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The gaming industry is a booming sector

Though all signs show that online gaming and casinos are lucrative businesses, many traditional financial institutions won’t take a gamble on them. The industry’s background and history, high chargeback ratios, and potential legal issues due to ambiguous laws keep banks away from these merchants.

With constant internet growth and technological innovation, certain industries have begun to flourish. The online gaming universe is one such industry. Still, in its infancy, this phenomenon, known as iGaming, has grown into a multi-billion-dollar business. The digital gaming industry is booming with a growing appetite for online gaming in the world.

It is growing leaps and bounds as compared to the other industries. Not only are the global giants taking advantage of the plethora of innovative opportunities that this industry is bringing about, but the startup gaming developers are also benefiting.

The global gaming market was valued at USD 97.80 billion in 2016 and is expected to witness remarkable growth over the next eight years. Technological innovation in both hardware and software are expected to be key factors driving the market. Growing penetration of Internet services across the globe, coupled with easy availability and access of Internet games, are also expected to keep growth prospects upbeat over the coming years.

Need for a Casino Merchant Account

Online casino and gaming merchant accounts tend to offer huge possibilities for revenue and return. Most merchant account providers become skeptical towards casino/ gaming merchants as they are not only high risk but are also capable of posing a problem later with high volume sales, potential chargeback, refunds, and frauds, etc.

A casino merchant account is essential for casino merchants due to various reasons, from efficiently managing the casino business to controlling profits. Several benefits and services can be offered by casino merchants regardless of the associated risks with casino merchant accounts, including –

  • Secure credit card processing and transactions, thus, preventing online frauds
  • Offshore credit card processing opportunity provided to casino merchant accounts which helps in the expansion of business worldwide
  • Fully secured SSL encrypted servers which provide additional protection from scams
  • Account-holders can view reports of all type of transactions online
  • Multi-currency transactions and Credit Card Processing available
  • 24X7 client support services
  • E-merchants can also integrate the online shopping cart with a casino merchant account to their website which is especially beneficial for customers
  • Offshore casino merchant account holders can accept debit/credit cards of all types, like MasterCard, Visa, etc.
Growth Of Online Gaming Industry
With constant internet growth and technological innovation, certain industries have begun to flourish. The online gaming universe is one such industry. Still, in its infancy, this phenomenon, known as iGaming, has grown into a multi-billion-dollar business. The digital gaming industry is booming with a growing appetite for online gaming in the world.

The gaming business merchants are called high-risk merchant accounts because of the following reasons:

  • The gaming business has a high volume turnover which is considered a risk factor by banks and merchant account providers who are giving them a credit line.
  • The gaming businesses are based offshore and there have been instances of money laundering and fraud making it a high-risk business.
  • The product offered by the gaming business is a high risk product as there is a potential for numerous chargebacks and refunds, increasing the liability the processor would likely incur when processing for the business.
  • The gaming business merchants may be relatively new in their fields and thus have no credit line, increasing the chances of insolvency and thus placing the bank/merchant account provider underwriting them at financial risk.

Online gaming payment solutions have to be customized according to every merchant’s needs.

Online gaming operators face serious challenges when looking for reliable and cost-effective payment processing solutions. The preferences for payment methods and approaches differ depending on the location of the customer.

To succeed internationally, businesses need to optimize the payment process to match those preferences. However, the global payment landscape is complex and none more so than for gaming businesses. Not only do they need to understand each market and local preferences, but those payment methods also need to be able to facilitate a gaming transaction. This highly regulated business environment requires a payment service provider possess the know-how and experience to manage the risk and regulations associated with gaming traffic.

Sign on with an online gaming merchant account provider that understands your business needs and will assist in securing the resources you need to run a successful online gaming company. Our priority is for your company to achieve long-term viability and success with the help of industry-specific merchant services designed for sustainable growth. Social gaming, skill gaming, puzzles, simulations, sports, education, multiplayer online role-playing games and so many more — we partner with a variety of business types in this category and hone in on the specifics so we can provide the solution your company needs to thrive.

iPayTotal’s unique selling point is the firmly established belief that each client requires an individual approach. Each merchant collaborating with iPayTotal is assigned to a highly experienced personal account manager, highly versed in the nuances and particularities of different business sectors. Our account managers oversee the integration process and provides technical assistance. Close cooperation with the client allows the account manager to connect processing services most quickly, apply the relevant e-Commerce solutions and offer personalised advice.

Whatever type of games company you are, we make payments simple and help you increase player conversions and sales. We also enable the consumer to interact with the payments platform through the usual international card types (Visa, MasterCard, Amex et al), domestic card types as well as the ever-increasing number of alternative payment methods. Grow player numbers by simplifying payments. Offer your players the payment methods they know, use and trust worldwide.

You can offer the broadest range of payment methods through over 50 alternative payment solutions. We provide a conscious payment experience that suits whatever device your customers are using. This ensures we help you to maximize the income potential from each player. We also offer 179 currencies, giving you the opportunity to expand into new markets and reduce currency conversion rates quickly. Our feature-rich dedicated gaming solutions are sufficiently flexible and have been developed to deliver value and growth to your business. Accept credit and debit card payments securely and rapidly, deferred payments, manage refunds, pay out winnings into one easy to use and customisable platform. With regular releases and resilient infrastructure, you can rely on our platform and focus on what’s essential for your business; delivering the best possible experience to your customers.

Gambling is associated with risk. People love to take a risk and casino merchants are more than happy to fulfill their wish. But a casino business cannot run smoothly without a casino merchant account. Obtaining one at a traditional bank becomes a difficult task because of the risks involved.

We have established strong and reliable professional relations with acquiring banks all around the world which make it possible to provide you with the best services.

  • Quick Approval
  • Secure payment processing solutions
  • Understanding your unique business requirements and guide you through every step of the process.
  • On-time payouts
  • Services offered at fair rates

Our Services Are Different From Others

Unlike other companies, we only charge a reasonable price for casino merchant accounts. We know the importance of your casino business that is why we offer the high-risk offshore casino merchant account for gambling, adult, travel, pharmacy, and other business. Our offered solutions to other companies are:

  • Our safe payment gateway offers our offshore casino merchant account clients great solutions for the transaction processing. Manage database of customers having negative spending habits and trends, address verification, and CVV2 authentication.
  • We protect against fraud and credit card scam by using the best technology system
  • Casino merchant account holder can now witness from their personal computer to process major credit card transactions, payment deposits, and other transactions to their account
  • We offer cost-effective and real-time processing solutions to our offshore casino merchant account holders that help them to save money and time
  • Casino merchant account holders have SSL encrypted servers, which provide next-level protection to the clients against various kinds of swindle and fraud.
  • We offer services like online reporting for casino merchant account holders so that they can view transaction reports online
  • Our merchant account holders can integrate the online shopping cart service to their business website


  • Also, can integrate an online technical and customer support facility for their customer 24*7
  • We offer the facility to the offshore casino merchant account holders to accept all kinds of credit and debit card such as Visa, master, discoverer, American express, etc

Our company’s specialization is in providing the best merchant account facilities to our local as well as offshore customers with high-risk management. Our payment gateway provides the user with the virtual terminal that acts as a terminal for multiple users and merchants.

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Accepted Gaming Sectors

We welcome applications from online Gaming businesses, including the following sectors:



iPayTotal specializes in merchant accounts developed specifically for gaming and casino companies. To obtain an online gaming merchant account through iPayTotal, a business needs to fill our online application. In addition to the application and a secure, operational website, merchants also must have the following items handy to provide to processors and underwriters:

  • A valid, government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license.
  • bank letter or a pre-printed voided check
  • 3 months of the most recent bank statements
  • 3 months of the most recent processing statements
  • Chargeback ratio must be under 2%
  • SSN (Social Security Number) or EIN (Employer Identification Number)
  • Utility Bill
  • Company Incorporation certificate

How to get a high risk gaming merchant account ?

At iPayTotal, we offer dedicated support from a team with decades of experience in payment processing for online gaming. Our international network of banks / partners who are experts in online gaming merchant accounts and payment processing systems , provide you access to the most competitive rates and ensures you have resiliency in the business, operating across many different acquiring banks that can all be placed on our gateway without the need for individual integrations, saving time and money online gaming merchant account setup. We can also help to reduce your foreign exchange exposure to further improve your profitability.

We know through our network which banks are offering the best current deals and can enable the merchant to obtain the very best market leading rates for a merchant account for online gaming. We build our merchant services around your unique business model, whether it’s one-click tokenization for fast, in-game payments, or recurring transactions for game subscriptions. Our partner gaming payment providers get you best in class online gaming merchant account rates.

Our experience with individual high risk industries allows us to identify potential avenues for fraud and payment disputes, then assist in sealing them before those setbacks occur. Instead of charging exorbitant rates, we fortify your business with the tools needed to combat those potential losses. With every high-risk merchant account we set up, we dedicate end-to-end support so that your online payment gateway is equipped with advanced fraud detection filters and thresholds, chargeback prevention features and seamless integration with your shopping cart and other software—all under a low rate guarantee.

Looking for a Gaming Merchant Account ?

We understand what payment method is needed in each market for different types of gaming transactions and, most importantly, we have the capabilities to enable you to offer these payment methods…

Online Gambling Merchant Account — MCC Codes & Regulations

What Is an MCC?

A Merchant Category Code (MCC) is a four-digit number that signifies a merchant’s line of business. MCCs were first instated by the IRS to help optimize 1099 reporting. Whereas, now, MCCs affect many other areas such as managing rewards programs and credit cards as well as disputing chargebacks.

How Are MCCs Assigned?

For over a decade now, major card schemes have been assigning MCCs to categorize companies by the market segment their business belongs to.

In short, the MCC is meant to denote the type of business that a given merchant is running. However, this can sometimes prove misleading, as businesses evolve and their operational realities change.

And since MCCs are assigned at the very beginning of a merchant’s business journey, they can easily turn out to be outdated down the line — especially since they’re not often reviewed or changed.

For instance, imagine that someone opens a flower shop but then ends up offering wedding planning services. This wouldn’t be a farfetched potential business model change, as these two services can be easily aligned — but the code for each of them sure is different. Going by Visa’s classification, wedding planning would be assigned an 7299 code, whereas, florist services would be listed under the 5992 code.

It’s important to note that the code categorization used by the IRS isn’t always the same as the one used by the card schemes — and card scheme classifications aren’t always consistent amongst themselves either. So, for example, a merchant will have a different code with Visa than they do with Mastercard, etc.

Gambling license requirements

When we place merchants with our primary acquiring banks in western Europe, the contracting merchant must be EU-based and have an EU-issued gaming/gambling license. Licenses are also accepted from territories including Gibraltar, Malta, Alderney, the Isle of Man and Curacao. Gambling merchant accounts are categorized as 7995 (MCC code), by which the payment processors identify the transaction and restrict certain countries.

Prohibited countries

If a payment is attempted in any of the following countries, the transaction is automatically blocked due to domestic online gambling laws: Brazil, China, Hungary, Hong Kong, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, Turkey, and the USA.

Live One-On-One Support

Upon approval for casino merchant accounts, merchants remain with the same merchant account representative throughout their relationship with iPaytotal. Our merchant account managers and technical support experts are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. GMT. All inquiries after business hours will be fulfilled the next business day – guaranteed.