E-Cigarette & Vape Merchant Accounts
24 Aug

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E-Cigarette & Vape Merchant Accounts

Vape Merchant Accounts

E-Cigarette & Vape Merchant Accounts

Vaping was invented for one reason, to give cigarette smokers a healthier alternative to the tar and carcinogen laden habit of smoking cigarettes. The risks of inhaling vaporized syrup after impregnating with nicotine is as much as 97% less dangerous to the person using it. Whereas people who inhale second-hand smoke, the effects are entirely indistinguishable from those of everyday air pollution.

Nevertheless, there is an emotional connection between cigarettes and vaping in the minds of those who have rightly learned to fear cigarette smoke. What’s more, the actions of a few have caused vaping to be associated with marijuana use.

The result is a sharp stigma placed on those who use vaporizers and mods for enjoyment and recreation- as well as those who sell e-cig and vaping products. Vapers are forced to use their vaporizers outdoors in most establishments as few people understand that the only pollution being caused is a fruity smelling steam. This stigma has, predictably, spilled over into the realm of credit card processors. E-cig merchants are often subjected to unfair limitations and poor service.

The banks that credit card processors and merchant services providers process through are exceedingly sensitive to anything that might affect their public image. For this reason, any industry that is considered “high risk” by the merchant services provision community, becomes a truly high risk.

When credit firms like Visa and American Express believe that working with certain types of retailers harms their public image, they often withdraw support. It’s a common occurrence that affects tobacco merchants, firearms dealers, alcohol distributors, and of course, retailers who sell and distribute vaping supplies and equipment.

Payment Processing For A Rapidly Growing Industry

The e-cigarettes and the vaping market have grown dramatically in recent years, especially among younger female consumers.

  • In the US, there are over 45,000,000 smokers, but just 2,750,000 vape smokers.
  • Just 7% of adults have tried using a vaping device.
  • Vape sales grew by 285% from 2013 to 2015.
  • E-cig market share is fragmented, with industry leader Njoy controlling 32% of the market. Krave controls 16%. After these leaders, the largest three manufacturers combined control just 11% of the market. That means, 41% of sales are going to companies that make up about 1% of the total market as a whole.
  • Today over 3,500 retail vaping shops exist in the US.
  • Vape sales are expected to grow by 25% through 2018, while tobacco sales have shrunk by 30% over the last decade and a half. E-cig sales are expected to exceed tobacco sales by 2026.

In spite of the massive success of the vaping industry, still, financial institutions fail to recognize the immense opportunity they could take advantage of by providing e-cigarette merchant accounts.

Accept Credit Cards With A Vape Merchant Account

Running and operating a business takes a lot of toll on the owner in the form of focus, planning in order to become successful which is most relevant in the case of the e-cigarette industry. This is due to keeping a balance between customer satisfaction and complying with strict laws made by the government. The credit card is the most common mode of payment in this industry. Vape merchants need a partner for online credit card processing on their websites in order To ensure timely payments and that customers get the products they need without delay.

Getting Approval In A High-Risk Industry

The nature of this industry is very risky and which is why it makes running this business challenging for their owners. Besides this FDA regulation makes it hard too. It is hard to predict the future of vape industry which may lead to high chargebacks and fraudulent transaction in future.

Vape and e-liquid companies are considered as high risk for a variety of reasons. Several Financial institutions don’t even understand this industry well and so forth put that on denial to give access to payments platform to customers.

Several High Risk Vape Merchants provide services to cater to the needs of their customer in various ways as follows:

  •  E-cigarette Credit Card Processing
  • Immediate, Same Day or Next Day Funding
  • Retail and Online Vape Payment Processing
  • Gateway and Terminal Integration
  • E-Cig & Vape Merchant Accounts
  • 24/7 US Based Customer Support

Factors affecting online Vape sales

Since this business has been categorized as high risk, one will not approve a merchant account easily. Although high risk doesn’t mean to lose all hopes, where it indicates them as a highly regulated industry by the government with the possibility of chargebacks and frauds.

Besides this, new rules enacted in 2016 by the FDA have made a direct impact on payment processing for vape products and the types of products you can offer as a merchant. It restricts the manufacturers and companies that change size of the bottle and taste from selling new vape products without registering their product for FDA approval even if you want to make a mixture of your own as each new mix is considered a new product will be subjected to FDA approval, a process that can cost up to $1 million and take years.

Another rule which has put up a serious dent in vape sales is registration with MasterCard and Visa. Earlier, online businesses that used to sell e-cigarette-related articles but did not actually sell tobacco were not required to register with Visa and Mastercard or pay the high $1,000 annual fee to accept credit cards. But now, one has to pay a fee of $1,000 every year (which goes to MasterCard and Visa) and register their website to sell vape. Some other compliances have also stepped in to get a letter from a lawyer stating that your business complies with applicable laws like age verification as well.

How to Get a High Risk Vape Merchant Account

In order to find the best E cigarettes merchant account, one should keep a few points in mind in order to evaluate them to match their needs:

  • High-risk specialization – A reputed and experienced merchant accounts specialist will have a sales staff (preferably in-house) that’s trained and experienced in dealing with high-risk merchant accounts.
  • E-Commerce support –  With an online presence, one requires a payment gateway to process their sales transactions. There is wide use of the virtual terminal to go with it, as this will allow you to input card-not-present transactions from any internet-connected device with a web browser. Card readers that connect to your computer via with the use of USB or Bluetooth, a connecting card with them through computer enhance the utility of a virtual terminal by allowing you to process card-present transactions as well.
  • Sales and advertising – Foul sales promises and unreliable sales representatives is not an uncommon issue in the payments industry. Basic terms of any contract fulfill full disclosure of terms of contract, processing and account fees by a sales representative, however, they always come to fall short of their promises on this front. Its also not completely their fault because these agents work with so many processors to accommodate your needs. As every processor sets its own rates and terms, it’s practically impossible to spell out all the details on a website. One should closely work with their agents to come out with the most promising terms.
  • Pricing – There are two types of costs associated with this merchant account i.e processing fee and account fees. Processing fees are measured on a per-transaction basis, while account fees are billed monthly or annually basis. However it is recommended to go for interchange-plus pricing plan Ordinarily, we recommend an for processing rates over a usually more expensive tiered pricing plan and keep in mind as a high risk category one will find difficult to get approved for interchange-plus pricing.
  • Contracts – Many terms of contracts for merchants have been modified in recent years for the benefit of payments industry such as automated renewal of contract from a standard 3-year agreement, early termination fees have also been eventually decreased. However, it is still a no-go zone for high risk merchants. They are asked to sign up for long-term contracts.
  • Customer support – One of the most important criteria is to have suitable and east customer support 24/. This is certainly a very challenging task for any merchant account provider. However many providers have taken various steps to address this issues such as self-help resources which act as a medium between provider and customer. It is easily available on the website in the form of tutorials and articles. This allows the account provider to solve simpler problems of customer and work upon more complex issues.

To Know More about E-Cigarette & Vape Merchant Accounts

Give us a call at+44 800 776 5988 or get in touch with us through our website. Even if you’re not a customer of ours, we want to help you understand the process so you can make the best decisions for your business. We believe transparency and proactive education is the best policy.

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