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What Are The Challenges Faced In The Global credit card processing (and solutions) Comments Off

What Are The Challenges Faced In The Global credit card processing (and solutions)

iPaytotal - global credit card processing

iPayTotal – The Challenges Faced In The Global credit card processing (and solutions)

There is no doubt the most imposing challenge to global credit card processing today is mitigating fraud, and recognizing the good folks from the awful. There is no silver shot answer for such, and it is wild past creative ability. We regularly run over dealers who are confounded at the monstrosity and recurrence of the numerous countenances of fraud. In the present atmosphere, be that as it may, online dealers must choose the option to ensure themselves, however at what cost? That is seemingly the most discussed issue at the present. In any case, fraud mitigation and prevention isn’t the strain that many merchants believe it to be.

Fraud Mitigation Not As Overwhelming As Merchants May Think

There is a statement we as often as possible use in advising e-commerce business owners with respect to identifying pieces of information that could be fraudulent: ‘We’re not saying it’s fraud; just that it warrants additionally examining at.’ We pass this along to our system of global credit card processing Merchants at whatever point we talk about chargeback moderation, fraud prevention measures and additionally performing manual surveys of transactions: Merchants does not require to check each transaction, only those that display the exhibit of a fraudulent order. In the present atmosphere, they can’t manage the cost of not to.

What are the most well-known clues of information of e-commerce fraud?

In some cases the clues are in the orders themselves:

1. An Email Address Can Give Hint

Since fraudulent e-mails are so easy to create, however, how can one tell their authenticity?

  • if the email address looks like Computer generated ([email protected]), it is likely fake.
  • Check the website related to the email address. In the event that it doesn’t exist, or is available to be purchased, it is likely injustice.
  • if the email was recently made, say inside seven days, it was likely made for fraudulent purposes (There are organizations that can track the age of an email address).

2. Very Expensive, And Bulk Orders

  • Awful folks who are hoping to score need their Products and they need them quite quickly:
  • Overnight or rushed Delivery.
  • Mass ‘buys’ of the same – costly – Product, similar to a wristwatch or Costly electrical products.
  • No signature requested upon arrival of goods.

3. Signs Of Stolen Credit Card Utilize

  • Warnings should rise when any orders match the accompanying depiction:
  • Different shipping and billing addresses.
  • Orders with several credit cards sent to a similar address.
  • More than one credit card used by the same IP address.
  • Orders with a similar charging address dispatched to various locations.
  • Purchases with an expired credit card

4. Independent And Random Intimations

Fraudsters are creative and their trade comes in all varieties. Other questionable practices include:

  • Purchases made in odd long periods of the day.
  • Orders made in countries and regions where fraud is rife (Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa).
  • Orders made with a gift card (paid ahead of time and gift card are exceptionally mainstream focuses for fraudsters).

Machine Learning, AI: Is It Affordable?

Machine learning and artificial intelligence plans to mitigate fraud is completely worth thought for any global credit card processing merchant. The moderateness of such might be a challenge. Be that as it may, we view such guard strategies as recuperated income. In machine learning, every one of the above warnings is considered in real-time and each online order is given, in every way that really matters a fraud probability score. At the point when that score achieves a specific level amid an exchange, it calls upon the dealer to additionally look at it, at that point influence an assurance as to whether it is protected or too unsafe to process. Also, points of interest, for example, shipping addresses, billing addresses, credit card numbers and IP addresses are kept up, so when they may show up again for another buy, the trader is cautioned. Still, we fully understand that not every merchant can afford machine learning and AI. Thus we strongly urge them to create criteria listing the above traits and red flags to create their own ‘fraud score’ of sorts.

In Global Credit Card Processing, We’re Altogether Affected By Fraud

Tragically, processing credit card transactions on the web and mitigating fraud, these days, go as one. We find too many merchants are ill-prepared or ill-advised of the level of risk in the current atmosphere. The higher the event of fraud implies the probability of chargebacks, which can prompt a terminated dealer account. In order to maximize your revenues and avoid losses, every merchant should put in place restrictions to keep fraudulent shoppers away, but at the same time ensuring a smooth process for your customers. Our featured gateways provide powerful Built-In Fraud Prevention filters and monitoring tools based on client behavior, ensuring any suspicious activity is blocked fast. iPayTotal’s Advanced Detection & Mitigation Techniques for credit card fraud protection are a safeguard for your customers from the ever-growing credit card and data breaches around the globe. IPAYTOTAL not just protect internet business dealers from online offenders yet keep up a low recurrence of false positives. We’re always up for a conversation about global credit card processing and the solutions we can offer. To know more just fill out our short form and we’ll get back to you and help you

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