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CBD Merchant Accounts : 5 Ways To Identify High Quality CBD Comments Off

CBD Merchant Accounts : 5 Ways To Identify High Quality CBD

CBD Merchant Accounts

Most merchants that hope to market CBD Oil online or inside a retail environment don’t have the foggiest idea about that it’s nearly impossible to get approved for a CBD Oil credit card processing merchant account. Right now, banks in the United States don’t give approval to merchants that sell CBD Oil-related products online and have no acceptance for a CBD oil merchant account solution. Numerous stores are selling CBD Oil alongside e-cigs, cigars, glassware, pipes, and lots of smoke-related products. It won’t be long until their merchant account supplier realizes that they’re selling any CBD Oil risky item. It is very likely, a retail business that sells CBD Oil will get their CBD oil merchant account solutions close down in the event that they’re working with a conventional domestic processing solution.

Top 5 Ways to Identify High-Quality CBD Oil

CBD oil is an incredible supplement, but since right now it is growing industry at a faster rate, there are possibilities of unscrupulous scam-artists trying to rip off consumers, too. Are there any indications available through which we can identify if it is real CBD oil or snake oil? Unfortunately, it’s not always clear for consumers to inquire which CBD brands and its product claims’ are reliable. With the spurt in popularity of CBD oil, new emerging brands and merchants are flourishing in the market every day with guarantees to offer you the best, high-quality supplement. However, there are few conditions, to help monitor and regulate these claims.


Cannabidiol or CBD is an ingredient taken from cannabis plants. Although available in marijuana, CBD oil is often excavated from agricultural hemp. This is due to various kinds of cannabis include less THC (or tetrahydrocannabinol), the chemical that creates psychoactivity in humans; in other words, THC is what makes people feel high. CBD provides many of the health advantages over medical marijuana without going high, making it most dynamic and less in controversy to both users and the society.

But quality is important: low-grade CBD oil can not offer the same quality of advantages offered by top-rated CBD oil because of a variety of reasons which it could even potentially contain harmful toxins.

Following are the five ways to figure out top quality CBD oil:

1. Manufacturing CBD: It Matters How CBD Oil Is Produced

Sadly, due to the emerging stage of the CBD oil industry, there aren’t many regulations that control the manufacturing process. This means that different CBD brands may use extraction methods to produce CBD oil from hemp. Some organizations promote their CBD oils at very low prices, who may be following a very cheap method for extracting CBD oil. This requires toxic contents that are hazardous to our health, for example, propane, pentane, hexane, and butane. All of them are hydrocarbon gases found in petroleum, among those two of them are commonly used in gas stoves and ranges, such as propane and butane. Besides that, CBD oil can be extracted and manufactured through “supercritical CO2 extraction.” This process involves using carbon dioxide under high pressure in an extremely cold environment. Supercritical CO2 extraction requires expensive equipment, complicated refinement process, and production expertise, but it ensures that CBD oil has maintained its purity all through the production process.

SUGGESTION – Before purchasing any CBD oil, try to figure out the seller’s production method. The information can be available on their website or calling their customer service representative. We strongly recommend purchasing CBD processed through ethanol and/or supercritical CO2 extraction.

2. Growing Hemp: The Source of Your CBD is important to know

One of the best ways to ensure quality in your product is to use high-quality input material. This is specifically important in CBD oil because of the hemp plant’s features known as “hyperaccumulator.” This means that the hemp plant can easily absorb anything that is present on the ground which is cultivated and farmed. Being a hyperaccumulator also has pitfalls: If a hemp plant is used in production of CBD oil which was cultivated on a land that is rich in heavy metals, for example, mercury and lead, the resultant oil will also reflect the quality of those of heavy metals absorbed by the plant, making it hazardous for humans to consume.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers consider to purchase low-quality hemp to process their CBD oil, and that hemp may be polluted with heavy metals. These manufacturers have just profit motive. They don’t care about the health of their customers and the possible consequence of their products. That’s why CBD has a negative image in the market.

SUGGESTION – Keep an eye on where the CBD brand sources their hemp from. If possible, try to find US grown hemp, since US farmers require to be certified by US State departments of agriculture. Such information can be accessed on the retailer’s or manufacturer’s websites or their support center.

3. Check the Amount of THC Present In CBD Oil

Tetrahydrocannabinol commonly known as THC, it is one of those cannabinoids present in both marijuana and agricultural hemp, and it contains the material responsible for producing a psychoactive impact on your body. This is what gives you “high”. Hemp is used over marijuana when making CBD oil is because the former contains innate low levels of THC over CBD, making it excellent for CBD oil processing.

Since, CBD contains THC which is an ingredient, processing of CBD oil in the right manner is very necessary. Although low, the chunk of THC contained in hemp may still create an impact on the certain level of psychoactive effects when processed inaccurately. CBD oil is produced from the quotation of hundreds of hemp plants, therefore, despite having how small percentage of THC there in hemp, it may still be having a high concentration in CBD oils that have been processed poorly. Also to note, equipment available on the market which is used to process CBD oil is very expensive.

SUGGESTION – The desired limit of THC in CBD oil should not exceed more than 0.3 percent, so please ensure to check the labels or ask for lab results of the CBD oils before purchasing them.

4. Look For a “Whole-Plant” or “Full Spectrum” Label

Another quality of a good quality CBD oil is that it is produced by using the whole plant. CBD Isolates have become most popular, but in reality, it is a cheaper material than whole plant extracts. Using the whole plant ensures that the oil includes not only just CBD but also the full length of dominant and inferior components of the hemp plant. These contain terpenes, cannabinoids and other flavonoids that often work synergistically with CBD, making the benefits exponentially higher than CBD alone.

SUGGESTION – Check the labels on the product to figure out if the manufacturer is using the whole plant in their products, or check their websites for the information. Some brands use the terminology as the whole Plant while others use Full Spectrum.

5. Check for third-party lab results while purchasing high-quality CBD

It is a best practice for high-quality CBD oil brand to provide third-party lab results to their customers. However, some laboratories tend to give positive results and some negative. These independent labs continue to safeguard the interest of customers by disclosing that CBD oil is everything it claims to be, with a high level of CBD, low.

SUGGESTIONS – A reputable brand of CBD oil must always have recent lab reports available with them. Some brands provide them on their website as well, while others put them on the packaging or both. Good customer service is another indication of good quality CBD oil, so sign in and avail them to help you if you’re having a problem in finding the lab results.

IPAYTOTAL Among Best CBD Merchant Accounts Providers

At iPayTotal, we consolidate our specialized aptitudes with our basic, direct approach. IpayTotal can help you in comprehension and make your higher risk account and guide you through the underwriting system taken after by the bank while onboarding an application. Notwithstanding whether you require a start-up merchant solution, a subscription account, a drug store merchant account, a movement merchant account, iPayTotal can enable you to set up with most minimal rates and no issues for your high-risk organizations.

Our payment specialists have an exceptional information of the high-risk payment advertise, subsequently empowering you to give you the most ideal direction and guidance to set up payment acknowledgment solutions for you. Our banks have been chosen to help our clients to get the most secure high-risk payment passage solutions for their business parts. We have picked the keeps money with the most elevated respectability and techniques, adding certainty to your payment processing solution, to get you the best transaction fees for high risk areas.

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