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Running a high risk business is not so easy, regardless of whether your business’s High Risk merchant account depends on mediocre financials or your probability of managing a high ratio of chargebacks. Sometimes attempting to grow an organization and search out the correct high risk merchant account can feel as if you have begun off guard.

You may feel like hard money is your best (or just) alternative, however, you have to figure out that you are missing out in a huge way if you can’t offer credit card payment processing. Your high risk merchant account and your business, in general, cannot stand to ignore such a large segment of clients and potential sales.

It can end up being difficult to discover reputable payment processing solutions that are appropriate for your business by means of a high risk merchant account that has low rates and your best interest in mind.

Finding the best payment plans for high risk e-commerce businesses is taxing and tedious — anything but simple. Truth be told, we’ll go as far to state that it’s more troublesome than it was five years back, even three years ago. Consequently, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to discover the acquiring banking partners that grasp high risk businesses. Banks that gladly welcome high risk merchants are out there, and we’re consistently finding them.This is the reason we’ve put together a guide for you. View our means of finding a perfect payment processing solution through a high risk merchant account:


Think about what as a high risk merchant account offers and your business’s particular needs, for example, the capacity to process transactions or perhaps the interest for complete security. High risk merchant account retailers don’t consider if a high risk merchant account provider can structure an arrangement of alternatives that take into account your individual needs. High risk merchant account services are not one size fits all. In the event that you need to keep away from exorbitant (and downright perplexing) month to month statements, at that point you ought to have some thought of which payment processing solutions best suit your organization.

Payment processing solutions accompany a cost. In the event that your high risk merchant accounts relies upon card-present terminals, for example, you’ll be managing interchange and interchange plus to rates per every transaction. Online payment processing solutions (or card-not-present) will make them manage with fixed rates as there’s no card-present transaction included.

In the event that a high risk merchant account services provider doesn’t offer tailored solutions for your business and focuses on package deals, be suspicious. You’re searching for payment processing solutions that advance your client support, which will intrinsically drive sales. Essentially begin a high risk merchant account that absolutely incorporates all the choices that work for you.

High Risk Merchant Account Solutions For High Risk Industries

Our new domestic banking association has solutions for various high risk businesses that must be U.S, UK and Europe owned and registered. We are available to accepting applications for high risk businesses on a case-by-case basis such as:

Adult and Emotional Content: Required 3-6 months of payment processing statements with company name showing chargebacks, refunds, returns and total sales.

Collection agencies: Collection agencies Must have 2 years business history and submit taxes as proof of processing at least $75,000 per year.

Credit Repair: Minimum 3-4 months of good processing history.

Negative Option Marketing: Any negative option marketing schemes are forbidden from including free trials.

Nutraceuticals: Nutraceutical merchants with 3-4 months of payment processing history.

Tobacco and tobacco paraphernalia: Tobacco and tobacco paraphernalia merchant websites must not have any references or links to marijuana, or marijuana-related websites or directories.

With all high risk industries, especially multilevel, credit repair and negative option marketing, technical support, and CBD oil, we suggest an initial consult by phone or Skype with one of our merchant account specialists to talk about options and possibilities. After a couple of inquiries regarding your business, we can give a reasonable and accurate assessment.


Payment processing pricing for high risk merchants are the place things get chaotic, yet it doesn’t need to be. There are high risk merchant account providers who will insist including every important expense to guarantee your statements are streamlined. Comprehensive evaluating plans for payment processing is perfect for organizations that need a high risk merchant account.


All-inclusive plans additionally accompany an essential trait for each high risk merchant account – safety. Your payment processing provider will guarantee that your revenue isn’t impacted at whatever point there’s a disputed chargeback.

As the proprietor of a business with a high risk merchant account, you should guarantee that you’re not secured but rather agreeable alongside your payment processing solutions. In the occasion you choose card-present terminals are the best approach, by the method, for instance, make sure that the payment processing provider you are working with is Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant. In the event that your business is observed to be lacking in compliance, it might spell debacle for your organization both fiscally and reputation-wise.

You have enough to stress over with respect to developing your organization and ensuring your reputation. Your payment processing solutions through your high risk merchant account should be secure, reasonable, and customized.


Seamless Integration Options

Maintaining a seamless checkout experience for your clients isn’t essential for business, yet also for your security. ipaytoTal’s high risk payment gateway coptions provide 175+ Online Shopping Cart Integrations for pain-free connectivity with most internet shopping cart providers. For organizations searching for a more flexible gateway solution, our developer-friendly APIs give you full customization and authority over accepting payments.

Create better high risk payment experiences.

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If you are looking for a reliable merchant account provider, you are in the right place, as iPayTotal provides the best solutions for HIGH RISK  businesses. iPayTotal trusts that even businesses in unconventional industries require an opportunity for long-term development. We help high-risk organizations get tailored merchant account solutions, regardless of poor credit history or current credit score. Get in touch with us to discover a solution appropriate for your business requirements.

ipaytoTal’s high risk payment gateway options provide 175+ Online Shopping Cart Integrations for pain-free connectivity with most internet shopping cart providers.For organizations searching for a more flexible gateway solution, our developer-friendly APIs give you full customization and authority over accepting payments.

We guaranty quick real-time credit card processing, top-notch services and at reasonable rates. Give us a call at +44 800 776 5988 or get in touch with us through our website.

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