Merchant Accounts

If you have started to grow your business or if you are tired and fed up of paper invoices and snail mail to collect payments, you might be ready to open a merchant account to accept credit cards.

Before you start, it is good to know what to expect when applying for a merchant account. You may be wondering: —

  • How long will it take?
  • What type of paperwork is involved?
  • What do the underwriters want to see?

The good news is that we make it simple to open a merchant account and easy to understand. Our experience and expertise will make your experience streamlined.

For no additional fee, iPayTotal works closely with you throughout the application process. Our goal is to have your account approved as soon as possible with the ideal and best rates applicable to your business model.

Typically, within seven to 14 days your account is live and ready. Integrate your website with a selected payment gateway or use our Virtual Payment Terminal to accept credit card payments if you intend to process MO/TO transactions. As you may know, MO/TO transactions are considered high-risk transactions—but with iPayTotal, we have the expertise, experience and partners to ensure your high-risk account is approved in order to offer your business’s services online, which will indubitably increase your revenue by allowing transactions globally.

Our Tailor-made package includes an arrangement of a direct merchant account (MID) with one of our EU/UK or international-acquiring banking partners, with an award-winning payment gateway service, reporting tools, integrated fraud-prevention, and free dedicated lifetime support.

  • 150+ CURRENCIES.


Step 1

Submit your Application or use our online systems to apply for a merchant account.

Step 2

After iPayTotal receives your Merchant Application, our Back-Office Team proceeds with a check, and a further approval is given by our Underwriting Team.

Step 3

Website Analysis: Our Business Team proceeds with an analysis of your current products and advises you in case there are any changes required on your retail/corporate website.

Step 4

iPayTotal’s Finance Team sends you an invoice. Once this invoice is paid, your merchant incorporation starts.

Step 5

iPayTotal sets up your Merchant Account. You will then receive ‘TEST’ codes for the integration of your Merchant Account on your website.

Final Step

Once you are ready to accept payments, you will start with your sales processing, and your settlements will be wired to your business bank account.

It’s that simple, thanks to iPayTotal’s world-renowned solution for high or low-risk merchants who need to open a merchant account to increase their revenue.

Apply for a Merchant Account