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How to Buy Medicines Safely From an Online Pharmacy



Online pharmacies offer a more convenient way for patients to buy their medications. Since people now rely on the use of the internet to understand health issues, people also go online to buy their medication. Buying prescription medicines thru online pharmacies provides some advantages than buying at the local pharmacy in the area and these are:

  • Ability to buy medicines while being confined at the four corners of the home for those people who live far from the pharmacy.
  • Greater convenience and access to a wide variety of products.
  • Easily compare prices of the medicines from various sites.
  • Easier access to the product information of the drug and medicine with proper references from sources.

Many online pharmacies operate legally and are licensed but there are also rogue online pharmacies or fraudulent pharmacies that don’t conform to federal and state laws and also allows discounted purchasing of prescription medicines without the necessary prescription. For safety purposes, it is very important to be able to determine if the online pharmacy is legitimate or a fraud. One should take caution when buying medicine online and should be able to learn to identify legit online pharmacies and avoid rogue or fake ones because there is no way to know how the safeness of the medicines that are being sold online as well as if they will work properly or it is just a waste of money. There is a danger involved that the medicines that will be sent over may be fake or counterfeited, wrong or worst – contaminated. Such medicines that are bought from fraudulent online pharmacies can be very dangerous and may put one’s health at risk. Counterfeit and genuine medicines often look the same. It may also be possible that the medicine that will be sent is not the same medicine that is advertised on the website. There is also a possibility that the medicine is not packaged, labeled or stored correctly and may be out of date or may not be undergone the acceptable standards of quality and hygiene and can endanger the customer’s health. As there is no certainty about what is inside the medicine that is bought on the internet.

Below are some notes to consider that one must take into consideration before buying medicines online. An online pharmacy must be verified before buying.

1. Be suspicious of too good to be true offers. Fraudulent online pharmacies offer super-bargain and have very low priced drugs. Extremely low priced drugs must be a red flag that something is not right. The probable reason behind the low price is that their products may be fakes or counterfeits and didn’t go to the approval by the FDA.

2. Look for the VIPPS (Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites) seal on the online pharmacy’s website. Once it has the VIPPS seal it means that the website is screened and approved by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy or NABP. The VIPPS program has been around since 1999 and has been accrediting online pharmacy sites since then.

3. Legitimate online pharmacy use .pharmacy domain. Only pharmacy and pharmacy-related websites are allowed to use this domain as a web address. It serves as their seal of quality.

4. The online pharmacy must be licensed and registered in the country it is based. The licensing information must be found on the pharmacy’s website. If this is not listed it must be a warning sign.

5. The online pharmacy must have a licensed pharmacist that a customer can talk to either via phone, email or online chat. A toll fee 1-800 number must be provided for customers or patients to call if they have any questions even for the smallest one. A pharmacist is needed to provide guidance on taking medications as to what medication is suitable for the customer, checking the right dosage of medication, the possible side effects and any harmful interactions it has with other medicines.

6. Prescriptions must be required for prescription-only medicines. Prescriptions are also necessary for an online pharmacy to provide the right medicine for the patient. Legitimate pharmacies require a valid patient’s prescriptions given by doctors or other licensed professional before dispensing the medication. A paper prescription or an electronic prescription must be shown and submitted to the online pharmacy. Some sites offer prescriber services where customers can get online consultations and be diagnosed properly to get the right and prescriptions for their medications.

7. The website must have a clearly indicated privacy and security policies. This should be easily seen and easily understood. The website must also contain SSL certificate and be secured.

8. The personal information of the customer must be protected and must not be sold unless the customer signed an agreement allowing it.

9. The following information (customer’s security number, credit card information, and personal medical history) must not be shared unless it is verified that the online pharmacy is safe

10. The contact details must also be indicated on the website including the physical address, phone number, and email address. Be wary of an online pharmacy that does not display contact details and can only be contacted thru the website form or a free Gmail address.

11. The price, terms of sale, delivery details and the right to cancellation terms must be clearly indicated as well.

12. Payments must be made via a secure connection and should not be paid in advance by bank transfer of check.

13. Medicines must be sent from the location stated on the website.

14. Get medications from an online pharmacy that has a reputable brick and mortar store outlet.

15. If one has experienced an adverse unexpected side effect from a medication that is purchased online, the customer must consult a physician immediately.

16. Medications that are cracked, chipped or are sloppily labeled or mishandled must not be used and the best thing to do should this be encountered is to contact the online pharmacy where these medications are bought and voice out the concerns and immediately ask for a replacement.

17. An online verification can also be done thru going to the website https://verifybeforeyoubuy.org/

Medicines must only be brought from a recognized and trusted source only to ensure that the medicines bought are safe and effective. The Internet can be a good source of health information but a proper diagnosis of the health problem and condition is still necessary to avoid buying the wrong medicine and to avoid putting one’s health at risk.


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