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Payment Solutions Company with a “Total” Solution

iPayTotal, a leading UK and global payment solutions company, offers businesses around the world the opportunity to join global markets using online, bespoke solutions to participate at this level.

With such expanded business and a growing online and digitally minded consumer community, many businesses would, if not for iPayTotal and its strong relationships with offshore acquiring banks, be unable to join and take advantage of the vast potential of e-commerce.

Assisting businesses globally

Not all businesses offer the same products or services, and it is for this reason that certain businesses need a payment solutions company in order to offer their customers more convenient methods to purchase. — iPayTotal specialises in providing such necessary payment solutions for high-risk businesses, which include Forex, Cryptocurrency trading, online gaming and casinos, adult industries, pharmaceutical, and so on.

Such businesses are considered high risk by traditional banks and card companies, which means their revenue will be limited unless they successfully acquire a merchant account—something for which iPayTotal is unexceptional in providing.

Sen Kugan, president of iPayTotal, has expressed his personal and professional approach with regard to the responsibilities taken on by iPayTotal in supporting high-risk industries. “All businesses, though regarded as high risk by traditional banks because of the high chargeback ratios or for reputational reasons, need also to have a chance to succeed. It’s the livelihoods of so many merchants and their employees that drive our company to ensure their success,” he says, adding,

“We provide onboarding, full underwriting and a tailor-made solution to integrate our award-winning and own-designed payment gateway with our clients’ websites, offering a streamlined payment solution for their customers.”

Owing to the company’s great relationships with offshore acquiring banks, iPayTotal is poised to offer all merchants the opportunity to provide credit and debit card processing on their websites, giving them the broader chance to increase their customer base and overall ROI.

A unique position, even amidst challenges

Consumers today, especially since the global pandemic, have opted to use online purchasing as a preferred method of payment. According to leading Fintech and investment advisor, Marcel van Oost, this pandemic has clearly accelerated the rapidly evolving market “with an estimated 13 million people who have started investing for the first time during the Covid-19 pandemic…”.

Furthermore, surveys from Optima Consultancy published its findings, showing that 40% of respondents discovered digital channels to be more useful, and 44% said they have been using mobile banking apps more frequently—all this since the COVID outbreak.

“With iPayTotal’s innovative determination to ensure merchants continue to thrive,” Kugan says, “we have rolled with the punches, as it were, and have come out stronger, offering our clients better alternatives with better results.”

Not all payment solutions companies offer support for all high-risk industries. However, with iPayTotal determined to support such businesses, there is hope for all businesses desiring to enter the global market.

“We also offer twenty-four-seven customer service, which is a unique offering and one which gives peace of mind to our merchants—something for which we strive daily to ensure,” Kugan explains.

Research and technology assist businesses

In an evolving industry, which is the nature of the financial industry and its users, it is not surprising that payment solution companies undertake extensive research, keeping up to date with trends and new technological advances as well as user experience surveys.

“We have a dedicated department,” Kugan tells, “set up for research and development purposes so that we, as a payment solutions provider, provide only the best solutions to our growing merchants.”

iPayTotal is PCI-compliant, with superior 3D anti-fraud technology to ensure its merchants feel safe, and most importantly, so that the customers performing transactions feel secure and confident to use the websites for purchasing online.

The future

Owing to the typical characteristics of the payments industry, in which it can often be capricious, steady plans for the future must always be flexible, as most financial institutions aver to be necessary when planning or forecasting. However, plans ought to be in place for any business to succeed; and iPayTotal is ready to embrace the future, keeping a keen eye on the financial market.

“By the end of 2021, if anyone mentions the payment’s industry, they will also mention iPayTotal and our services – hand in hand, as the world-leading solution’s provider,” says Kugan, replying to the question of where iPayTotal will be in the coming year.

This statement, however bold it may seem, does not come without some grounded support and knowledge; indeed, iPayTotal was featured on the cover of World Growth Forums Magazine in June 2020 and received acknowledgement as one of the top 10 financial solution providers in the same year, issued by the Mirror Review.

For your business

Successful businesses like iPayTotal are often asked what it would take to become successful. For start-ups or for young entrepreneurs, here are some great take-away tips from the company: —

Be passionate

Without passion there cannot be ‘drive’ to overcome the hurdles in everyday business. Ensure what you do is something you truly love doing.

Be professional

Never take negative comments personally but do take them seriously. Always (this means, consistently) maintain a professional outlook and a professional way of communicating.

Ensure your business plan is ready

You will need a business plan for two main reasons: first, to keep you focused on the goals and the reasons for your growth; and second, for any financial aid, you would need a proper business plan in order to be taken seriously.

No man is an island

If you are on your own, it’s better to offer your idea to a friend or a trusted, like-minded individual. Never be afraid to ask for help or to use professional agencies to help your business grow. Doing it alone is not easy. Having someone else will help keep you motivated as well as give you a reason to be responsible.

Keep on

If one door shuts, it’s all right. This happens to every business. Keep on trying is the way to acquire more business. After all, it’s a numbers game, and if you remain consistent, you will receive due acknowledgement and success.

Final words

iPayTotal offers solutions to start-ups as well as experienced entrepreneurs, especially in the high-risk industries, looking to expand into the digital payments world. For solutions and for advice, contact iPayTotal on +44 800 776 5988 or email

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