August 16, 2018
Point of sale terminals

How a Loyalty Program Can Help You and Your Customers

Loyalty programs are structured marketing strategies developed by merchants to encourage frequent customers to continue buying their products or services. There are several forms of cards
August 14, 2018

Visa Claims Resolution (VCR): What Merchants Should Know

August 13, 2018
Merchant Services for Construction & General Contractors

Best Merchant Services for Construction & General Contractors

Nowadays, a very significant amount of retail business transactions take place online. That is why setting up an online payment system that receives debit or credit
August 10, 2018

High Risk Merchant Services Solutions for Sports Betting

August 9, 2018
Fraud Protection Technology

3D SECURE PROCESSING : A Fraud Protection Technology To Protect Your Online Transactions

3D Secure or 3DS is a security technology for online payments providing authentication scheme requiring the cardholder to enter an additional password to complete the online
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