Factors To Consider While Choosing An E-commerce Payment Gateway

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Payment gateways play a significant role in an e-commerce business, and using the wrong gateway to accept payments from your customers can affect negatively your entire payment process. Choosing the right payment gateway for  e-commerce business can make a huge difference to your business. Here are 5 significant factors to consider when selecting a payment gateway provider.


There is a risk of fraud and chargebacks in every organization that accepts online payments, which is really not good for revenue and profits. Acquirers will even close merchant accounts if merchants incur too much fraud or chargebacks from consumers, classing them as the too high risk.

Check with the payment gateway:

  • Payment gateways should comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Level 1 compliance shows they’ve accomplished the highest level of security conceivable and process more than 6 million Visa transactions every year.
  • It should be integrated with 3D Secure. This requires a single-use code from the client to approve the transaction.
  • Other security features, for example, address confirmation, duplication checks, CVV2, CVC2 and CSC security codes, should come as standard; helping merchants to ensure their business and their clients as well.

Payout Time

Organizations that sell products incur the greater part of the costs, all the risks, up-front. The very last thing you want is to sit tight weeks or months for income to get through that is expected to pay for new items, products, postage, compensations and other overheads.
Ensure you are clear on the terms and conditions. Check how frequently payouts are made? Whether they’re on a weekly or bi-weekly cycle and what, if anything, could defer the entire or part of the payout being made (e.g. a Bank Holiday, Chargeback asks for and so forth.)? This part of your association with a payment supplier will affect your income.

Ease of Website Integration

when your clients are paying for their buys, you need it to be simple and for them to feel protected and secure all through the procedure. This experience is comprised of various variables:
Your payment gateway provider needs to encourage this. Most are equipped to integrate with the majority of popular website and e-commerce platforms, including m-trade stores; yet ensure, before you sign, that integration is simple, or they can develop a custom-coded solution for your platform effectively.

Multi-Currencies & Multi-region

If your customers are across different countries and need to take international payments – you should check whether the payment gateway offers worldwide and multi-currency payments or even an interface with different dialects. The APAC region, for instance, just acknowledges payments through specific gateways and some global systems like Worldpay aren’t really acknowledged everywhere throughout the world. You should also check whether there are any additional fees for accepting multi-currency payments or payments from other countries and whether you should have a merchant account in a specific country.

Value for Money

The expenses you pay for the payment gateway and merchant accounts can incorporate monthly fees, fixed fees per transaction, variable charges in view of a level of transactions, and also different expenses for things like payments from international cards. Work with a payment gateway provider who is transparent about fees and charges. Work with a payment gateway provider who is transparent about fees and charges. Ask where they expenses originate from: Are they merchant account charges, do they originate from the card plans?
Separate and make a few inquiries read customer service and client reviews, to perceive how they’re evaluated compared to other payment gateways. Choosing the correct payment gateway can have a quick and positive effect on your customer’s experience, income, and profitability.

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