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Bitcoin Merchant Account

Credit Card Processing for Crypto Currencies

Even after being so popular , crypto currencies are still considered high risk. Crypto currency exchanges are not considered for banking and acquiring solutions in a normal fashion. Business owners running crypto exchanges and crypto trading platforms are denied bank accounts and merchant accounts even when they are fully licensed.Accepting fiat for cryptocurrencies or accepting cryptocurrencies as an online retailer or casino is notoriously challenging. iPaytotal can provide expert advise and the payment processing solutions you need.

If you hadn’t noticed, banks don’t really like crypto. In fact, nobody really does apart from the people who do like crypto. Decentralisation is one of the most groundbreaking concepts of recent times, which is in truth a very old concept, however to the established business models and the status quo which it threatens, it is pretty much persona non grata. That is until they can figure out a way to monetize it eg. Facebook and Libra etc.

Anyway, that’s a topic for another day. The fact is crypto is high risk. It’s pretty much code red to most people. Fraught with corruption, scams, money laundering it is no wonder that most people have this attitude. And it is unfortunate that this has marred the legitimate crypto and blockchain business out there which are really pushing  make a difference in the world. It will therefore come as no surprise that finding a payment processor for your fiat payments in this sector is tough.

Payment processing for Crypto Super Support Guaranteed

At iPayTotal, our integrated features are designed with the flexibility to support a wide variety of transaction types from all over the world.

The key to operating in a high risk environment is to be a specialist in that environment. With great reward comes risk and that risk comes in many shapes and sizes. So if you are not a specialist, it is imperative that you partner with somebody who is! We have navigated this landscape for many clients and our pledge to you is to keep your payments operational and smooth.

Our product range will give you the confidence you deserve when accepting fiat payments.

We’ve seen it so many times. Crypto businesses onboard with a normal payment processor just to find to have their account shut down. Unable to process transactions, customers look elsewhere which is real risk to the business! The whole business is now in jeopardy and it becomes a race against time to find another provider before there is no business left. As opposed to traditional payment processors, iPaytotal was designed with Crypto businesses in our mind as many of our team have worked in crypto. We are here to support you.

Had your funds frozen? Been flagged as high risk and been barred from the network of most payment processors for dealing with cryptocurrencies? This will understandably be a very stressful time for you but there is a solution. You just need to connect a payment processor who specialises in dealing with crypto. We’ll work with you to get your business back on track asap.

Online payments have to go via a processor in order to facilitate the card transaction with the bank, there is no way around this other than using pre-paid solutions such a PayPal or cryptocurrencies. The reason for the risk is almost certainly money laundering, where the money that goes into a casino is not always the same money that comes out - or Bitcoin that goes in, comes out.

1. Banks do not want to be involved with risk because it's costly and time consuming and they also would rather not be associated with gambling.

2. The chances of fraud, KYC & AML issues and chargebacks are much higher in these industries, causing additional headaches for the payment providers and banks.

Fastest Approvals

Our goal at iPayTotal is to deliver you the lowest rates, fastest approvals and best terms available for High Risk merchant accounts. Why go through the stress of having your account shut down? Why now work with us from the outset. Start how you mean to continue - with confidence. Avoid sleepless nights and wasted energy and build you crypto business on solid foundations.Business isn’t easy, and to succeed, you need to focus on keeping ahead of customer demand. We effortlessly handle the ever-changing ways they want to pay, so money keeps flowing through your business.

Solid Security

We know through our network which banks are offering the best current deals and can enable the merchant to obtain the very best market leading rates for a merchant account for crypto trading. We build our merchant services around your unique business model, whether it’s one-click tokenization for fast, in-game payments, or recurring transactions for game subscriptions.We're a fintech company with our feet on the ground. Our features are sophisticated yet simply designed to help your business fly, keeping you right where you should be - out in front.

Have you had your merchant account for cryptocurrencies closed?

We provide 179 currencies, giving you the opportunity to easily expand in to new markets and reduce currency conversion rates.

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