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eplica Merchants are considered as High-Risk Business due to the potential risk for high chargebacks and legalities involved. Selling replicas isn’t easy, and most people won’t buy replicas unless they like the brand on which the replica is based upon. The potential for earnings can be great because of the availability to people with lower incomes and its demand can be high ,making Replica merchants earn a lot of money.


If you are engaged in an e-commerce replica business and looking for a safe, secure and trusted credit card payment solution provider,online replica merchant account is ideal for your business, as it has all necessary tools that will boost your e-commerce business and will make it grow in no time. IPAYTOTAL offers merchants Direct MIDs as well as a 3rd party processing solution from our banks situated in America, Europe, UK, and Asia.

Merchants would now be able to apply for direct Online replica merchant accounts or third-party Replica merchant accounts and instantly set up their business to go online.

Few Facts about Replica Merchant Accounts

Replica products are exactly duplicates of brand products, which are made using the same manufacturing techniques and materials but can be purchased for lower prices. Clever replica merchants have understood that they can make money on individual’s inability to buy expensive products with brand names. Online Replica merchants make good business on selling purses, shoes, watches, sun glasses, belts, clothes,etc.

Online replica merchant owners usually run offshore business and sell their products globally. This means their customers cannot pay for the purchased products in cash. Credit card payments is the most convenient and thus preferred method of paying for both online and offline purchases. To start accepting card payments, a merchant must open replica merchant account.

Being high-risk by nature, online replica merchants attracts various frauds. Though replica merchants are less risky if compared to gaming and pharmacy ecommerce businesses, not all payment service providers are ready to handle risks associated with web-based replica merchants.

Though finding replica merchant account provider may be difficult, there are lots of payment processing companies offering online replica merchant owners offshore merchant accounts. Offshore merchant accounts have some advantages over domestic accounts, as enable accepting multiple currencies, as well as facilitate high volume credit card processing.

We are offering

One must be very cautious and choosy when it comes to choosing an offshore merchant account provider, as not each will be able to meet the requirements of your particular business. Thus, when making a final decision, be sure to check whether a replica merchant account, you are going to open, can offer:

  1. Multi-currency acceptance
  2. Continuous credit card processing
  3. No preset volume limits
  4. 24/7 customer and technical support, as well as real-time transactions reporting
  5. Personalized merchant IDs
  6. Advanced payment getaway
  7. Reliable fraud protection tools
  8. Weekly/daily payouts.

Replica merchant accounts can give their holders numerous benefits. To avail all advantages of this type of account, it is necessary to choose a payment service provider that is able to meet your business requirements.

Why is selling Replicas considered high-risk?

Basically, Replica merchants are selling counterfeit goods,a product which has a trademark. Any product that has a trademark and that’s being sold in the form of replicas is protected by the law and considered a high-risk. Simply, it’s illegal almost all over the world. However, there are ways around this, and you can end up being quite successful in this business. We are here to offer our services for your replica high-risk merchant accounts and help you make your business very successful!

Counterfeit Goods

Counterfeit goods are products which are made to resemble like the original products but with a lot less quality to them. They are sold at much lower prices than originals because they aren’t as good as the originals but can still be used for their purpose albeit for a shorter lifespan.

Knock-Off Merchandise

Knock-off merchandise is an even lower quality product than counterfeit goods. These are made hastily and without much consideration for the quality. These products usually break down very fast and can’t be used anymore, however, they are incredibly cheap.

Replica Goods and Expensive Replica Brands

While most replicas and counterfeit goods are cheap, there are some famous replica brands which sell for much more but are also made with great care. Most people like buying this type of products because the price and quality are great compared to each other. It’s the closest thing to real product brands.

The main advantages of opening Replica merchant account are listed below.

  • The main advantage is that online replica merchant account will empower you to acknowledge different types of credit cards. This will help you in making new clients, as online customers prefer making purchases with online stores that take credit cards. Accepting credit and debit cards will help you to build customers satisfaction and confidence and they will feel secure when purchasing from your online shop.

  • Customers satisfaction helps in building strong and trustworthy customer-business relationship and that helps in expanding client list i.e. you will have more loyal clients that will always shop from your store.

  • The majority of online payment services providers charge high rates for their services. Replica merchant solution providers take a reasonable price for their services. Moreover, by opening replica merchant account, there will be no need for hiring a man for accounting purposes, as you will get every day reports on completed transactions.

  • Because of various charge-backs and different credit card frauds, an extraordinary number of online merchants is somewhat reluctant to acknowledge online credit card payments. Replica merchant account offers a reliable fraud-protection solution and thus is able to recognize and avoid prevent fraudulent transactions.

  • Credit card processing organizations offer round-the-clock customer and technical support. This implies any payment gateway related issues would be quickly comprehended by the support service.

  • Replica merchant account will help grow your eCommerce business around the world. In this way, your online store will have no border restrictions. This sort of Replica merchant account empowers accepting different kinds of currencies thus clients from basically any part of the world would have the capacity to make purchases from your online store.

Replica Merchant Account Options

When you start processing with IPAYTOTAL, you will profit by accepting a wide range of processing options. Your replica merchant account will enable you to acknowledge card payments from Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, and American Express. Our solutions also support US dollars,GBP and Euros, which gives you universal credit card processing abilities.

Payment Processing Fees

It is easy to accept that any high risk industry merchant looking for payment processing services will experience high charges. However, IPAYTOTAL can give you competitive and affordable payment processing fees for your replica merchant account. Essentially remember that we decide our rates in view of your month to month processing volume as well as your individual business’s risk factor, but our rates can start as low as 6.95%.

Replica Products We Support

The replica industry is so huge and many items are too risky, making it difficult to support. However, IPAYTOTAL supports a variety of replica items with its replica merchant accounts, including clothing, accessories, handbags, suitcases, wallets, men’s suits, and watches. Please be aware that supported items are on a case-by-case basis.

Various Replica Merchant Account Solutions

Be it a Direct Replica Merchant account or a Third Payment Replica Merchant account,Ipaytotal has it all.If you are looking for a reliable replica merchant account provider, you are in the right place, as IPAYTOTAL provides the best solutions for e-commerce businesses. We guaranty quick real-time credit card processing, top-notch services and at reasonable rates. Give us a call at +44 800 776 5988 or get in touch with us through our website.

Replica credit card processing

Ipaytotal offers merchant accounts for the replica industry; specializing in replica merchant accounts; replica credit card processing; replica merchant services and replica merchant account solutions. With our corporate offices based in United Kingdom and United States, we have numerous relationships with processings banks locally and internationally all across the globe. These relationships allow us to place many high risk businesses with offshore credit card processing and other offshore merchant services.

Get pre-approved in as little as 48 hours.

At iPayTotal , we assess each replica merchant accounts individually, we study your method of doing business so we can board your replica merchant account with the acquirer that would be most suited and beneficial for your Replica business. This is how we will be able to give a reliable processing solution for your Replica Business.

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