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Instant Approval High Risk Merchant Accounts

Bad Credit Merchant Accounts : 99% Approval Rate

Have you been declined by a credit card processing company? Is another high risk merchant account provider taking too long to get your account set up? Have you been refused merchant account facilities because your business has been termed as high risk? You need a reliable merchant banking service provider who has tie-ups with multiple underwriting banks.   When you are categorized as a high-risk business, not many banks will even consider providing the basic merchant account facilities. This is because the risk involved for the service provider is very high and they may not have enough banks ready to underwrite to such an extent.  You need to contact us today!

Yes!! We at iPayTotal can help you get approved within 24 hours for high-risk merchant account processing with fast instant approvals.iPayTotal allows you to process high risk transactions a variety of ways, giving you the flexibility you need to run your high risk business the way you want. You can process high risk merchant account transactions from the comfort of your office, while on the go, or at an event.

High Risk Processing Virtual Terminal The most common way to process transactions is using iPayTotal’s simple online interface or “virtual terminal.” Simply log in to your iPayTotal Account, open your MOTO virtual terminal and enter the transaction information. You have the ability to do batch processing for your high risk transactions in the MOTO payment gateway thus processing several orders at once is simple and fast.

Email Invoices: Do you do business online or via email? iPayTotal’s email invoice functionality is a perfect way to process transactions for remote customers. Simply log in to iPayTotal and send an email invoice to your customer. They will receive an email containing a secure link. After following the link, they can enter their credit card information on a secure web page. Once they enter their information, you’ll see the transaction immediately in your iPayTotal Account. It’s a great way of collecting payment for internet or telephone sales. It also is a great solution if a customer is cautious about giving out her credit card information.

We have some high risk providers as our banking partners that offer instant approval on a high-risk merchant account. You can start processing credit cards in 48 hours, EVEN as a high risk merchant.

We are devoted to assisting high-risk company owners to get the credit card processing services instantly / or in the fastest time possible. We have helped tens of thousands of online and retail company owners get Instant Approval High Risk Merchant Accounts for their high risk processing. Our retailer advisers are able to help you begin accepting credit cards in as few as twenty-four hours. We have on-line merchant applications with immediate approvals.

We specialize in helping high risk business owners to get the credit card processing services they need with instant approvals for high risk merchant accounts at competitive pricing and best terms possible with fastest payouts.

How to get Instant Approvals for your high-risk merchant account/credit card processing?

Applying to get a high-risk merchant account and getting approved the following day isn’t realistic. It is because there are a large number of steps included in underwriting a high-risk business.

There are steps, however, retailers may take to expedite the approval process.

  • Be nothing but true! Have full and complete disclosure with your merchant account supplier. Attempts to hide a previous business, to hide TMF/MATCH list positioning, is only going to hinder your opportunities. High risk merchant account providers will work with you in case your processing/credit history is imperfect. Remember, getting credit card processing for a high risk business is a win-win situation between the supplier and the retailer and thus they try their best to approve your  High Risk Merchant Account .

  • Docs in a row: Have all your KYC documents ready to send to your merchant account provider for your high risk merchant account underwriting process. Your business falls in high risk category and thus will need extra documentation in order to underwrite.

  • Application fees are red flags: How does a retailer tell a merchant account supplier is working for them? The supplier doesn’t charge any penalties till the retailer begins processing transactions. Therefore, the onus is on them. We don’t charge you anything upfront.

    Some merchant account approvals take weeks. Nevertheless, based on a number of components, you might get immediate approval for your merchant account. what’re these components?

  • High Credit Score: This indicates you make your payouts on time.
  • Funds from the Bank: This indicates you’ve attained success and have some money saved for the future.
  • Fully Functional Site: Your website should be fully functioning.
  • Your Business. Your lender: It’s a fantastic advantage if the acquiring bank has processed transactions for your kind of industry.
  • Legitimate Identification: Ensure your driver’s license or passport is up to date.
  • Complete Collection of Documents: Make certain to get your documents in order and ready for submission.

    Each one the above-mentioned factors might help you increase your probability of getting approved for a merchant account without delay. Come to iPayTotal which provides instant approval for merchant accounts with the help of its worldwide partner network and start raising your own company.

    Call a representative today to find out about the dozens of high risk payment processors we represent and see what high risk credit card processing company is the best fit for your company. We might compare merchant account rates with you, answer questions regarding customer support, Interchange prices and more and may be able to give you an instant approval for your high risk account.

Even if you’ve been told by others that your business is “too high risk to do business with”, we will always work with high risk merchants. It is very important in any business that you can give a service to your clients. Giving them more alternatives for payment gives you more chances of increasing your sales. However, in many cases, not every business manages to meet their banks’ criteria in relation to the proportion of risk involved.

Accordingly, not wanting to let down the potential of great businesses the high-risk merchant account provider came into existence. This empowers organizations that are at higher risk, a chance to gain access to the services they require to develop as businesses.I t isn’t asking too much for an instant approval high risk merchant account. Going for a higher risk business can mean increasing the charges set on the account. Using the services of the right high risk merchant service provider, in any case, will save you time and money.


A deep network of fraud databases, business, and personal profiles, as well as payments oriented algorithms, has given us a new way.  While we can’t auto-approve all business types, this cutting edge underwriting approach makes it easy to underwrite accounts automatically and give instant approvals for high risk merchant accounts for businesses falling in high risk category.

A short form application and a real-time instant approval – and you’re accepting payments.   Having helped thousands of high risk business owners get access to just the merchant accounts they wanted, we boast an impressive portfolio. Regardless of the business you have, be it medical marijuana or debt consolidation, we are just the place you should be. We have even helped bad credit businesses, making us the perfect choice for an instant merchant account.

Our staff can evaluate your current situation and offer expert advice going forward, based on your existing business needs. We understand the particular issues associated with many high risk verticals and assist you in obtaining a credit card processing solutions that best mmeetyour needs. We work with a diverse mix of merchant acquirers with risk tolerances and appetites for most high risk industries. We can also support high volume merchants and high volume ach processing. Our payment platforms include ecommerce gateways, CRM integrations, virtual terminals, and credit card point-of-sale solutions. Our dedicated team is standing by to assist you. Call us today to discuss all of your payment processing needs.   Our goal is to approve all merchants, regardless if you have been shut down or turned down in the past. We understand mitigating circumstances such as chargeback ratios and exponential monthly volume growth can devastate a bank relationship, causing a merchant closure or substantial holds place on an account to protect the bank from losses. We are dedicated to making every attempt to resolve issues and get your account approved. Our commitment to excellence and going the extra mile to exhaust every opportunity is our mantra. We strive to exceed expectations and utilize our expertise and competence to deliver unsurpassed customer satisfaction.

  • We now have the DOMESTIC USA based Credit Card Processing for High Risk Merchants !
  • Visa Mastercard Amex Discover Services for All Types of High Risk Merchants
  • Payment Gateway Integration Compatible with Authorize.net, Invoicing and Full Shopping Cart Integration
  • Low Rate Echeck Payment Setup Cheaper and Lower then Credit Card Procssing Rates. Next Day Deposits
  • Month to Month No Contract, No Early Termination Fees
  • Easy to Use Virtual Terminal. Fully Featured Payment Gateway Setup. Mobile Swipe Processing Available.
  • Solutions Available for High Risk Merchants
  • You will be Boarded with a High Risk Merchants Friendly Bank. No Fears about being closed, denied, shut off for your business type.

    Need a Bad Credit Merchant Account?

To accept credit cards from your customers, you’ll need to open a merchant account. Credit card processors charge a fee to accept payment transactions and connect transactions with your business checking account.

Hardly any business would avoid getting things up and running as quickly as possible. So, it’s no surprise that the promise of an instant merchant account approval is an appealing one.

Each processor approves business owners for a merchant account based on different criteria. When you apply for a merchant account, your credit is usually checked. As a rule, traditional banks and processors aren’t usually willing to work with bad credit merchants. Bad credit businesses already have poor credit and low FICO scores.

If you have bad credit, you’re a high risk merchant. Why is your business generally classified as high risk? Here are the main reasons:

  • You have been tabbed as a terminated merchant or (TMF) by banks in the past
  • Your industry deals with high chargeback rates
  • You have a bad credit history
  • Your online business has to do with large transactions
  • The industry you’re in has a bad reputation
  • You are an international merchant or your business is in countries with high chargeback risks

As for chargebacks, these are the most common reason to be labelled as high risk. To ensure the rates are low, it’s important to figure out a business’ chargeback ratio. How can you calculate your chargeback ratio? The number of transactions should be divided by the number of monthly transactions.


We believe that different businesses have different requirements. No one business should have to do with a generic merchant account, which doesn’t exactly meet its needs. We don’t believe in compromise, and will make sure you aren’t settling for anything less than what you deserve. With us, you get a merchant account that mirrors you specific business needs. But that’s not even the best part. Our process is as simple as they come. All you do is fill in a simple form and let do us do our bit. When we say ‘instant,’ we mean instant. You can start processing credit cards in as soon as 24 hours of your application. Yes, 24 hours. That fast. Just when you want, just what you want.

We have in our portfolio providers who specialize in high risk businesses, offering you specialized plans. If you have any qualms or possible enquires about merchant accounts or us, we highly encourage you to contact us and let us further your knowledge. You can either drop us a mail and let us get back to you on the matter or just simply ring us. We will brief on you on the exact type of accounts your business can enjoy, while also enlightening you with all the different aspects of doing business with us.

With our team’s unique experience in the payment space, we bring the vital expertise to get your account approved quickly and painlessly. Our staff is committed to providing unsurpassed customer service and strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Give us a call today to discuss all of your high risk credit card payment  processing needs.

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