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Online payment processing is the most important need of any business which works through websites.

Running a high risk business is not so easy, regardless of whether your business’s High Risk merchant account depends on mediocre financials or your probability of managing a high ratio of chargebacks. Sometimes attempting to grow an organization and search out the correct high risk merchant account can feel as if you have begun off guard.

You may feel like hard money is your best (or just) alternative, however, you have to figure out that you are missing out in a huge way if you can’t offer credit card payment processing. Your high risk merchant account and your business, in general, cannot stand to ignore such a large segment of clients and potential sales.High risk online payment processing services have to keep track of chargebacks and risks involved. To process credit card payments online you need an online payment processing service or merchant account. All payment processing companies online support you to accept payments through credit cards and alternative methods on your website.

It can end up being difficult to discover reputable payment processing solutions that are appropriate for your business by means of a high risk merchant account that has low rates and your best interest in mind. You must have a solution for credit card payment processing online on your website. Online pharmacy payment processing is a must for any e pharmacy. You can find the list of the best online payment processing companies through online payment processing company comparison and checking out online payment processing company reviews.

There are many traits that define a high-risk merchant. The landscape of high-risk e-commerce is ever changing, ever evolving. With more than 15 years of furnishing e-commerce businesses with high risk merchant accounts, we like to think we’ve remained up to date with shifts and regulations. When banks label a business high risk, it can mean several things: An industry tarnished by high rates of chargebacks and returns. High cost (such as timeshares or airline tickets).Subscription-based products or services, such as online dating or magazines. A country or specific region a merchant is targeting.iPayTotal operated primarily with high risk industries such as online gambling, online dating, and adult businesses and products since the dawn of e-commerce.iPayTotal has significantly expanded its industry list that requires high risk merchant accounts such as e-cigarettes, penny auctions and tech support.iPayTotal believes that every e-commerce business is unique and has specific needs. Among the many benefits of an iPayTotal high risk merchant account include More Acquiring Banking Solutions: iPayTotal has long worked with acquiring banking partners – domestic, international and offshore – and knows which banks work best with each industry. We Work Within the Guidelines of Visa, MasterCard and More: The high risk e-commerce landscape has changed, and getting a high risk merchant account is different than it was 10 years ago, even five.

So, what is a high-risk merchant? In the simplest terms, it’s any business that for any reason presents an elevated risk of fraud to the credit card processor. While this is usually due to the nature of the business itself, it can also occur if the business owner has particularly bad credit or the business caters to customers that are deemed to present a higher risk of fraud. Every processor has its own set of criteria for deciding whether a business is classified as high-risk. Thus, a business might be deemed high-risk by one processor, but not by another. From the perspective of the merchant provider, it is often an indication that your business poses a greater risk for chargebacks and has nothing to do with what your business has done or how it has performed.Unfortunately, there is no one industry-wide standard that identifies one business as high risk while absolving all others of this designation. It is incredibly subjective and can be based on any number of factors.

Each bank, processor, and individual has its own method of classifying businesses as such.In some instances, being designated as a high-risk merchant account means you’ll have to go through extra scrutiny in order to receive merchant services. You may even be limited to a certain number of transactions in a month or be required to have a certain amount of cash reserves.In most cases, you will be required to pay higher fees and/or processing rates to receive a variety of merchant services due to your high risk designation.Some providers may even refuse to work with you.Examples of businesses that are normally classified as high-risk include those in the adult entertainment industry, e-cigarette and vape shops, and online gambling sites.Those seem pretty obvious, right? Well, there are also a lot of other categories of high-risk businesses that aren’t so obvious. Bankruptcy attorneys, for example, can be classified as high-risk – a good example of how your customers can put you in the high-risk category even if you have perfect credit yourself.

High-risk merchants are generally not accepted for normal credit card processing agreement. They have to deal with acquirers and processors who offer high-risk merchant services and are ready to accept liability for the high risk associated with these businesses. Such acquirers or processors are termed “high-risk payment processors”.

A high-risk merchant account is a card payment processing account for those businesses which are termed as high-risk services by banks or processors. iPayTotal helps merchants classified as High Risk, acquire payment processing solution for their business at reduced rates.

We at iPaytotal specialize in approving credit card processing solutions for merchants classified as high risk. Such High-risk merchant accounts are planned to accommodate businesses that are financially unpredictable, prone to high chargebacks or pose a threat of potential loss to merchant service providers and banks.

A payment gateway is an online service that processes credit card payments for online and traditional high street stores. Payment gateways fulfill a vital role in the online transaction process, authorizing the payment between merchant and customer. A High-Risk Payment Gateway is a secure, reliable, online service to process credit card payments online for high-risk merchants. Any High-Risk Business requires an International payment gateway for credit card transaction and processing. Most of the international merchants do offer multi-currency transactions. Few merchant services company offer multi-currency solutions to International Merchants in high-risk industries.

In the card processing world, some businesses are considered “risky.” These businesses are often turned down by merchant account providers and card processing companies, as they feel that the high-risk industry is just too difficult to work with. They are called high-risk industry because of high chargebacks, financially unpredictable and pose a great threat of loss to merchant service providers or banks and thus they need high-risk payment service and high-risk merchant account.

We at Ipaytotal are high-risk payment providers primarily serve high-risk e-commerce business types. Our high-risk processing services include chargeback dispute resolution, an online payment gateway, ACH processing, merchant cash advance, and MOTO processing facility.

Even though a business gets labeled high risk, merchants still can accept credit payments. However, these businesses are subjected to higher processing rates, more paper works, and a strict diligence procedure. Additionally, banks or PSPs can request a reserve on a business’ credit card processing. Sometimes, high-risks merchants can get banks to reclassify a business.

You need to have a merchant account with an acquiring bank before accepting payments online. Merchant accounts can be simply divided into two categories: low-risk and high-risk merchant accounts. If you run a low-risk business, almost every bank will easily accept you and offer you its services. But if you are in the high-risk category, things won’t be that easy and you will need a high-risk online payment gateway. All business in high-risk categories like gaming, casino, and pharmaceuticals require high-risk online payment processing. iPayTotal specializes in high-risk credit card processing and online payments for the high-risk merchant account.

High-risk online payment processing services have to keep track of chargebacks and risks involved. Finding the best payment plans for high-risk e-commerce businesses is taxing and tedious — anything but simple. Truth be told, we’ll go as far to state that it’s more troublesome than it was five years back, even three years ago. Consequently, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to discover the acquiring banking partners that grasp high-risk businesses. Banks that gladly welcome high-risk merchants are out there, and we’re consistently finding them.This is the reason we’ve put together a guide for you. View our means of finding a perfect payment processing solution through a high-risk merchant account.


Think about what as a high-risk merchant account offers and your business’s particular needs, for example, the capacity to process transactions or perhaps the interest for complete security. An online payment processing center can boost your sales by providing solutions to accept payments from your customers anywhere in the world. High-risk merchant account services are not one size fits all. In the event that you need to keep away from exorbitant (and downright perplexing) month to month statements, at that point you ought to have some thought of which payment processing solutions best suit your organization.

In the event that a high-risk merchant account services provider doesn’t offer tailored solutions for your business and focuses on package deals, be suspicious. You’re searching for payment processing solutions that advance your client support, which will intrinsically drive sales. Essentially begin a high-risk merchant account that absolutely incorporates all the choices that work for you.

High-Risk Merchant Account Solutions For High-Risk Industries

Our new domestic banking association has solutions for various high risk businesses that must be U.S, UK, and Europe owned and registered. We are available to accept applications for high-risk businesses on a case-by-case basis such as

Adult and Emotional Content: Required 3-6 months of payment processing statements with company name showing chargebacks, refunds, returns, and total sales.

Collection agencies: Collection agencies Must have 2 years of business history and submit taxes as proof of processing at least $75,000 per year.

Credit Repair: Minimum 3-4 months of good processing history.

Negative Option Marketing: Any negative option marketing schemes are forbidden from including free trials.

Nutraceuticals: Nutraceutical merchants with 3-4 months of payment processing history.

Tobacco and tobacco paraphernalia: Tobacco and tobacco paraphernalia merchant websites must not have any references or links to marijuana, or marijuana-related websites or directories.

With all high-risk industries, especially multilevel, credit repair and negative option marketing, technical support, and CBD oil, we suggest an initial consult by phone or Skype with one of our merchant account specialists to talk about options and possibilities. After a couple of inquiries regarding your business, we can give a reasonable and accurate assessment.


Payment processing pricing for high-risk merchants are the place things get chaotic, yet it doesn’t need to be. There are high-risk merchant account providers who will insist including every important expense to guarantee your statements are streamlined. Comprehensive evaluating plans for payment processing is perfect for organizations that need a high-risk merchant account.


All-inclusive plans additionally accompany an essential trait for each high-risk merchant account – safety. Your payment processing provider will guarantee that your revenue isn’t impacted at whatever point there’s a disputed chargeback.

As the proprietor of a business with a high-risk merchant account, you should guarantee that you’re not secured but rather agreeable alongside your payment processing solutions. In the occasion you choose card-present terminals are the best approach, by the method, for instance, make sure that the payment processing provider you are working with is Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant. In the event that your business is observed to be lacking in compliance, it might spell debacle for your organization both fiscally and reputation-wise.

You have enough to stress over with respect to developing your organization and ensuring your reputation. Your payment processing solutions through your high risk merchant account should be secure, reasonable, and customized.


Seamless Integration Options Maintaining a seamless checkout experience for your clients isn’t essential for business, yet also for your security. ipaytoTal’s high-risk payment gateway options provide 175+ Online Shopping Cart Integrations for pain-free connectivity with most internet shopping cart providers. For organizations searching for a more flexible gateway solution, our developer-friendly APIs give you full customization and authority over accepting payments.

iPayTotal supports global online payment processing for high-risk businesses. iPayTotal provides online payment processing for internet businesses and websites to accept payments internationally from their customers. Online payment processing fees differ according to the processing volumes, country of incorporation and the overall risk involved. There are multiple online payment process steps involved online payment transaction process through credit and debit cards.

Create better high-risk payment experiences.

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If you are looking for a reliable merchant account provider, you are in the right place, as iPayTotal provides the best solutions for High Risk businesses. iPayTotal trusts that even businesses in unconventional industries require an opportunity for long-term development.

We help high-risk organizations get tailored merchant account solutions, regardless of poor credit history or current credit score. Get in touch with us to discover a solution appropriate for your business requirements.

iPayTotal is the best online payment processing company for nonprofits, pharmacies, gaming and all other related businesses labeled as high risk.

Guarantee quick real-time credit card processing, top-notch services and at reasonable rates. Give us a call at +44 800 776 5988 or get in touch with us through our website.

Benefits of Being a High Risk Merchant. Oddly enough, there are some benefits to being identified as a high risk merchant if you’re willing to pay the additional fees and go through the added scrutiny and oversight high risk merchant account holders face. Among those benefits are the following. More payment acceptance options. Low-risk merchants can only collect certain types of revenue by credit card. High risks merchants have fewer limitations, meaning they can: Offer recurring payments. Process higher sales volumes for launch events and special sales. Sell a wider variety of products and services. Ability to work internationally. Low-risk merchants are limited and severely restricted when it comes to international transactions. High-risk merchant accounts have fewer restrictions that might limit their goals for global expansion. The key is to choose wisely when selecting payment processing partners and merchant services providers.

International Credit Card Processing : If you are located outside of the United States and would like to accept credit cards at your country, iPayTotal offers credit card processing and other merchant services for international merchants. We specialize in hard to board (also called high risk) merchant accounts. We offer payment processing solutions to a variety of industries anywhere in the world! The same platforms are available for international merchants, including online payments (for e-commerce merchants), mobile payments (for on the go businesses) and other retail solutions. Stop limiting your business and start increasing sales and customer confidence by offering credit cards as a form of payment!   Some international merchant account providers charge between $500-$1,000 for an application. With iPayTotal, your international merchant account application is free. In fact, we offer a merchant account application checklist so you can get started. The quicker we receive your application and required documents, the faster iPayTotal can have you processing.

The Power of International Merchant Accounts. International merchant accounts are payment solutions that give e-commerce businesses the ability to accept credit card payments from consumers around the world. With an international merchant account from iPayTotal merchants can accept and process payments in more than 160 currencies.   Many e-commerce businesses outside the US and Europe have difficulty finding international merchant accounts and therefore cannot expand their presence on the internet. As a result, e-commerce merchants reach a plateau, unable to process multi-currency transactions. Without international merchant accounts, the ceiling for an e-commerce business is rather low.  Our international banking partners understand the business of merchant acquiring and will manage funds and settle directly with you, the merchant. Each of our banking partners operates within the guidelines of the major brands: MasterCard, Visa, American Express and more. We don’t just get you started. We serve as your advisor for the life of your international merchant account.

Domestic VS. Offshore Merchant Account: A domestic merchant account is a one that a bank in the United States is providing the settlement services for the transactions. Domestic merchant account funding times are pretty quick (anywhere from 1-3 business days) and rates are relatively lower than offshore accounts. Offshore merchant account means that a foreign bank (outside of the United States) is responsible for settlements of transactions. Advantages of offshore accounts are the ability to accept payments in multiple currencies and increase your clientele base.   Pricing for Offshore Account. As the interchange may vary between country to country and industry to industry, all offshore account has a monthly fee of $20 to $50 and a 6 months rolling reserve of 10% from processing. Offer your online customers the chance to pay in their local currency with an international merchant account. Grow your business and reach new markets through multi-currency e-commerce transactions. Our range of online, real-time payment processing solutions enables you as an online merchant the chance to expand your businesses around the globe into new regions and countries, through a single integration to our powerful and secure platform.

We strive to meet the needs of all our merchants and go above and beyond expectations to ensure they’re always satisfied. That their support questions and answered quickly and effectively. High risk doesn’t have to mean everything is at risk, we pride ourselves on our customer service for high risk merchant accounts. We Specialize in High Risk.   We offer high merchant accounts to all business types in high-risk categories. Still deciding on your high-risk merchant account provider? That’s okay, we have a dedicated staff on hand ready to answer any questions you might have about the process. We love talking to our merchants and helping them launch their business.

iPayTotal has one of the highest approval rates in the industry we can find a processing bank for almost any company generating international e-commerce, multi-currency, or high-risk merchant accounts.  Our strong relationships around the globe allow us to provide competitive rates and industry-leading approval delivered through world-class customer service.iPayTotal is always seeking ways to stay ahead of trends and provide turn-key solutions for businesses payment processing needs.We have created a simple, yet robust merchant service program that allows businesses to both accept card payments and make bank payments.

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