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How to Grow your online CBD business with a Secure CBD Payment Processing Solution ? Comments Off

How to Grow your online CBD business with a Secure CBD Payment Processing Solution ?


oil is a hot selling product. The speed at which sales of CBD oil, biscuits, along with other hemp-based products are growing suggests that the market for them is expanding at a fast speed. Individuals are purchasing hemp oil and THC infused foodstuffs for medical and recreational purposes. CBD oil recovers great profits. It’s a high risk product due to the lawful status in many nations. There is a huge demand for it. Among the chief concerns with high risk companies is finding a secure CBD payment gateway and after that maintaining their merchant accounts with the gateway.

Why CBD payment processing is considered High Risk ?

CBD oil payment processing is a high risk arena for most of the payment processing companies. Banks don’t want to entertain CBD oil merchants because of the federal laws. Cases where CBD oil sellers find that their credit card is blocked and banking account is limited aren’t uncommon. The first thing to do is to apply for a merchant account with a payment gateway which has the expertise in managing high risk businesses like multi-level marketing, CBD oils, casino software, food additives, etc. You’ll need to do some searching because the majority of the well-known ones steer clear of these high-risk ventures. One way of landing an account using a good financial service protected a high risk business with the famous payment gateways supplier is to utilize the assistance of a broker.

With brokers in the image, you may expect a smoother application procedure, lower application fees, and also a proper underwriting procedure. If you want to prepare an on-line CBD oil store and run the same on e-commerce platforms that allow you with a good payment processor company you with a good payment processor. Brokers do more than simply fit you with a good payment processor.

Many brokers offer attractive additional services like helping your company with Search engine optimization in order that it ranks organically, along with existing regulations, suggested changes, and steps you. You’ll learn valuable details about widespread dangers, existing regulations, proposed changes, and steps you may take to stay prepared. Brokers may also introduce you to new business ideas aligned with the existing CBD petroleum business. For instance, you can branch off into the stocking and promote vaping oils and smokes. Consider the following before setting up a CBD on-line store -. Sole proprietorship and application of social security number isn’t a good idea.

Limited liability company is the best alternative. Ensure the business. It needs to cop losses unnecessarily you do not want to cop losses unnecessarily. Get the CBD oils business insured by an insurer that knows the dangers based, existing regulations, historical data, you are along with other factors.

How to choose a CBD payment processing solution?

A payment gateway is your final and last stage of the conversion funnel. What if discrepancies arise when a client proceeds to pay using a credit card or a bank card? Not all payment solutions are compatible and secure with CBD oil payment processing together. Your customer may like to make a payment using an HSBC card but is unable to do since you accept cards approved by another bank service. Thus it’s important to devote some time exploring the several types of CBD oil payment processing providers available in the marketplace before incorporating it into an e-commerce site. Merchant account and payment gateway are essential characteristics of an efficient small CBD products business.

In accordance with the PCI, payment gateways need to ensure that all client info is kept completely secure. The term mainly represents major players like Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Discover, etc. Other than that, payment gateways also offer those abilities of payment types, but several things will differ with regards to payment processors. Payment Processors – The payment processors act as a middleman for processing the transaction. The payment processor is accountable for managing the relationship between the company and the credit card providers – Managing relevant client data like personal data and the financial information – Driving a positive transaction process by crediting your account and also debiting the consumer – Transferring those fund directly to those banking Account – Choosing a Payment Gateway and also Payment Processor – The process of choosing a payment gateway and a payment chip can be a source of confusion for CBD oil payment processing.

There are certain things which you need to contemplate when deciding on a payment gateway and also a payment chip. As a merchant/retailer, you will need to think about: Seamless Process – There are some payment gateways allow direct payment onto a retailer’s site while some payment gateways transfer the client directly to a different site for entering those payment details. If you are the CBD merchant/retailer, then its entirely up to you to decide where customers would find it more comfortable. The benefit of having a smooth process in which it prevents the feeling of disruption. Customers should not be transferred to some other website for entering the payment information, they complete their payment on those site from where they’d placed the order.

Nevertheless, if the clients feel more confident about paying it about a renowned payment gateway provider then that disruption in those process doesn’t matter. As a CBD merchant/retailer, you are required to consider the comfort factor of your customer when choosing a CBD oil payment processing gateway

What Is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally-occurring constituent of industrial hemp (cannabis sativa) plants. It is the most bounteous non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis and is in effect scientifically investigated for various reasons. Most people have known about a cannabinoid called THC, which is the ingredient in cannabis that gets clients high. In contrast to THC, CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid and does not cause a high.

Why CBD Oil Is Classified As A High Risk Industry

Acquiring banks sort CBD oil as a high risk industry since it is derived from the hemp plant, despite the fact that it contains scarcely detectable amounts of THC, the psychoactive, pain-killing component of marijuana. Because the possession, sale, and utilization of marijuana stays illegal by U.S. federal law, some acquiring banks are uncertain of offering payment processing solutions for such, in spite of the numerous medical advantages of CBD.

How to Apply for a High-Risk CBD Merchant Account

iPayToTal looks forward to providing your CBD business with industry leading payment processing solutions and best fraud prevention tools like Built in fraud prevention tool. Applying for your high-risk merchant account is a simple online process, and we can have you ready for action with our full range of services within 48 hours of your approval. To apply for your high-risk CBD merchant account:

  • Apply online using our secure application form
  • Digitally sign your application
  • Submit the required documents

That’s it! Once we’ve received your application and all the required documents, we will review your application and provide you with an answer within 24 hours.

After you’ve received your approval, we will furnish you with all that you have to start processing credit card and debit card payments within 48 hours. You will be set up with fraud prevention that is completely incorporated into your payment gateway and in addition access to our online portal where you will have the capacity to completely manage your account and screen fraud and chargebacks.

To increase the probability of approval, make certain to complete all questions on your application form. All answers gave must be honest to the best of your insight. Our underwriters will confirm the accuracy of all information submitted. Keeping your account adjusts high will check your abilities to keep accounts in good standing. Additionally, a well-constructed business plan, competent ownership, and a great processing history will increase your chances of opening a CBD merchant account with iPayTotal.

CBD Merchant Account Approval Timetable

The time it takes for CBD merchant account approvals varies with every merchant and their processing history. With all the supporting documentation and materials, ipaytotal can give a credit card processing solution between 5-15 business days.

What Are The Fees Associated With CBD Merchant Accounts?

The fees iPayToTal charges depend on several factors, such as the merchant’s processing history, type of industry (high risk or low risk) and/or projected sales volume. Each merchant account is unique, but typical fees include:

  • Merchant discount rate
  • Per transaction fee
  • Monthly statement fee
  • Monthly gateway fee
  • 6-month rolling reserve
  • Chargeback fee
  • Refund fee

Payment Gateway Integration For CBD Merchant Accounts

Each merchant account approved by iPayToTal and its acquiring banking accomplice incorporates access to the approving bank’s payment gateway. iPayTotal’s reliable banking accomplices offer a safe payment gateway for all transactions, with which you will connect the bank’s API to your site.

We believe we’ve earned this position for two reasons:

  • Our large network of domestic and international banking partners
  • Our ‘old-school’ approach to customer support: live and one-on-one

Securing CBD payment processing

At iPayToTal, we work with organizations who legitimately and morally source CBD items and we won’t work with organizations that fall outside of law and compliance guidelines. The following will be evaluated while applying with any of our accomplices; business location, source of supply, shipping and sales, location restrictions and law of origin and location of intended sale.

At iPayToTal, we collaborate with experienced experts in both CBD and hemp payment processing. Providing you meet both industry and account provider standards our experts can help.

Fast Approvals:Our online all-inclusive application, which is incorporated with various banks, guarantees a quick CBD application and approval process so you can begin accepting credit cards immediately.

97.6% CBD Approval Rate:With multi-bank solutions that have been tried in your industry, our CBD merchant services can guarantee that your application will only be submitted to banks that work with your type of business.

Bank Redundancy:We have built up a system of Domestic, Offshore and ACH Bank connections that give payment gateways and acknowledge CBD businesses. If your account gets flagged, we can move to multiple  backup banks with minimal downtime.

Apply Online: Our online application enables you to apply to multiple high-risk banks in the CBD business by filling out one application, completing digital signatures and securely uploading supporting documents.

Secure Processing: By setting you up with multiple banks and naturally diverting percentages of your processing volume to each bank, we lessen risk the exposure to each account and diminish the possibility of account terminations.

Online Portal:Our online gateway conveys day by day updates from our banking accomplices and reminds you precisely what is missing to get you approved.

Chargeback Protection

Our multi-bank processing abilities help high-risk merchants avoid high chargeback ratios, yet we additionally strive to help our CBD merchants secure their main concern by preventing unnecessary chargebacks. With real-time, round-the-clock chargeback alerts, CBD merchants can see and investigate chargebacks when they are started. iPayTotal furnishes merchants with innovation intended to recognize vulnerabilities within their system to limit instances of unjustified chargebacks.

When chargebacks seem fraudulent or unwarranted, merchants can right away record a dispute. We offer help during the debate procedure and give all the important tool to our merchants to recover the money that is legitimately theirs.

Some ways CBD merchants can prevent fraudulent chargebacks on their own include:

  • Train employees to request photo identification with all credit card transactions and have them double watch that the name is the same on both cards. Keep in mind, a merchant is within their rights to decline any transaction that they consider suspicious.
  • Hold all credit and debit card receipts. File them with consideration and keep them effectively available in the event that a chargeback is started and evidence of the transaction is required.
  • Use time-stamped video surveillance for the cash register area. Make certain that the video catches the clients’ appearances. This can be utilized to cross-reference with the time stamp on the credit card transaction and gave as extra proof in disputing chargebacks.
  • Never process any transaction that is suspected with being fraudulent without affirming the data with both the client and card-backer.

Keeping CBD Merchant Accounts in Good Standing

As a new industry, it is essential that CBD merchants keep up their accounts with banks and credit card processors. Building good histories will improve the probability that banks in the end observe CBD merchants as a legitimate and viable business that they will work with. A few things merchants can do to keep their accounts on favorable terms include:

  • Keep up a decent history with credit card processors
  • Consistently perform a high sales volume
  • Keep a high balance in business accounts
  • Dispute chargebacks at whatever point conceivable and back up disputes with solid proof
  • Stay straightforward in all communications with your banks and payment processor

Sticking to these measures is something any business ought to strive for, however, in a new, high-risk industry, it is more important than ever. The present CBD merchants are pioneers in their industry, which means the manner in which they handle their financial accounts will set the standard for how banks function with merchants in this industry for years to come.

In addition to making a better name for the industry, merchants who keep their accounts on favorable terms increases the odds of raising their sales potential and processing limits.


iPayToTal can give help with setting up a high-risk CBD business. Considering the difficulty faced to find a suitable CBD payment gateway, we provide the essential profitable opportunity. We will support your organization with our valuable service and address the biggest issue faced by the CBD merchants of opening CBD merchant account for their business transaction. The developing CBD oil industry has pulled in so many merchants. A strong financial background (the most recent six months worth) is vital for the merchant. A well-maintained bank account will be considered positively for CBD business by the banks. A major balance will draw in more business for your organization. You have to manage low chargeback as a CBD merchant.

iPayToTal is expert in this high-risk business and provides the most reliable international and domestic solution for your CBD business. If you are attempting to enter the CBD oil industry our established firm will enable you to clear all the obstacles easily.

We give CBD accounts that will make you make you successful in CBD Business. Be prepared to proclaim the best position in CBD industry by teaming up with us.

If you follow the suggestions given by us you will experience steady growth in your CBD business. Aside from this, we shield your business by our powerful Built-in fraud prevention tools, authentic CBD payment gateway.

Your business will be in profit by our strong banking partners. We are specialized in managing this risky business of CBD and represent considerable authority in giving CBD merchant bank account and CBD payment gateway. Partnership with us will grow your CBD business. Try us as we are worth it.

To find out more about iPayToTal’s cannabis credit card processing options, our merchant account experts are available for a conversation at +44 800 776 5988 or get in touch with us through our website.

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