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We’re more than...

Just a place to work.

We’re a place to learn, thrive, & grow – as people & professionals.


These five values define how we work with our colleagues and clients and are a key part of our ongoing success. They set the standards by which individual and team performances are measured and rewarded.






Our Culture

We support and encourage an entrepreneurial outlook and independent thinking. iPayTotal is not about organisational charts and layers — we operate with little hierarchy because we want all employees to feel that iPayTotal is their firm to own and run.

Little bureaucracy means plenty of cross-learning opportunities to work on projects and make a real contribution to developing the business. We know that the more successful our employees are, the more successful our clients will be.

If you work for iPayTotal, we want you to #BeYourselfAtWork. We recognise that inclusion in the workplace is about more than having traditional diversity networks. We celebrate individuality in our work environment and recognise that diversity of thought is critical to success.

The size of iPayTotal offers our employees unlimited access to senior management. Everybody is assigned a career coach and our strong focus on learning allows employees to develop their passion and tackle whatever challenges come their way.


What makes Our team unique?

We make our employees feel valued and appreciated. We connect with our employees who have helped us form a dedicated, long-term team. We have a diverse team in which everyone is seen and valued for his or her uniqueness. Moreover, we have excellent communication amongst colleagues, helping them focus on their goals and results, which makes for a unique and hands-on team. We communicate openly with each other, sharing our thoughts, opinions and ideas with members of our team. We also take into consideration what others have to say. Each member of the team contributes his or her fair share of the workload and fully understands what their responsibilities are and where they fit in with the running of the business. They feel a sense of belonging within the team, are committed to their work and sincerely care about the success of the company. Everyone in our team is unique and able to offer their own experiences and knowledge that others may not possess. Diversity is needed so that all the required skills are covered by someone in the team, and each individual can be assigned a particular role based on their strengths and skills. A variety of personalities, age groups, cultures, etc., bring creativity and a broad range of ideas to the table. — This is all part of the great successes iPayTotal is proud to acknowledge.
Your Trust And Security Are Our Top Priority

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Melbourne, Australia
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Melbourne, Australia
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