Alcohol & Liquor Merchant Accounts
21 Jan

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Alcohol Merchant Accounts


Alcohol Merchant Accounts

Running and operating a business requires a lot of focus and planning to become successful. In no other industry is this proven truer than for organizations hoping to offer beer, wine and alcohol sales. This is expected to the hard to juggle assignments of fulfilling customer needs while as yet maintaining full consistency of industry laws and directions. Alcohol merchants mostly depend on credit cards from customers as payment to make revenue and continue to develop. Particularly with the enormous growth in online sales of Liquor, alcohol merchants require an accomplice for online credit card processing on their websites to guarantee opportune payments and that customers get the products they require immediately. These custom-tailored alcohol and liquor merchant accounts are available from iPayToTal.

With the economy on the mend, and with online sales offering a conducive method to make purchases, the alcohol business has been making amazing profits recently. Attributable to advances in age authentication technologies, and of online security in general, people feel assured and more confident purchasing alcohol products online.

Sadly, the very nature of your business implies that money financial institutions and credit card processing companies view you as high risk. One of the fundamental reasons that traditional merchant service providers cannot and will not service online alcohol merchants is on the grounds that their partnering bank declines to do so. When searching for an alcohol merchant account, the credit card processor you select and the bank they associate with will make all the difference as the bank is the one who gives the final approval.

Why Is
Online Alcohol & Liquor Sales Considered High Risk?

With regards to alcohol sales, the stigma connected to alcohol represents somewhat of an issue with regards to partnering with credit card processors that work with banks that are more worried about public relations than managing high risk merchants.

There is also the fact that alcohol retail sales are intensely regulated. In reality, this should imply that upstanding merchants like you who acquire all the legal requirements ought to be considered as low risk and as deserving of liquor credit card processing services as a retail merchant. But in the eyes of those who would provide your alcohol merchant services account, the opposite is true.

The one genuine risk that warrants thought is the issue of underage sales online. For quite a while, it has been unusually troublesome for online alcohol merchants to stay away from accidentally selling to minors. While some challenge does remain, there are various ways this issue is managed. One such solution is the requirement for the purchaser to provide an adult digital signature.

Here are a few risks commonly associated with online alcohol sales services:

Subscriber Remorse:

customer who selects into a repayment plan with automatic monthly payments may overlook that their credit card will consequently be charged each month. They will at that point dispute the charge that shows up on their credit card statement. Many cards issuing banks expect buyers to contact the merchant before they process a chargeback request.

Age Verification for Alcohol Sales:

Online alcohol stores in the earlier times of setting up their businesses might not have the appropriate levels of customer service support to deal with consumer complaints and inquiries. Shoppers who can’t convey their concerns to merchants are at increased risk of turning to payment card issuers for refunds and chargebacks. While it may not appear to be essential to have an identification and verification check on your website, the truth of the matter is that it can prevent you from a lawsuit. If a minor buys alcohol off of your website, you will be held accountable for the sale. With Aristotle’s age and identification verification, you can breathe a sigh of relief realizing that your products will be transported off to those of the minimum legal age.

Lack of Infrastructure:

Alcohol sales companies in the earlier times of setting up their businesses might not have the fitting dimensions of client service support to manage purchaser grumblings and request. Customers who can’t convey their worries to merchants are at increased risk of turning to payment card issuers for refunds and chargebacks.




Why is so much information required to obtain a Liquor Sales Merchant Account?


ue to the higher risk related to liquor sales, progressively due ingenuity is required during the new merchant onboarding process. This implies underwriters need to audit a range of documents to guarantee the business is a compliant, financially sound, and good credit risk. iPayToTal is remarkable on the grounds that we underwrite merchants in-house before we present their applications to the bank. Since our team of underwriters is knowledgeable about high-risk, your business is introduced to the bank with every required archive and total honesty, and full disclosure, to engender trust and security.

Displaying your business in the best possible light from point of the first contact is imperative since merchant accounts are basically a line of credit from a processor. Since high-risk merchants have higher chargeback ratios and regulatory exposure, financial institutions are concerned they may violate card brand rules, laws and regulations. Complaints to the FDA and the FTC against a merchant create risk for merchants, as well as hold processors accountable under Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations.

iPayToTal’s in-house team of underwriters and risk manager have curated information in every aspect of high risk. We are best qualified to direct you through the procedure effectively and easily while helping to present your business to increase approval and gain credibility.

How do I increase my processing limits?

When a high-risk alcohol merchant account is approved, payment processors regularly set monthly processing limits for new businesses somewhere in the range of $25,000 and $1000,000 per month, for the three-to- six-months. This gives processors time to develop a customer risk profile by assessing payment flows, average ticket sizes, processing levels, and chargeback ratios.

How can I track my chargeback and refund ratios?

Monitoring your Transaction Chargeback Ratio as well as your Volume Chargeback Ratio is critical since this is the thing that Visa, Mastercard and payment processors screen. Payment processors with high chargeback ratios in their merchant portfolios can trigger unannounced audits by Visa or Mastercard. Consequently, iPayToTal, nearly screens chargeback and discount refund ratios, reacting quickly to spikes in action. Exorbitant discounts, as often as possible the result of alerts, can be a sign of fraud or poor business practices, information the card brands and banks may think about while evaluating risk.

The formulas shown below utilize simple calculation to determine Transaction Chargeback, Volume Chargeback, and Refund Ratios:

Transaction Chargeback Ratio:

Add the total monthly number of chargebacks and divide by total monthly number of the transaction. For instance – if during a month you prepared 500 sales, and there were 10 chargebacks, your chargeback ratio would meet 10/500, or 2.00%.

Volume Chargeback Ratio:

Add the total monthly dollar amount of all chargebacks and divide by the total monthly sales volume.
For instance – if amid a month, you processed 500k in sales, and your chargebacks were 10k, your chargeback ratio would equal 10/500, or 2.00%.

Transaction Refund Ratio:
Add the total monthly number of refunds and divide by the total monthly number of transactions.
For instance – if amid a month you handled 500 sales, and there were 10 discounts, your refund ratio would equal 10/500, or 2.00%.

Volume Refund Ratio:
Add the total monthly dollar amount of all refunds and divide by the total monthly sales volume.
For example – if during a month, you processed 500k in sales, and your refunds were 10k, your refund ratio would equal 10/500, or 2.00%

Opportunities and Challenges

Alcohol has been around for a long, long time. Indeed, even today, the alcohol business is as yet evolving. Online alcohol sales and the increased development of distilleries around the globe are shaking up the alcohol business once again.

According to the Fortune, liquor sales saw growth in the following areas:

  • Volume of spirits sold at retail stores went up by 2.4% in 2016
  • Volume for too premium spirits bounced up by 10.8% while high-end premium spirits had a 5.5% growth in 2016


From baby boomers to millennials, alcohol utilization hints at no backing off. Numerous people are hunting down for new, innovative spirits that will fulfill their palettes while giving them another, fantastic taste that they have not experienced previously. People are also becoming interested in purchasing their alcohols online from the convenience of home.

The difficulties that may emerge within the world of alcohol sales is that there is a great deal of competition in the business. A large number of these organizations have been brewing and distributing their liquors for centuries. Selling and distributing your spirits may be difficult at first, but with innovative products and extraordinary client service, you can climb your way to the highest point of the liquor ladder.

Access User-Friendly
Alcohol Credit Card Processing

While the standard credit card processing providers keep on obliging customary organizations that they have known and comprehend for a considerable length of time and maintain a strategic distance from what they consider to be advertising issues. Here at iPayToTal, we have made it our objective to give quality services to high risk enterprises that others won’t.

We have taken special consideration to take into account businesses like yours. When you apply, be matched with an alcohol credit card processing expert that comprehends your industry and will put you with a banking solution that accommodates your particular needs, and present your application which will ordinarily be approved in as little as 24 hours.

We walk you through the procedure to ensure you tick all the privilege boxes, assemble all the supporting documentation and have the most obvious chance of being approved.

The application process for a merchant account can be frustrating and time-consuming — especially for high-risk vendors. We pride ourselves on getting our customers set up quickly and without hassle, so they can focus on growing their business.

iPayToTal Chargeback Champion:

Chargebacks can be a sincerely charged issue for some merchants, yet with the right systems set up, managing and protecting against them can be a routine part of any merchant’s business. iPayToTal’s team of Chargeback Champions works with colleagues to identify the root causes of chargebacks, proactively keep away from them whenever possible and effectively address each chargeback and retrieval request.

Why do chargebacks happen?

Chargebacks occur for many reasons and iPayToTal’s expert team of Chargeback Champions are master at analyzing why. Our proactive approach includes:

.Preventing alerts and chargebacks through confirming best business practices

.Advanced fraud innovation managed by experienced risk managers

.Dynamic identity graphs that interface transaction information with human behavior

How do I create an eCommerce merchant account?

The initial phase in enabling commerce is to set up a merchant account. Alcohol sales are categorized high-risk, making industry service providers ineligible for merchant accounts at various supporting banks. iPayTotal’s extended system of banking connections acknowledges the liquor sales class and gives competitive rates, terms and conditions.

Alcohol sales providers may think that its favorable to work with processing accomplices who know about their industry, dialect and basic business practices. Payment processing sales agents who are not comfortable with alcohol sales service language and practices might be less compelling at managing relationships due to their learning curves. At the point when alcohol services work with proficient processing accomplices, they can spare time and money, improve efficiencies and attract and retain more customers and followers.

iPaytoTal Can Get You A Liquor Merchant Account

As a merchant of liquor, and alcohol, having a card processing accomplice that remembers your best interests lets you get back to focusing on what is most important – your business. iPayToTal makes it simple to set up a merchant account and our pricing plans are intended to give you the adaptability to run your organization all while paying the lowest possible rates Simple to incorporate online processing into your pre-existing system on nearly every website shopping cart so your customers can easily place orders. All transactions are finished safe and secured so you will have a lower risk of fraudulent occurrences that end up costing you more. Contact iPayToTal today and speak to a liquor merchant account specialist for more information.

Do You Have A Brick & Mortar Establishment?

It isn’t simply online alcohol merchants who require alcohol credit card processing services. In the present digital world, a significant number of your clients won’t carry money. That implies, if you can’t take credit and debit cards, chances are they won’t be returned from that trip to the ATM machine.

You have to get to your alcohol merchant account and alcohol merchant services as quickly as possible. Try not to give the generic, low risk processing companies keep you down!

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