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Low Risk Merchant Account

Let’s Understand The Low-Risk Merchant

Before applying for a merchant account, you should know whether your business goes under low-risk. Reason being, merchants in our payment processing world go under low-risk, medium-risk, and high-risk classes. Many retail merchants have low risk and lowered their rates by utilizing EMV (Europay, Mastercard and Visa) innovation at the point of sale to validate card-present transactions. While this innovation has helped brick-and-mortar merchants, it has also pushed more fraud to online channels.

5 Characteristics Of A Low Risk Merchant Account

In the world of payment processing, there are generally low risk merchants, medium risk merchants, and high risk merchants. Risk level is driven by several variables: industry type, processing history, country of incorporation and more. For low risk merchant accounts, your business will need to fulfill the following description: :

  • You process under $20,000 every month
  • Your normal ticket measure is under $50
  • Zero to low chargeback ratio
  • You operate within a low risk industry
  • You are incorporated in a low risk country

We at iPayToTal offer an opportunity for real-time processing of payment, secure and simple processing of payment with SSL and PCI compliant Gateway, and Woo commerce, Plugins, and API coordination with your E-commerce website so you can begin accepting payments effectively through your website directly.

Whether you own restaurant, retail shop or E-commerce site, lower fees and a bump in revenues can potentially make a big jump in your take-home income. It can even make the difference between profit and loss.

Low-Risk merchant accounts are generally similar in nature, offering a range of features such as Businesses with recurring Billing Cycles Credit/Debit Card, ACH and eCheck payment services 24-hour Customer Support Sophisticated Online security measures Tracking Services Offshore, Onshore and International Accounts

In order to obtain a High-Risk Merchant Account, a Medium Risk Merchant Account or a Low-risk Merchant Account, you will be required to fill in the form and necessary documentation. Thereafter you will be provided with a Merchant account that best suits the nature and requirement of your business, in resonance with the information provided by you.


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