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How to Prevent Online Credit Card Fraud As an Online Merchant: 10 Steps Comments Off

How to Prevent Online Credit Card Fraud As an Online Merchant: 10 Steps

Prevent Online Credit Card Fraud

Online Credit card fraud can be a disappointing experience as a purchaser, yet merchants are also majorly at risk. Despite the fact that clients are secured for unauthorized use of their credit cards, online merchants are most certainly not. The merchant will also lose the products and the payment if an objectionable card is used to buy merchandise or services from a merchant online. The eCommerce business has transformed the customer shopping experience. With the internet growth permitting retailers to sell goods online, all factors behind this eCommerce industry are actually strategically structured for an increase in customer transactions, since the ever-booming Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

A big factor in the payment processing industry is a miscommunication and lack of communication; there isn’t any difference in fraud methods for online retailers versus point-of-sale merchants and the rate of chargeback outcomes are only enhancing.

Payment processing organization need to move up to internet retailers to receive their merchant account and grasp that their enterprise has been looted due to of fraudulent acts that payment service providers might not assure on a larger internet scale.

Certainly what the payment processing industry does not look enough of is the consequences of consumer behavior. When the customer fraudulently participates in advantageous fraud – generally called chargeback fraud – the merchant is finally fined and be penalized.

Customers are in actually putting to the fraud strategy by rendering the fake impression that fraud is just credit card fraud established when in reality 70 to 80% of chargebacks are registered on account of the customer applicating fraudulent trades, and no chip or pin shall protect against this action.

Recent tools for instance “Chip and Pin Technology” can assist particular merchant accounts and smoothen up their payment processing whose– merchant knowledge is key to restructuring online enterprises.

Here are the top 10 tips that online merchants must follow to provide the payment processing expectation for “chip and pin technology” and to eliminate fraud at all costs.


1.Pursue the Best Practices

One of the best methods to minimize the danger of fraud could be to abide by the best business practices. For instance, follow rules and regulations implemented by payment systems.

  • Never accept an expired card
  • Just process payments once
  • Provide credits and cancellations when a client requests them so credits are not really processed as a fee

2. Identify Potential Fraud

Reducing your risk of fraud means identifying possible injury. Could be eliminated efforts only go so far, and you must be in touch with the mindset of fraudsters and the manner they will look up and attack your business. By way of example, online merchants should consider if fraudsters are providing multiple orders on one credit card but transferring to several different addresses; this may be a fraudulent scheme. Also, if fraudsters get access an array of credit cards, they will try to buy services or products on all of these. For this aspect, it is important to look up for a number of cards using the same IP address.

3. Validate Orders

If online merchants surge suspicious of order, calling the customer or sending a letter to their billing address with particular questions only they can answer will help alleviate the stress. Merchants should not reach out to the delivery address given, but rather the charging in case the fraudster is using the shipping address to fraudulently scheme an order.

4. Generate a Blacklist

Online retailers must dedicatedly work with their chip to produce a ”no-sell” category or otherwise known in the industry as a blacklist. This particular listing can prevent fraudulent criminals attempting to lower down a merchant’s business.

5. Produce a Whitelist

Keep on supporting the loyal clients who so not partake in fraud; make a whitelist that permits for just clients from places of fraud-free purchases.

6. Utilize Delivery Confirmation for Larger Ticket Things

Though customers may find transmission confirmations burdensome, this offer actually assists the online merchant majorly. Clients could not use the suspicious angle which their product was not received since the retailer has confirmation of shipping, saving them from the risk of a chargeback.

7. Keep a track of Revenue of Digital Goods

Digital services or goods are big hits for fraud, and online merchants may then actually be penalized with a chargeback. Merchants must lookout for using electronic signatures to promise the customer agreeing to the specific stipulations integrated with purchasing the item. Online merchants can also utilize text messaging by giving confirmation codes to customers to be certain their account data is correct.

8. Fulfill Cancellation Requests of Products or Services Promptly

Online retailers should grant dissatisfied customers of their cancellations or refunds whenever possible. Positive customer support gives a retailer’s enterprise a positive reputation and the customer will undertake their disappointing experience from the company rather than registering a complaint or chargeback with their bank.

9. Utilize Address Verification Service (AVS)

This automated fraud prevention program will cut the risk for retailers selling in the card-not-present realm. AVS estimates the billing address registered in the trade in relation to any other address registered with the issuing bank. Merchants should request both billing and shipping addresses of the customer so that an AVS check can be done in front of trade is processed.

10. Recruit the Help of a Risk Management Firm

Merchants must recruit with risk management firms so they do not have to expend all of their efforts looking to eliminate or fight fraud. There is a certainty that the U.S. shall direct the manner in Payment Acceptance Technology, (like Chip Innovation or EMV) due to existing fraud management tools for both card networks. But, there will not be a blockage in online trade fraud till the time payment partners work together for better ways.


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