iPayTotal’s Advanced Detection & Mitigation Techniques for credit card fraud protection are a safeguard for your customers from the ever-growing credit card and data breaches around the globe. Our industry-leading Threat Management service minimizes your business risk, with one efficient global solution against emerging security breaches and attacks. Credit card processing businesses provide around the clock client and technical support.

Credit card payments have become the comfiest and so preferred method of paying both online and offline purchases. To start accepting credit and debit card payments, a retailer has to open a replica Merchant account. Being high risk type of business, online businesses are very prone to various frauds. Though online business is not as dangerous in comparison to gaming and pharmacy. Not all of the payment service providers are ready to handle risks related to high risk online businesses. Banks are hesitant to open credit card accounts for high risk internet based replica business.

Which implies that any payment getaway related problems will be instantly solved by the support service. You may apply for assistance any time you might need it. IPAYTOTAL will assist you to expand your ecommerce business globally. Therefore, your web-based store may have no border restrictions. This kind of merchant account empowers enable your business to accept various types of currencies and so clients from virtually any part of the globe will be capable of making purchases from the online store. Online replica company owners generally operate an offshore business and sell their products around the world. This implies their clients can’t pay for purchased goods in cash.

Replica merchants need to partner with a payment processor that is able to provide them with Replica Merchant Account Solution. IPAYTOTAL provides everything required to operate a successful online replica website and payment processing for replica products . Replica merchants will be able to process orders for; replica watches, replica handbags, replica shoes and more. Depending on the merchant’s processing volume, IPAYTOTAL will provide your website with a 3rd party merchant account or a direct merchant account with a unique descriptor.

IPAYTOTAL has an easy to use Payment gateway that will integrate with the replica merchant’s website. Customers will have the option of placing their orders on the company’s website with a credit or debit card while receiving a real-time approval or decline. Email confirmations are sent to the customer for each order.