High Risk

We iPayTotal Ltd. specialise in High Risk Merchant Accounts, High Risk ACH processing, and High Risk merchant services. We approve practically every business type, even if you have been turned down for payment processing. With more than a decade of experience, our team is here to help. Even if you have been shut down by your current processor, we have a solution for your particular situation. We’re available to answer any questions and provide ongoing continued support for our valued customers.

High Risk Merchant Accounts are offered for clients who may have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Businesses vulnerable to frequent Chargebacks
  • Blacklisted Companies
  • Industries with Poor Reputations
  • Businesses vulnerable to Fraud
  • New Businesses
  • Companies that primarily accept card-not-present transactions
  • Businesses with Recurring Billing Cycles

More about High Risk Merchant Account

UK Merchant account providers consider certain business sectors as being high-risk because of the proportion of charge-backs, cancellations, and non-authorizations of payment that occur during the day-to-day running of the business. For example, businesses that relate to travel are considered high risk, as factors such as the weather, the inclination of travelers to change their travel plans, and the potential for cancelled flights result in a higher than average proportion of charge-backs.

UK merchants of high risk businesses like online casinos/gaming, pharmacies, travel industry and adult service providers don’t have to worry about banks and credit card processors giving them a difficult time any more. In the UK, iPayTotal, unlike many merchant account providers, is willing to provide such merchants with high risk merchant accounts because we understand the risks involved.

Although iPayTotal is happy to work with High-Risk Merchant Account holders, there are some special factors involved with this type of underwriting. There are requirements the merchant must fulfill. Please contact us to know more.

Looking for a reliable high risk payment processor ?

 Not all high-risk merchant account providers assess risk in the same way. While some might consider you to be very high risk and make it difficult for you to obtain a merchant account on reasonable terms, others might treat your business as being just a medium risk and be able to provide you with competitively priced merchant services.iPayTotal caters to the needs of UK high risk businesses, helping them boost sales and generate revenues. Due to the added risk factor of high volume sales, potential chargeback and refunds involved, high risk businesses in the UK have certain demands that need to be met with. In the UK, iPayTotal, unlike many merchant account providers, is willing to provide such merchants with high risk merchant accounts because we understand the risks involved.

Is your business considered High Risk or Low Risk?

Luckily iPaytotal specializes in high risk merchant accounts. Our risk management experts and decade-long experience working with trustworthy payment institutions allow flexible case by case approach. With our network of tested and trusted international, offshore and domestic banking partners, we are able to provide a merchant account solution for your business no matter if you have been categorized as high risk before or even if you are a startup business.

High-Risk Sectors

Industries often considered to be 'high-risk' include, amongst others:

  • alcohol
  • tobacco and electronic cigarettes
  • drugs and drug products (including prescriptions)
  • nutraceuticals
  • airline, travel, tourism and lodging
  • debt management and collection agencies
  • payday loans
  • gambling
  • foreign exchange (Forex)
  • e-wallets
  • pyramid selling
  • dating and escort services
  • adult entertainment
  • timeshares and holiday clubs
  • tech support
  • money-making products and services
  • charities
  • monthly memberships and subscription services
  • insurance
  • jewellery
  • software
  • advertising services
  • online auctions
  • events and tickets
  • penny auctions
  • file sharing
  • VPN
  • affiliate marketing