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E-Commerce Merchant Services for UK Businesses Comments Off

E-Commerce Merchant Services for UK Businesses

E-Commerce Merchant Account Providers

E-Commerce Merchant Account

With IPAYTOTAL  E-Commerce Merchant Services, there are many options accessible to businessmen around the world. Some of these are described below.

To operate a successful and productive e-commerce business in the UK, you have to locate the best merchant account that fits your credit card processing needs. Merchant accounts make life simpler for businessmen by furnishing them with a simple method for exchanging money through credit cards, ATM cards, debit cards, and so on. iPayTotal merchant accounts are a most preferred with all businessmen, as they guarantee a simple access all around the world, without risk services, reliability, and accessibility. These are characteristics that all merchants need in the accounts they hold, and this is what makes an iPayTotal merchant account a preferred choice for many.

UK Merchant Account and Credit Card Processing Options

You require a reliable merchant account that enables you to acknowledge credit cards online, and iPayTotal does just that and more. We work with a large network of acquiring banks, and each bank facilitates us with a large number of credit card processing options. With us, you can design a solution as per your business’ particular needs.

UK Banks

Utilizing UK banks for transactions is one of the options available. These can be any banks in the UK. Provision of services by the UK banks is proficient and reliable.

Credit Card Processing for Major Brands

With iPayTotal , you can process major credit cards including Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, China UnionPay, and JCB International.

Multiple Currency Processing

When processing payments with us, you have the capacity to achieve more clients around the world. Our payment gateway supports more than 160 different currencies, including euros, British pounds, and US dollars.

No Monthly Volume Caps

We understand that a few enterprises process a high volume of transactions every month, which is why our solutions do not limit your business’s success. Our merchant accounts support high volume processing and have no monthly caps. iPayTotal merchant account services can simply be relied upon, particularly with regards to making payments for expansive entireties, transferring huge amounts of money and different procedures that are a vital part of a merchant’s life.

Large Ticket Transactions

Merchants within the financial and legal industries often process large ticket transactions, which marks your business as high risk. With iPayTotal , not only will you find a high risk merchant account solution, yet you will likewise discover one that supports large ticket processing.

Real-Time Credit Card Processing

When you work in ventures, for example, forex trading, and stock trading, you need to see your transactions processed in real-time. Our payment gateways will enable you to see an approval or decline notice from the credit card issuing bank in a matter of seconds.

Risk-Free Services

As an added layer of fraud prevention, iPayTotal gateways provide powerful Built-In Fraud prevention filters and monitoring tools based on client behavior, ensuring any suspicious activity is blocked fast. These services range from having an account to dealing with one’s customers throughout the world.

Multiple Merchant Accounts

There are numerous reasons why UK business proprietors should establish multiple merchant accounts. They can enable you to distribute your monthly sales volume as well as provide a backup if an acquiring bank unexpectedly closes one of your accounts. With iPayTotal , you can open numerous merchant accounts and manage them all through one easy to understand payment gateway.

Easy Access

Easy accessibility is something that comes as an additional advantage to UK merchant account holders. For merchants, this service is one that is esteemed highly on the grounds that a simple access to money means that they can make fast deals, and thus improve their positions in the business world.

By guaranteeing better and quick services, iPayTotal merchant accounts can securely be rated as one of the perfect types of accounts for merchants not just for merchants in the UK, but also for all businessmen in any part of the world.

Learn More about iPayTotal Merchant Services Today

Give us a call at+44 800 776 5988 or get in touch with us through our website. Even if you’re not a customer of ours, we want to help you understand the process so you can make the best decisions for your business. We believe transparency and proactive education is the best policy.

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