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Different Types of Cannabis Give You Different Kinds of High

There are different types of cannabis, and each of them has a different set of effects on the mind and body. Each kind gives users a different kind of high. Some have a more calming and mellow effect, some make you euphoric, some give you boundless energy, some make you feel lethargic, and yet some make you paranoid

There are basically three different categories of cannabis leaves: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. Indica and Sativa are ancient strains and were cultivated as far back as thousands of years ago. Hybrid, meanwhile, is essentially a combination of seeds from these two main species coming from various geographic areas in the world. This cross-breeding has produced a wide variety of hybrid strains.

Cannabis Indica

Indica leaves are believed to have originated from the Hindu region, also known as the “Kush” region, which is near Afghanistan. In this area, the strain develops thick coats of resin in order to protect itself from the region’s harsh climate. This short and densely branched plant with wide leaves is also better-suited for indoor cultivation.

Some of the names given to top indie flavors include Granddaddy PurpleNorthern Lights, and Purple Haze.

The indicia strain, which is known to be a very strong weed, gives users a more relaxing effect. This is the kind of weed that makes you want to just hang out on your couch and watch the time pass by. It gives a kind of body high making it perfect for nighttime use and for when you just want to wind down or go to sleep.

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It is used medically to help patients deal with physical ailments as it reduces pain and inflammation. Its full-bodied, muscle-relaxing effects make it ideal for patients suffering from chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, sleep disorders, glaucoma, and Crohn’s disease.

Cannabis Sativa

The native plants, which grow taller and are loosely branched, with longer and narrower leaves, originated in eastern Asia. These cannabis plants are best grown outdoors.

The sativa strain is the opposite in that it has energizing effects on the user. It also brings out one’s creative juices. This is why many prefer to use this strain in the morning or in the afternoon when productivity levels are expected to be high. This strain is also medically used for depression, ADHD, and mood disorders because it has an uplifting effect.

What’s more, this strain is ideal for social situations because it gives users a feeling of ease and well-being and will promote deep conversations. Users may also experience a spacey and hallucinogenic effect.

Popular flavors under this strain include Jack HererNurse JackieSour DieselSour PoisonGrapefruitSugar Plum, and Lemon Haze.


The seeds from the two old cannabis strains from many geographical areas in the world have been cross-germinated to balance out each of their characteristics. The goal, so to speak, is to give users the “best of both worlds.”

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Hybrid cannabis growers usually have a specific set of effects that they want to achieve when they do cross-breeding. Hybrid strains are often referred to as sativa-dominant or indica-dominant, depending on which one has more characteristics of.

Needless to say, the new hybrid strains produce a wide range of different highs. Sometimes these strains are a result of a careful selection and thus have a really great effect on specific people. The hybrid strain Charlotte’s Web, for instance, contains a high CBD component and is used to treat children suffering from severe epilepsy.

Remember, though, that as far as the certain effects and kinds of high caused by the different cannabis strains go, there is one more thing you need to factor in and it is the fact that different people respond differently to even the same substance. So while the effects caused by specific strains and specific flavors of weed are generally the same, the levels in which you experience them may vary from person to person.

This is also the reason why before you try out using marijuana for the first time, whether for medical or for recreational purposes, educating yourself is essential. Know that there are strains and flavors that are not ideal for first-time users, and there are also those that will give you a great first-time experience.

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