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Mandatory Requirements for website compliance

website compliance

                             Mandatory Requirements for website compliance

If you want your website to acknowledge payments you should adhere to certain Mandatory Website Requirements. Every organisation is obliged to guarantee that its website complies with what seems to be a never-ending volume of legislation. Accomplishing compliance with the numerous rules and regulations can be complex. Kindly note that as an acquiring bank and as Visa and MasterCard rules, they should be unassailably adhered to.

If a website is designed in such a manner that it fulfills these parameters like it is easy to use and has well-planned information architecture, fast load Times, effective Navigation and accessible to all users, clients will return over and over and the risk of chargebacks will be significantly decreased. In this manner, as a major aspect of the application, we will need to see your company website. This shouldn’t be live on your domain and can be a BETA site, however, it must be complete otherwise your merchant account application won’t be approved.

If we think your website needs certain areas sorting, or we feel you require guidance – as certain business sectors must pursue explicit website rules – we will say so and won’t just reject your application.

Consumer Protection Act and EC Directive

The below requirements form part of The Consumer Protection Regulations 2000 and The Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002. In this way, these are mandatory and should be consented to before an application can be fully approved.

Please note these rules prevent Chargebacks, help stop checkout abandonment.

1. Is the content genuine and not mock design text?

If while having a website built the genuine content isn’t available, designers will mostly use mock, typically Latin, content to make it look like real content. In any case, most of the merchants either neglect to replace this or intentionally leave it in. Whichever way this must be removed and real content must be used.

In addition to the fact that this helps a customer know who you are and what you do, it additionally enables us to completely understand your business at the time of application and furthermore gives us a certainty that you do truly exist and are not just trying to get the account fraudulently.

2. Are the products and services publicized real and not mock?

As above we should see real products and services on your website, including all pricing.

“In case I’m another business and I’m selling client generated content, for example, promoting or webcams etc. how might I publish real content if no one can buy from me yet?”

This is a disagreement we frequently hear and one we get it. Truth be told we have had a similar contention with the banks that we use, and Visa, on numerous occasions. Shockingly they are not unreasonably understanding and it can transform into somewhat of a catch 22 situation. Notwithstanding, to get an account live we just need to see a handful of real content (we welcome that once you have the account your website will develop), in this way these are our recommendations to help get the initial content…

  • Offer free promoting for a certain number of months
  • Offer to promote that is paid for once the website goes live
  • Just acknowledge cash or bank transfers to pay for introductory advertising
  • Offer initial advertising with another website to pick up ads

If you choose to use content from other websites, then make sure that this isn’t easily detectable and cannot be found by means of a simple Google search or any other free tools.

3. Does your website display a refund policy?

A refund policy ought to be clearly shown on your website. This can be shown anyplace on your site, as long as it is shown before a client makes a payment. Your refund policy may differ as indicated by whether you are based in or out of the European Union:

Where you are supplying purchasers (i.e. people purchasing for themselves rather than for business) you should make it express that the customer has the privilege to cancel within seven days of their agreement with you, or seven days of receipt of the merchandise (whichever is the longer). You should also clarify that if the customer cancels their request, they will have their payment returned and highlight the process they should pursue to return their products or services (these prerequisites guarantee you comply to EU regulations). There are variations to these guidelines where you are providing services or making customized goods. For data on these guidelines, you should talk with your own business consultant.

4. Does your website clearly display the following?

  • Clear posting of the organization’s legal name on the website
  • Clear posting of the client service phone number and/or email address
  • Clear posting of the Terms and Conditions (if appropriate)
  • Clear posting of the Privacy policy

The above details ought to be shown under their own headings. This makes it very easier for the client to see the important information and implies that they don’t have to invest time searching for it. In the event that this information is examined in just once put i.e terms and conditions, at that point you will need to separate them appropriately.

5. Are your contact details displayed?

You should clearly show your contact details for your customers for better customer care services. These subtleties must include:

  • Clear posting of your postal location
  • Clear posting of the client service phone number
  • Clear posting of the client service email address

Visa and MasterCard necessitate that the address which is referenced on the company incorporation document is referenced on the website. Anyway, we understand that for some adult merchants, because of security reasons and the reality they do business out of said address, this may not be acceptable. In this way for adult merchant accounts only, we permit shell addresses…

6. Is your product pricing clearly mentioned?

You should give clear pricing on your website for the products or services you are providing. Except if the website is for organizations only and not private people, you should mention all costs including VAT.

7. Does your website show the logos of the cards you can accept?

Your website must show the logos of the payment cards that can be acknowledged through your account (Clause 12b – Customer Agreement). On the off chance that you are utilizing the World Account the payment instruments’ logos that you can acknowledge will consequently be shown on the secure payment page.

You are also required to show on your website the logos of the payment instruments that you can acknowledge. Preferably, the logos ought to be shown at the point of entry to your shop. In this manner guaranteeing that your customers know about the payment instruments that you acknowledge before they make a buy.

8. Does your website have clear navigation?

Your website must have clear-cut navigation. The navigation must empower a client to effortlessly discover their way around the website and find relevant information rapidly.

9. Does the website look professional?

A website is an extension of your business. If not your sole business. It is one of the main opportunities to set up, strengthen and keep up your brand in the eyes of prospective clients. A poorly designed website will affect the time that your visitor and potential customers spends on your website negatively and you won’t be fruitful in your online business.

A professionally designed website will grant professionalism and show visitors that you care about your clients and your business. It will likewise pass on a sentiment of trust and people will rather purchase your items when you have a decently designed website than from an individual who does not have an expert looking website.

10. Does your website use outlawed words or phrases?

Visa, MasterCard and the banks that we use are exceptionally strict about specific words being used on a website. The words listed below are explicit to adult content websites, however, there may also be few words that can not be utilized in your industry:

  • suffocate
  • slave
  • forced
  • rape – raped – raping
  • intoxication – intoxicate
  • abuse – abused
  • drug – drugs – drugged
  • torture – torturing

11. Is your domain name registered in your own name and legal entity?

Your web address (domain name) must be enrolled in your company name. The purpose behind this is if a customer looks through your domain name, they can see who precisely possesses the website they have spent money with. Fundamentally everything requirements to count up for customer confidence. This likewise helps stop fraudsters opening and shutting businesses every couple of days.

12. Is your website PCI Compliant?

When your website goes live, it should move toward becoming PCI Compliant.

PCI Compliance is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard commanded by the card plans for the protection of cardholders and transaction subtleties. If you don’t follow the standard you could confront significant fines forced via card schemes. You could even wind up being forever banished.


Ask yourself – would make the site live the manner in which it as of now looks?

We realize this sounds obtuse, however, if the site looks amateurish, has missing pictures, uses mock text rather than genuine content and you yourself wouldn’t need it to go live, at that point for what reason would we acknowledge it and make a merchants’ account active?

Your merchant account application won’t be sent to the bank except if the above prerequisites are met.

To know more about website compliance

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