Day: September 11, 2018

High Risk Merchant Accounts

How to Streamline Online Gaming Payments & In-App Purchases

The gaming industry is growing rapidly and has become a lucrative market. The consumers are predicted to spend $137.9 billion on games where online and mobile gaming eats up the larger chunk of it. This…
Payment Processing System for Gyms

Payment Processing System for Gym and Health Clubs

Consumers around the world are becoming more conscious about their health and are attempting to make themselves fit. This can be seen by the consumers’ willingness to spend more on items that have healthy attributes.…

Why Your Best Customer Service Can Beat Chargebacks

Online merchants have chargebacks as their number one problem. There are three basic reasons for chargebacks. 1. Criminal or Actual Fraud This happens when a fraudster uses other cardholder’s information to purchase items from a…