How to prepare and apply for a high Risk merchant account and low risk merchant account with iPayTotal Let our agents help you get approved faster  

Get In Touch with our expers

Fill out the application form and provide us with your business details and requirements. After review, our experts will advise the best banking partners from our network.

Account Setup

Your dedicated agent will start the account setup with one of our trusted banks and gateway providers. We will assist and negotiate on your behalf for best possible rates.

Lifetime 24/7 Support

Even after you are successfully set up and begin processing credit cards, our agents will provide free 24/7 ongoing support for any assistance you may require.

Step One Precheck

No matter if you're applying for a direct EU/UK merchant account, international merchant account, or offshore aggregated account, the process is same. Please fill out our express application form, or download the short Precheck Form and send it us via email. This will allow our agents to start the prescreening and assessment process. With provided basic information about your company, nature of business and sales volume summary, we are able to narrow down to few acquiring banks on which your new merchant account can be placed by our opinion.

Within 1-3 business days after receiving your precheck form, we will have a good idea which banking partners are able to consider opening a merchant account for your business. Once you're pre-approved it doesn't necessarily mean guaranteed approval, but in 90% of cases it does


Based on pre-approval in previous step, we can proceed with the actual application process with the banking partner or selected payment provider. In this stage you'll be asked to provide your company documentation to prove your company existence, ownership and financial information. This information allows to understand your activities and business structure, gives insight to any prior processing history and thus estimates possible risk factors. Below we go through the parts of a typical application package.

Please fill out the Merchant Application Form. While filling out the application form, take note that entered information will have to correspond to provided documents. If you need any assistance we're glad to help - CONTACT US

Along with the application form you'll be asked to provide a documentation pack for purposes of KYC (Know Your Customer) and underwriting process performed by the acquiring bank or payment provider. Please see below for the typical documents checklist. These need to be in scanned form, however some particular acquiring banks may require hardcopies to be sent by post to their branch. You can also download our Documents and Website Compliance Checklist.

Every merchant accepting credit card payments through the website (as well as MOTO-only merchants) needs to present a website that is fully compliant by Visa/MC compliance guidelines. Please see below for the complete list of website requirements. Note these will have to be fully completed before you can begin taking live payments, however if your website is perhaps currently still under construction and does not include all necessary items, you can still proceed with Precheck and Application stage, by providing an access to your beta website where the underwriter can review at least basic information on your products/services.

Step Two Application & Underwriting


  1. Certificate of Incorporation
  2. Articles/Memorandum of Association
  3. Appointment of Directors
  4. Shareholder Registry
  5. Bank Account Statement
  6. Passport/ID Copy
  7. Credit Card Processing Statements
  8. Conditional Documents


  1. Product/Service details
  2. Contact Information
  3. Terms & Conditions
  4. Policies
  5. Credit Card Logos
  6. Domain Ownership
  7. Billing Descriptor
  8. Overlying Company Document

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