How to Prevent Credit Card Fraud

A stolen bank card number is unlikely to cost you money, however it may be a hassle, and that’s why it is worth taking measures to prevent fraud in the first place. Credit cards offer a zero liability policy, and law of the United States limits your liability to $50 at most for fraud reported within 60 days. So the bank is more of a financial victim than you’re For customers, the headache lies in discovering and reporting a stolen. For consumers, headache is the discovery and reporting of a stolen bank card number, waiting to be sent along with revising autopay accounts related a psychological component, a sense that one’s privacy has been breached.

Tips to prevent credit card fraud


What it is: For a few, there is to trick customers into revealing personal information. As you will not be capable to prevent to trick customers into revealing personal restrict your vulnerability and prevent hassles. What it is? Phishing is a fraud to trick consumers into revealing personal info, such as credit card numbers. It may occur via e-mail, phone, text or text mail. Phishers sometimes try to gain confidence by using recognizable logos and business names in misrepresenting themselves.

Fraud prevention: Be cautious of requests for personal info, irrespective of the source. Independently confirm the validity of those requesting your credit card number.


What it is: Skimming is when a thief steals a card number during a standard transaction and utilizes it to make a you give your credit card to a restaurant server or a call take a card, like online purchases.

Skimming can happen whenever you give your credit card to a restaurant server or call centre operator. It may also happen through a skimming device attached to a charge terminal, frequently at ones like the ones at gas station pumps or at ATMs. 

Fraud prevention: EMV chip cards are currently assisting to relieve fraud from apparatus skimmers. Nonetheless, it is worth paying you see something unusual from the card slot. Should you see something unusual in the card slot, do not wireless telephone bills and site subscriptions.


Consider designating one of your credit cards to be used only for autopay accounts, like at least you won’t have the trouble of changing your autopay accounts . 

Then do not one of the cards is. This way, this only for invoices credit card isn’t at least you won’t have the trouble of changing your autopay accounts. Use other payment cards.

This method will not prevent fraud on your daily spending card, but when one of the cards is broken, at least you will not have the hassle of changing your autopay accounts and possibly incurring a late charge fee.

It’s a wise idea to keep a list of where your bank card number is stored.


Smart phone based payment services like Android Pay and Apple Pay make paying at stores safer because they use tokenization technology to modify payment info with each transaction. The merchant never collects the actual credit card numbers. 

In addition, the lock screen of the device is frequently password protected, which makes the telephone unusable without replicating by personal id number or identification, like a fingerprint.


Credit monitoring services seem to claim to defend you from id theft, but they don’t. They alert you after it happens. Overall they don’t do much more than you could do yourself. In addition to, as a practical matter, you’re not liable for fraudulent credit card purchases, which reduces the incentive to pay extra for a service.


1.Never give credit card information over social network 

2.Don’t let other people use your card 

3.Don’t conduct credit card transactions in public areas, such as airports and libraries, and on people Wi-Fi 

4.Strengthen on-line passwords to include arbitrary combinations of letters, numbers and special characters — different for each account, ideally 

5.Shred undesirable documents that show your bank card number 

6.Keep applications and antivirus software up to date 

7.Trust your intuition. If an online site seems shady, dont use it. 

Discovering fraud and preventing more

A lot of preventing fraud is currently limiting the harm following a bank card number is compromised. 

Act fast when your wallet is stolen. Your initial task is to cancel those charge cards. 

Monitor your financial statements. Review credit card and bank statements to ensure you recognize transactions. Utilizing a card issuer’s smartphone application and setting text up notifications are ways to remain updated. 

Check credit history on a regular basis.

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