ACH & Credit Card Merchant Processing for Small Business

ACH & Credit Card Merchant Processing
ACH & Credit Card Merchant Processing for Small Business

ACH is also known as e-check and credit card payment processing offers a flexible payment option for your business. Automated clearing house (ACH) payment processing services allow the merchant to accept check payment online that’s why it’s also known as an electronic check. ACH & Credit card merchant processing helps small businesses to increase sales and also by ACH, the businesses will be able to reduce costs associated with paper check processing. These payment methods help merchants to expand their capabilities and also by these modes of payments merchants are able to provide flexible payment methods to the customers.

What is ACH Processing?

You heard about the check payment process, the ACH payment process is also just similar to that traditional paper check process. For an immediate transfer, the payment is verified and sent electronically. Businesses often use ACH and credit card merchant processing as an alternative to accepting paper checks and other modes of payment.

Benefits of ACH & Credit Card Merchant Processing

You can be able to increase your sales dramatically with merchant account because most people use the credit card and ACH payment processing as their first priority for payment today. By these form of payment mode, you’ll be able to feel your customer secure and you also feel secure. It will also allow you to keep track of your financial transactions and you keep better track of your financial transactions because when you sign up for merchant account for your business, you will receive a monthly statement of all your transactions and money you have received and these monthly statements are really very helpful at the time of tax.ACH & credit card creates several benefits for businesses. For example-

  • ACH & credit card payments are easy to handle
  • The main benefit is they are affordable (Affordability)
  • Businesses are able to expand themselves because of the availability of long-distance payments

ACH & Credit card processing

There are two types of ACH transactions. One is in which money is credited (ACH credits), and another one in which money is debited (ACH debits). Use of ACH payments are as follows:

  • Customers pay for the service provided by the service provider
  • Funds deposited by the employers in the Checking accounts of employees
  • To transfer fund from one bank to another by the consumers
  • To pay suppliers for their products in businesses
  • Funds sent to IRS or local or local organizations online by the taxpayers

Automated clearing house (ACH) is the third phase of transition by SDA, implementation of this third phase is taken place on March 16, 2018.

The first phase goes into effect in September 2016 but this phase is applicable only for credits, and only to transactions between US banks and another demerit of the first phase is it applies only to transactions less than $25,000.

If we talk about the second phase which initiated by SDA debits, now you can pull money from a customer’s account if you have proper authorization but the demerit of the second phase is that ACH debits can be used by US banks only and must be less than $25,000.

ACH sets up a more streamlined funds availability timeline which is required by Received Depositary Financial Industries (RDFIs). If you are interested in same day ACH, then we are here to provide you with high – risk merchant account for credit card processing.

Advantages for small businesses are as follows:

  • For debits, it enables to pay more quickly than any other mode
  • Ach allows funds to be withdrawn from your account in 3 business days, it allows keeping your money longer.
  • If you forget to make a payment, then it allows you to avoid late fees also
  • Allows processing emergency payroll in any emergency cases
  • Also allows to processing payroll for hourly workers

In market small businesses faces challenges daily, merchant account makes it easy for small businesses to accept credit cards so you can focus on growing your business.

ACH is a much secure and safe mode of payment because it is maintained by the NACHA national automated clearing house association and also regulated by the federal government. Having the support of the government and NACHA means it is the most secure and safe payment mode available.

When your customers know that you are using ACH & Credit card processing merchant services for the mode of payment process they sit back and easily trust on you too because they are knowing that making a payment by these mode means payment by a highly-monitored system that encrypts their data and requires multi-level authentication. As all the customer don’t have the ready cash at the present time so it’s good to accept credit card is the best decision for a small business.

Why not start growing your business with us, we feel really glad to assist you for ACH & credit card merchant processing services. To know more just fill out our short form and we’ll get back to you.