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Five Great Benefits in using a White-Label company

If you want to start your own Payment Solutions company that provides Forex payment services for clients, iPayTotal can offer you a white-label solution.

Through our experience and expertise, we have the resources and connections to help you either open your own company to help Forex traders or become a Forex trader yourself. We will provide all the resources, and you will receive all the support as well as the credit in being a payment solutions company with your own brand name.

This interesting statistic can only prompt you to offer this service to your clients: $6.6 trillion (not billion) is traded daily on Forex markets. That is an enormous amount of money—money of which your clients would want a share.

However, Forex is not the only high-risk merchant accounts we support. We have a comprehensive service offering that will only boost your own company’s brand offering to your clients.

Here are five reasons why you should use a white-label payment solutions company: —

1. Benefit of credit

If you have a dedicated, experienced and qualified team working for you, but owning no rights to the work they do, it gives you the power to showcase the expertise of your own company without your clients ever knowing that it was outsourced.

The credit is yours to keep, own and use at your own discretion. This will enable your company to acquire greater respect in the payment processing arena as well as offer you the ability to expand your business worldwide without having to worry about what solutions you may have to solve. iPayTotal has the solutions ready for you—all given to you without our logo, but with your logo instead.

2. Saves time

Searching for the right solution. Dealing with your clients’ customers’ complaints or queries over chargebacks or pay-out delays, etc., are time-consuming and taxing. However, by partnering with a white-label company, these burdens never need to be yours alone. Our experience counters these daily problems, and our solutions offer great support and satisfaction to your clients and their customers.

We also have the best tips and learned experience to offer pre-emptive solutions before they become issues.

3. Saves risk investment

iPayTotal carries all the risk in investing in the right solutions such as the most technologically advanced anti-fraud protection methods for credit card processing. Securing offshore acquiring banks for high-risk businesses requires a great rapport and a maintenance of said rapport.

Owning your own payment processing company will enable you to offer services to a wide range of businesses looking for merchant accounts. With our help, you can offer payment gateways and credit card processing solutions to suit even high-risk clients. The research and the risks involved have already been studied and understood by iPayTotal, which gives you the freedom to use our white-label offering to provide the best solutions to your merchant accounts.

4. Offer more services

You may know a great deal about Forex, but how is your knowledge in the online gambling scene? The rules and regulations differ from country to country. Marijuana is also a concern for which in-depth experience is necessary.

The ultimate way to increase revenue and to secure greater accounts from all over the world is to offer a wider range of services; that is, to offer high-risk businesses the opportunity to open merchant accounts. However, without the necessary experience in the various fields of each of these industries, you ought to entrust the experience of a successful payment solutions company that can offer you a white-label option to operate in your own capacity.

5. Saves you money

For all the services you want to offer your clients, you would need specialists in those fields. This would mean a greater employee pool, which would include salaries and all the other problems that come with employees such instability and unreliability as well as sick days and leave.

With iPayTotal, you have “total” support in all areas of your offering as well as a full team of support 24/7, all with the expertise and experience you need to satisfy your clients and their customers with efficacy.

It just makes sense to partner with iPayTotal so that all the legwork involved in managing and sourcing the best solutions for your clients’ merchant accounts is alleviated, saving you time to concentrate on other important aspects of your business such as lead-generation and client acquisition.

Call iPayTotal today for your best white-label solution for your payment processing business on +44 800 776 5988 or email

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