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We are a High Risk Payment Processor.


Even if you?ve been rejected as ?high risk? before, With our multiple bank partnerships ? you are given the freedom to choose what solution is best for your business. iPayTotal enables you to perform transactions in the most popular currencies from around the world. ?Our dedicated team assists merchants? by analyzing factors and facilitating dispute management and chargeback loss recovery.

Our high risk merchant accounts allow you to accept all major credit and debit cards. Our MOTO payment gateway allows accepting transactions on phone. Our MOTO solutions ensure that credit card transactions are handled swiftly, securely and accurately. iPayTotal is designed to extend your possibilities to easily accept alternative payments online using local and international payment systems.


iPayTotal supports all transaction types, including pre-authorisation and capture, sales, voids as well as partial and full refunds.iPayTotal is a full-featured, easy-to-integrate payment gateway for online merchants looking for a flexible and customizable payment the solution for growing businesses.

We are a high-risk processor and we have enough security measures in place to identify fraudulent transaction or any other online fraud. Our anti-fraud systems are so intelligent that they can identify fraudulent transaction by the pattern of the card numbers and email addresses. Our ‘Risk’ logic also has 72 odd rules for monitoring the thousands of transactions on our payment gateway on a daily basis. This logic is designed according to the merchant, and our logic pathway can easily differentiate between standard day-to-day transactions and those that carry a high probability of risk.


Get started today with our Online Merchant Account. At iPayTotal, we can set up your merchant account and provide you with the payment products required to start taking card payments.

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