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How to Choose the Best Travel Agency Merchant Account for Your Company

The credit card processing industry currently classifies the travel business among the terrifying “high-risk” class of monetary ventures. This due to the fact that most travel agencies finalize orders prior to the day of travel, which means the customer has ample time to cancel the booking. The early payment leaves the merchants ready to accept charge-backs in their travel agency merchant account due to unforeseen changes in travel plans and also other payment disputes.

Travel agency merchant account for payment processing 

Finding a payment processing for your travel company will, therefore, be a lot harder than you think. Furthermore, the appropriateness of an account for the specific needs of your business further brings down the number of available options. Regardless, asking around and doing a little extra research will reveal sensible companies, which specialize in offering high-risk merchants the payment solutions they need to propel their businesses forward.

What a travel agency merchant account service provider account may offer your organization ?

Whether your agency is in the real world, online or both, you can take full good thing about the products that come with a merchant accounts, despite being a high-risk endeavor. High-risk specialists give a merchant both traditional and internet-based credit and charge card processing, as well as ACH and eCheck payment services to ensure customers have a wide-ranging selection of payment options at their disposal.

In addition, a reputable provider can get you a completely integrated online payment entrance, which will allow your clients to buy travel tickets straight from your website, without unnecessary diverts that might otherwise slower up the booking process. Leading players such as eMerchantBroker will go the extra mile and examine your travel agency independently to supply the plan that best suits your method of doing business.

Various other things to consider

A travel agent can advantage greatly from a travel merchant account, but before putting your signature on up there are several essential things you should take into consideration.


For starters, high-risk providers generally match the risk associated with your business with the product prices. Expect therefore to see higher rates than you would pay with a standard payment processor.

Household vs Offshore accounts

A large number of high-risk processors offer local merchant accounts for travel agencies, but because the pull the provider into an agreement that is bound by the legislation of the land, a merchant is better safeguarded by the law against fraud and payment differences.

Offshore travel agency merchant accounts have the good thing about free international trading and experience of international customers, but in the event of your dispute, merchants may lack legal means to defend themselves. Companies offering offshore payment processing also tend to charge very high rates and fees.

Before settling for a payment services company, ensure you know just what is right for your agency, and whether the options you have lined up have the capability for you personally.

The process to obtain an online travel agency merchant account is straightforward and not complex. It involves:

  • Filling the online application which is simple and takes very less time by applying directly.
  • Send the ancillary credentials like owner’s ID, business check, bank statements and other relevant information.
  • Send the ancillary credentials like owner’s ID, business check, bank statements and other relevant information.
  • Approval of underwriters which gives a green signal to start up the payment gateway, with a security deposit equaling the turnover, Rolling Reserves, Personal Guarantee.
  • With the virtual terminal and payment gateway set up for e-Commerce can start processing credit and Debit Cards.
  • Integration of chargeback software which will give alerts, fraud detection alerts.

The following categories are covered in the travel agencies:

  • Travel Clubs includes the luxury, leisure travel at affordable rates where owners from various customer service and travel industry.
  • Discount Clubs offer huge savings on memberships with popular restaurants, hotels, retailers etc.
  • Hotel Booking includes online booking of budget hotels with comparisons to similar ones in the industry with numerous hotels and booking sites with links to all booked automatically.
  • Travel Memberships may sound a little bizarre but are huge money savers with the recent developments in the travel industry.
  • Travel Brokers are fastest growing in the travel industry community and are the best value for money for the amount of research done on promotions, offers, and quality service.

Within the last decade, we have obtained a selection of banking relationships that are typically eager to agree to your business and provide you with extremely competitive rates for your travel agency merchant account. In addition, we now have a state of the art gateway on life prepared to process your orders and a risk management team with industry leading fraud protection tools to keep your merchant accounts flying high for years to come. But what really separates us from our opponents is our dedication to providing top-rated quality service.

Our goal is to help deal with every part of your travel agency merchant account, and payment handling needs so that you don’t ever have to worry about it. Mainly because our experienced expert team is taking care of your business like it was our own. Think about having the freedom to purely give attention to the main aspects of your business, and not being weighed down by your e-commerce trivia. This is the tranquility of mind we provide.

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