchants should investigate credit card processing software with additional security measures as the risk of CNP fraud grows.

As POS merchants large and small are migrating to EMV friendly credit card software and hardware, CNP fraud is relied upon to increment drastically throughout the following couple years (as occurred in the UK following the e-commerce boom in the mid-2000s, and Canada when it migrated to EMV credit cards in 2008).

So what can CNP merchants do to protect themselves?

A recent article in the Green Sheet outlined a various measures CNP merchants can take. Apparently, the best protection a merchant can have is to outsource their payment platform as it adds another layer of security to the online checkout process. The most significant commodity to a fraudster is time, along these lines they are far more averse to pursue merchants who utilize multiple platforms of security.

Not all merchants can manage the cost of such credit card programming, so we offer the following::

Invest in a web application firewall. It acts like a virtual patch should you forget to refresh your software.

Invest in the most current platforms. In researching the best e-commerce platforms, Magento, WordPress, and osCommerce come highly recommended.

Partner with a forensic security firm. Not all respectable security firms are costly. Discover one who will play the role of attacker and test your website consistently.

Do UPDATE: Large organizations, for example, Apple and Microsoft have employees who act like hackers, who consistently try to penetrate their systems. When they do, Apple and Microsoft send out updates, of which merchants should always take advantage.

Virtual Terminal For MOTO Merchants

When a MOTO merchant’s website is coordinated with our banking accomplice’s payment gateway, ipayToTal furnishes the merchant with a free virtual terminal which empowers merchants to enter credit card transactions manually and monitor such transactions. With the user management interface, merchants can offer virtual terminal benefits to other employees.

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