What is MOTO?

MOTO, or Mail Order/Telephone Order, is a type of card-not-present transaction in which products or services are paid for  via telephone, mail, fax, or internet communication. Because MOTO transactions take place without the merchant or the card physically in the store, they are at a higher risk for credit card fraud than card-present transactions. MOTO merchants, therefore, will likely pay higher transaction rates to help offset the potential for disputed payments and chargebacks.

chargeback ipaytotalSpecifically, “MOTO” refers to “Mail Order & Telephone Order” but in fact, a MOTO merchant account will include all card-not-present transactions and an Internet merchant account (or MOTO merchant account) will allow you to accept credit card payments online by allowing your customers to enter their credit card information directly into your website which enables you to accept credit card orders without your customers having to fax, phone or mail in their orders.

MOTO credit card processing is a great solution for merchants who work collect payments over the phone, or through the mail. All you have to do is take an order from a customer (through mail or phone) and fulfill it through your virtual terminal (or possibly an accounting system) by inputting a customer’s credit card information.


The fact that you can process payments remotely brings several benefits to entrepreneurs and small business owners.

    • Provides your customers with a fast, secure and professional way to pay for goods and services.
    • Easy to set up, all you need to access a virtual terminal is an internet connection and a laptop, mobile or tablet device.
    • Set up can be done within just a few days.
    • Allows you to reach out to a broader customer base.
    • Streamlined payment processing means you have more time to spend on other aspects of your business.
    • Multi-user access means other employees can access the virtual terminal from multiple locations.
    • Full technical support 24/7.
    • Extra payment protection via the latest fraud detection and security checks provides you and your customers with peace of mind.
    • Access to online payment reports provides you with a wealth of useful data to monitor sales.
    • Accept payments from all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and American Express.


Like all our credit card processing measures, MOTO credit card processing is just as safe and secure. In fact, it’s typically more secure because it requires an extra level of information in order to process the transaction. This reduces any potential fraud or chargebacks to your business.

What is a Virtual Terminal?

Virtual Terminal, or Virtual POS, is an application that allows you to accept card payments from clients manually when obtaining card details over the phone, fax or mail, and process those transactions through a simple online form. Virtual Terminals are useful for call centers, offline outlets or POS (card present) transactions, as well as an alternative payment method for online shops when clients encounter problems or are wary of using their credit card on your website payment pages.

Our all-in-one service for MOTO merchants includes a direct merchant account (MID) with one of the reputable EU/UK or international acquiring banks, access to Virtual Terminal (online and Windows based software), optional API integration with an award-winning gateway and real-time reporting tools.

  • Web or Windows based Virtual Terminal application
  • Premium EU/UK acquiring banks
  • Visa/MC rates as low as 0.95%
  • Interchange++ pricing
  • High risk & startups accepted
  • Award winning PCI-compliant gateway
  • Optional Server-2-Server API integration
  • 150+ currencies Multi-Currency Processing
  • Real-time reporting tools

Taking Business Online?

We Can Help You!

Even if you plan on using a credit card terminal to process retail credit card orders, you will still need a MOTO merchant account if you also want to take orders by mail order or telephone order. How the order is entered is really not significant. It’s how the order is received that determines the need for a MOTO merchant account or not. So, if you currently run an off-line business and you already have a merchant account, you may still need to apply for a MOTO merchant account to begin taking mail and telephone orders since MOTO merchant accounts have different rules and regulations than standard retail merchant accounts.

Regardless of whether you’re an established merchant looking to add a MOTO merchant account or a new merchant, you’re going to want to work with a merchant account provider who has expertise in structuring and handling MOTO merchant accounts.

bg4Accept all major payment cards with a mail order telephone order merchant account, free PCI compliant payment gateway setup, integrated fraud prevention and free 3-D Secure or enjoy a rapid activation with Moto Merchant Account to accept cards and alternative payments with all the same benefits and features.

Apply Today For Your MOTO Merchant Account!

iPayTotal has great experience and expertise in Mail Order and Telephone Order (MOTO) customers. Getting started with your application is easy. Simply click the button above to get started. iPayTotal applications are free, and with just a few details of your business, you can be approved in just one or two days. The iPayTotal virtual terminal is the perfect tool for MOTO merchants. Employees have the ability to enter customer payments by hand, and submit them to the payment gateway for processing. No software is needed to run the virtual terminal—it is a web-based application, so all you need is an internet connection.