MOTO/ Virtual POS / Virtual terminal MOTO Merchant Account Solution

What is Virtual POS ?

A VPOS is similar to a standard credit card terminal often seen at a petrol service station, except that a Virtual Terminal uses a computer and a secure Internet connection instead of separate hardware and a phone line to process the payments.

If your business receives orders by physical mail , email or telephone, you can still process your transactions by enabling the Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) feature. This allows you to process transactions on your virtual POS card terminal without the cardholder and their card being present in your place of business.

The key difference between regular transactions and MOTO transactions is that the cardholder and their card are not normally present. This means that:

  • MOTO transactions are performed by keying in the Card number and the Expiry date. The card cannot be swiped or inserted.

  • The cardholder signature is not required.

  • The transaction is not Visa Mastercard 3D secure.

How does it work?

  1. Your customers pass their payment information (credit card or bank account) to you via phone, mail order or other means.
  2. You enter the payment information directly into the secure virtual terminal.
  3. The transaction is processed in real-time and the outcome of the transaction is displayed on the screen.


Our all-in-one service virtual POS merchant card credit processing service for MOTO merchants includes a direct merchant account (MID) with one of the reputable EU/UK or international acquiring banks, access to Virtual Terminal (VPOS), optional API integration with an award-winning gateway and real-time reporting tools.

Virtual POS terminal card payments are often considered high risk, and thus we make sure your transactions are safe and secure, by providing our award-winning secure VPOS gateway and chargeback protection suite.

Merchant Account

Direct MID with one of the 30+ banks, PSPs in EU/UK or internationally.

Virtual Terminal

Web or standalone VPOS application for fast manual transaction processing.

Dedicated Agent

Dedicated agent from iPaytotal for faster approval and an ongoing support.


  • Web or Windows-based Virtual Terminal application
  • Premium EU/UK acquiring banks
  • Visa/MC rates as low as 0.95%
  • Interchange++ pricing
  • High risk & startups accepted
  • Award winning PCI-compliant gateway
  • Optional Server-2-Server API integration
  • 150+ currencies Multi-Currency Processing
  • Real-time reporting tools

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