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Our Journey

What was, What is, what’s coming!

All brands start with a story—some are interesting, some are boring, but the one thing successful businesses all have in common is “the beginning”. At the onset, it’s all about ‘the dream’ and the excitement of the future, which business owners reading this will immediately understand—and then there’s the middle part, which comprises work, and in the case of many start-ups, especially those with a dream and no great financial backing, hard work.

It would be great to report that iPayTotal started on day number one with clients begging for our services, and we were elated at the profits just flowing in without any hindrance or any moment of stress. — However, this is real life, and it is owed to our own difficulties in various aspects of general business as well as our failures and disappointments that enable us today to be truly understanding of start-ups and other businesses who want to expand their reach and become successful.

In fact, though we were not the most joyful in the beginning, we realise now that we had to go through that in order to be of any good service and value to our clients today.

Looking For a Merchant Account

What kept us going

Passion and a desire to solve a pressing problem with online payment solutions were the great driving forces that superseded most of our difficulties. We started small, very small—in a basement, in fact, relying on our computers and the internet as well as the coffee and the support of each other. We knew that there was a solution, and we were determined to find it. We had all tried to find support for our previous businesses, which, for interest’s sake, was ‘remote technical support’, but we simply could not find traditional banks to help us because we were considered high-risk businesses. — Still, we believed that even a high-risk business should certainly be able to gain a merchant account and expand online and internationally.

There had to be a way, and with dedication and a maxing-out of our credit cards (not to mention the kindnesses of our family members who believed in us enough to lend us money) we found the right connections and, voila, we found the right solution for high-risk businesses in need of a payment gateway for payment processing.

What our lessons can offer you

Passion and ambition are the necessary ingredients for a healthy business and a successful one. We like to think that starting in the basement symbolises the need to start on a solid ground, with a good foundation. From there, growth comes. Indeed, growing pains are part of it, but if you stick with it, you will find success.

Now, with our experience and our years of maintaining good rapport with acquiring banks worldwide as well as the many successful companies we have helped in securing high-risk merchant accounts with secure gateways, we can confidently aver to the fact that if your business is high risk or even low risk, but you need a payment gateway and an online facility to process payments, our knowledge, personal and professional, will give you the power you need to open the floodgates for customers all over the world.


Honestly, we hoped for ‘today’ those many years ago. We had our doubts, we had our struggles; but the great news is that ‘today’ has come, and we believe ‘today’ will come for you.

Today, we are officially an international company. With offices in many countries including the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Estonia, we provide a range of services from payment solutions, IBAN accounts, safe, built-in anti-fraud technology, 24/7 support, all supported by our strong relationships with acquiring offshore banks around the globe.

For your business

We believe that every idea needs encouragement. There are going to be struggles and hurdles that seem impossible over which to jump. However, what you must know is that there is help. Now, with our services, your business can truly thrive. It is from our own experience that we know ‘greatness starts from small beginnings’—and we are here for you to make your company’s journey a little smoother.

A little more good
news for you

iPayTotal’s international payment gateway provides powerful built-in fraud prevention filters and monitoring tools based on consumer behaviour, ensuring any suspicious activity is blocked — this is the peace of mind we want to offer you (and your customers) who want to offer services internationally as a high-risk merchant.

No matter what your business type is, no matter how many times a traditional bank has said ‘no’ to you, we are here, confident and ready, to let you in on the good news that your business can succeed and be profitable.

Our state-of-the-art services and updated technological advances will ultimately give your business the edge above other businesses operating in your field. With secure online payment solutions, and with the support of our experienced and expert teams, we are absolutely certain that your dream of expanding and taking the leap to increase your ROI is achievable and realistic.

Start your own successful journey.

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