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The Confusion Within CBD Sales And Laws Comments Off

The Confusion Within CBD Sales And Laws

Since 1940, cannabidiol (CBD) is known to have the ability to treat a dozen of chronic conditions. Over the years, the demand for the product has skyrocketed. As the hemp-derived compound gains worldwide popularity, many states in America finally legalize CBD. One of those in Kentucky, California, and Colorado.

Despite the constant studies, the legality of CBD is still unclear and confusing. This is because of the unique laws in different states. It’s no wonder why many are quite skeptical of giving it a try. Instead of experiencing its health benefits, they are stuck asking whether or not CBD is indeed legal.

Yes, it’s true that CBD is allowed for use, possession, sale, nd purchase in most states. However, specific situations are making it illegal.

Legal and illegal are different. It depends on a variety of factors. One of those is where the cannabidiol is derived from. Is it from marijuana or hemp?

CBD From Marijuana and Hemp: Is There a Difference?

You probably are aware of the difference between the full spectrum CBD and CBD isolate. There’s another important difference regarding the cannabidiol legality. Keep reading for more information.

Cannabis family has many types. The most popular members are hemp and marijuana. They share the same characteristics, but they are different.

Each plant produces tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Studies show that marijuana composes of 30% THC, while hemp contains less 0.3% THC. This means that marijuana has a strong psychoactive effect. One of the symptoms is feeling high. On the contrary, hemp is non-psychoactive. Users of CBD oil Texas vape don’t have the risk of intense, euphoric feeling.

Since hemp doesn’t have a potent psychoactive effect, the law doesn’t have a problem with it. Whether it’s CBD oil, skin cream or vape, these products are entirely legal. They are available in a range of industries and stores around the U.S.

On the other hand, marijuana is a different case. This is the reason why the source of a specific cannabidiol product plays a crucial role in its legality.

Cannabidiol from Hemp: An Overview About its Legality

Is cannabidiol legal? If it comes from hemp, then the answer is a big yes. Since hemp-derived CBD products don’t contain intense psychoactive effects, the sales or possession is allowed across many states.

Still, people are confused about the hemp and marijuana plant. Despite the difference, the stigma towards CBD oil or supplement is prevalent. But they are permitted by law.  They should also enjoy the rights of any legal options on the market.

Cannabidiol from Marijuana: A Brief Look at its Legality

CBD products from marijuana, on the other hand, don’t enjoy the same acceptance and luxury. Since they have been derived from the THC-packed cannabis plant, people consider them as a byproduct of marijuana.

However, some states legalize marijuana-derived CBD. Still, there are others that enforce a total ban. But it’s a mixed bag in many states because of the different laws.

A lthough this political indifference has been confusing for possible users, there are states where hemp-derived cannabinoid is legal. This can result in a nationwide shift for the legality of this compound. Everything is possible. We never know what will happen in the coming years.

States that Legalize CBD for Recreational Use

Cannabis plants, including hemp and marijuana, are finally legal for medicinal and recreational use. There are a total of 8 states such as Alaska, Washington, California, Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, Maine and Massachusetts.

If you find yourself in any of these states, you are free to use the cannabidiol-related product. Don’t be afraid whether or not a police officer may arrest you. What’s interesting is that getting a prescription from a qualified physician may no longer be necessary.

States Where CBD is Allowed to Sell, Purchase and Use

Aside from the eight states given, there are 46 states where cannabidiol is legal for medicinal usage. Although the usage is not prohibited, the law still varies. Among the 46, 17 states have a specific legislation for the presence of THC in CBD items.

These are Alabama, Wyoming, Florida, Wisconsin, Georgia, Virginia, Indiana, Utah, Iowa, Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, South Carolina, Missouri, Oklahoma, and North Carolina.

The rest are Alaska, West Virginia, Arizona, Washington, Arkansas, Vermont, California, Rhode Island, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Oregon, Delaware, Ohio, Florida, North Dakota, Hawaii, New York, Illinois, New Mexico, Maine, New Jersey, Maryland, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Nevada, Michigan, Montana, and Minnesota.

Not only that, Puerto Rico and Guam allow the CBD products usage on medical grounds.

Before purchasing CBD oil or vape, a medical prescription from a licensed and certified physician is essential.

Each state has a specific THC concentration to be present in a cannabidiol product. The percentage is around 0.3% or 8%. Although the legal situation seems to take the right direction, studying the laws can make a huge difference. Don’t exceed the recommended THC content for your safety. Excessive consumption can put your life in danger.

States Where Cannabidiol Stays Banned 

Among the 50 states in America, 46 already legalized the CBD. There are four states that have a total ban on cannabidiol usage. These are Idaho, South Dakota, Kansas, and Nebraska. While hemp- or marijuana-derived CBD is illegal in these places, businesses are providing CBD to patients. The laws still create confusion.

Reasons Why CBD Sales Are Allowed

For centuries, cannabis plants were used as a medicinal tool. It’s no surprise because of cannabidiol. Today, this compound is available in different forms. These can include oil, skin cream, and vape to name a few.

Before, cannabidiol was not permitted by law. With the new farm bill, 46 states in America finally legalized the compound. Here are some of the possible reasons why CBD can now be enjoyed by many:

  • It is used to treat epilepsy

Studies have shown that cannabidiol could be a useful treatment for epilepsy. In recent years, Epidiolex has been FDA approved to treat epilepsy disorders. However, it can pose a potential risk after long-term consumption. These can include decreased appetite, somnolence, fatigue, weakness, malaise, diarrhea, sleeping problems, and more. So, the intake should be in moderation. Excessive use can pose a health hazard.

  • It may reduce the risk of obesity or diabetes

In 2006, studies conducted on lab rats lower the incidence of diabetes. In 2015, an Israeli-American biopharmaceutical collective started stage 2 trials related to CBD usage to treat diabetes.

The research has shown that cannabidiol could benefit weight loss. It could help the body convert white fat into brown fat, promoting sugar metabolism and no atherogenesis normal insulin production.

  • It may promote good cholesterol profiles or a low risk of cardiovascular complication

A 2007 animal study conducted on cannabidiol has shown a strong cardioprotective effect during a heart attack. In the same year, there were published details about the involvement of CB1 & 2 receptors in heart health.

  • It may reduce the risk of cancer

A 2012 study indicated that animals treated with cannabidiol didn’t develop colon cancer. Several types of research followed in the same year. Experts found out that THC could prevent and reduce a tumour.

To further prove this claim, extensive research continues to determine the most effective dose to treat and prevent cancer.

  • It may help maintain brain health or boost resilience to degeneration

Cannabidiol is known as a non-psychoactive compound and is also neuroprotective. This means they can help maintain brain health. This can also play a vital role in removing any damaged cells, improving the efficiency of mitochondria, and reducing glutamate toxicity.

But wait, there’s more! CBD protects brain cells from damage, keeping it healthy.Experts also found out that CBD could have a good anti-inflammatory effect.


Can you Purchase Weeds Thru the Mail?

Of course, not. The use of marijuana is apparently illegal under federal law. However, the government allows states to pass bills decriminalizing the medicinal use of the pot.

Since it’s against the federal law to buy or sell weeds in your place, purchasing it online from another state where it is legal does not make the transaction less illegal.

T his means you shouldn’t purchase the weeds from California. Then, have it shipped to you in Kansas.

No matter what place you live in, don’t buy or send weeds thru the mail. It’s because the weeds are not legal on the federal level. As a federal government agency, the U.S. Post Office may confiscate your product and put you in jail.

When it comes to cannabidiol products, you’re free to use, possess, buy or sell them. Study the new farm bill for more information.

Overall, the health benefits of cannabidiol need further and extended studies. The good news is that CBD is finally permitted by law in 46 states in America. Those people who have epilepsy and other diseases can benefit from cannabidiol. But moderation should not be overlooked. Excessive consumption can pose a health risk.


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