Prepaid Cards



Prepaid Credit Cards have evolved as the saviors for those who cannot survive the distress related to paying off credit card debts. With the growing number of people that are choosing to pay via prepaid credit cards, the risks for the agencies providing prepaid credit card services are also growing manifolds. On top of that, imposters and hackers pose a constant threat of providing forged personal details at the time of registration and eventually misuse the prepaid credit cards later. As a matter of fact, there are customers who feel reluctant to pay charges such as the cash extraction, reloading, and customer support fee.  iPayTotal has come up with some of the finest schemes to make your Virtual Cards acquisition a breezer.

Virtual Card Usage

Security is something that can never be compromised. iPayTotal Signature Capture allows your customers to add an additional layer of security on the eCheck payment link with the click of the mouse preventing fraudulent activities.

How do E Checks aid the prepaid credit card domain exactly?

E Checks are the most time efficient and secure financial tool ever created. They are quick to use and negate almost all possibilities of internet fraud and similar activities. In such a scenario, they play an instrumental role in enabling businesses to receive payments from customers in a safe and secure mannerwith our 100% secure prepaid credit card payment gateway. Here’s how:

  • Get the required account details from your customers either over the phone or via an online payment link that can be generated from your prepaid credit card merchant account.
  • Get the data verified through our Live Funds Verification system and let the system instantly give you an overview of inconsistencies with the provided data such as availability of funds, high/moderate/low risk based on past transactions etc.
  • Get a print out of the E Check and submit it to the bank for further processing. You can also send the E Check via a mobile
  • Complete the transaction and you’re done!!


iPayTotal follows a cloud-based and a user-friendly interface. There is no need for unnecessary software downloads either. The system is self-sufficient in providing the most efficient online eCheck payment system available.

Verification of customer data plays a vital role and that is why we provide real-time verification of customer information in their US and Canadian Merchant Account. Clients can instantly check the validity of the E Check data provided by customers and not waste time due to faulty information.

As the leading offshore High Risk Merchant account Instant Providers USA & Canada, iPayTotal offers one of the most advanced high risk international merchant systems, that verifies the customer account based on the submitted information and confirms if the account has enough funds to commit to the transfer of funds or not.

iPayTotal has provisions for flexible and easy to use recurring billing options at regular intervals. These intervals can either be daily, weekly, or monthly. The recurring billing feature available with our Global Merchant accounts ensures efficiency in day to day business operations.

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The experience with iPay Total Ltd. is a very good experience in an overall perspective. Nice and helpful staff, a lot of support during the process of processing transactions, and also good territorial coverage are the most important positive features of this provider (although they are still working on widening of the same).

Michał Telka
Chairman, Bluewater Corp