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iPayTotal caters to the needs of travel businesses, helping them boost sales and generate revenues using specialized high-risk merchant accounts.

A travel merchant account facilitates the travel industry with the ability to procure payments on goods and services offered to customers through a high risk merchant account for travel industry and travel agents. Payment processing with a high risk travel merchant account is vital to the success of the industry and includes credit card processing, debit card processing, stored value card processing, gift card processing, and ACH payment processing. Travel agencies can accept credit cards online, in person, or over the phone. You can also combine methods, if you’d like. Customers could pay a deposit in person, and then pay their final balance online prior to their trip.

Regardless of the payment method you choose, securing a merchant account as a travel agent means locating a credit card processor that can explicitly support your business type and give you travel agency credit card processing. It won’t do you any good to fudge the details to try to get an account with a processor that doesn’t support travel businesses. At some point, the processor will catch on and shut down your account. Save yourself the headaches and choose a travel-friendly merchant processor from the start.

If your business collects payments in foreign currencies and you are looking to expand your knowledge you’ve come to the right place. As more people shop online, and it’s far more likely that customers from all across the world are visiting your site with the intention to buy.

If you want to maximize international sales, it’s in your interest as an online vendor of digital products, or recurring subscription services, to provide a shopper-friendly, localized user experience on all your checkout pages. Customers are more likely to complete a sale if they are presented with their preferred currency, payment method, and language. So in order to close more sales, it’s important to partner with an ecommerce solution that can offer this complete package.

Multi-currency payment processing occurs when your business can accept credit cards from customers in foreign currencies. If your business charges customers in more than one currency (for example in US dollars and Canadian dollars) you are doing multi-currency processing.

Multi-currency processing can involve a complex setup of many different billing currencies. For example, you might charge customers in USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, ZAR, AUD and NZD, which would allow you to target customers in all major English speaking countries.
Does your business actually need multi-currency payment processing?

Visa and Mastercard ensure that cards can be used anywhere in the world, easily and without hassle for the cardholder. Even if you don’t cater to foreign customers they can still easily complete a purchase. Their card issuing bank will see that it’s a foreign transaction and will handle all the exchange rate concerns. It just automatically works… so technically speaking, you don’t need to bill foreign customers in their own currency. However, your business won’t be very effective if you don’t.

There are huge, HUGE potential cost advantages with multi-currency processing. This is especially true if you’ve implemented payment processing with like-to-like settlement, which is something we will explore in further detail below.

To reiterate in an explicitly clear manner: an ideally deployed multi-currency processing solution can save many thousands of dollars in processing costs. Interchange optimization (for international payments) is exactly what we specialize in at iPayTotal. It’s why we’ve built a diverse network of strategic bank and processing platform partners. No single or individual bank or platform is the best fit for every business, in every currency, in every country.

With iPayTotal merchant accounts, you can acknowledge payments in multiple currencies. Depending on your business details, you may be able to get payments from credit cards everywhere throughout the world through an iPayTotal travel merchant account. Approved merchants can acknowledge US dollars, British pounds, euros and more.

High-risk credit card processing can be tricky, but it’s not a death sentence for your business. Running any business these days more or less requires that you give your customers the option of paying with credit or debit cards.

Our underwriters and business consultants have broad experience with all business models considered “high risk” by traditional banks. Leverage our staff today, and let us service your credit card processing needs.

The services of different payment gateways vary according to geographical locations. If you want to expand your business internationally, multiple payment gateways let you handle customers from different countries, paying in different currencies.

The popularity of a payment gateway varies in different countries.

For example, PayPal is popular in the United States, Europe and Australia. While MPesa is huge in many countries in Africa, and credit cards are the top option in the United States.

To be successful in different regions, you will need to offer payment methods that the locals know and are comfortable using. This will increase the trust value of your online business, especially if you’re venturing into new markets.

We comprehend the individual payment needs in the warranty space. Processing your customers’ payments fast and efficiently is our total focus. We can integrate your CRM to set-up recurring payments while your customer is on the telephone. This tends to be the choice for most industry participants. If this is not the right solution for you, we offer website payment integration, call center virtual terminals, or the traditional credit card terminal on your desktop. Our trained staff is standing by to assist you in determining the best payment choices for your business.

Getting a higher credit processing volume for a High-Risk Travel Merchant Account

Because travel business is considered as a high-risk business, many are given a travel merchant account with a month to month credit card processing volume caps. This implies merchants are just allowed to deal with a specific number of credit card transactions per month. When that limit amount is reached, the merchant can no longer take cards for buys that month. This keeps a business, particularly an e-commerce merchant that depends on credit card payments, from working.

Here are some reasons why offering multiple payment options can help your business:

1. People not only like choices, sometimes they need them. Analysis of shopping cart abandonment rates for online retailers shows that the major reason that consumers stop short of completing a transaction is limited payment options. Offering flexibility increases customer satisfaction and sales.

2. Using only an online payment service or only credit card payment options forces customers who don’t have one or the other to either create a new account or use a vendor that accepts their preferred payment method. Anything that sends a customer elsewhere or introduces extra steps in order for them to complete a transaction is going to affect your sales and customer relations.

3. Offering a number of options elevates the perception of your business in the eyes of your customers. In the real world a store that only stocks a few items seems small and dated, whereas a store that offers a little variety seems more modern and prosperous. It’s the same with flexibility in payment methods. In a world where perception means a lot, offering your customers variety makes you seem like a bigger, more forward-thinking operation.

4. Variety opens up your business to more potential customers. When you increase the ways that people can do business with you, you increase the number of people you can do business with.

High-risk merchants don’t qualify for traditional processing agreements. They’re stuck working with acquirers and processors who offer high-risk merchant services and are willing to accept liability for the increased risk associated with these businesses (known as a high-risk payments processor). As you might imagine, the “high risk” service comes with a higher price tag. With our team’s unique experience in the payment space, we bring vital expertise to get your account approved quickly and painlessly. Our staff is committed to providing unsurpassed customer service and strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Give us a call today to discuss all of your credit card processing needs. Our company will work hard to get you set up with the ability to accept credit cards from your customers and clientele. Our team knows the travel industry ins and outs and can get virtually any business including high risk and high volume accounts approved for credit card processing.

IPAYTOTAL is focused on providing comprehensive and affordable travel merchant accounts for our clients. Travel merchants are usually forbidden or restricted from accepting credit cards with most payment processors.

IPAYTOTAL works with a variety of payment processors who provide merchant accounts for the travel industry and acquiring banks that allow travel agencies to process credit cards.

We pride ourselves in providing reliable, affordable and secure merchant account services for travel agencies all around the world.

How do we help you ?

PAYTOTAL is focused on providing comprehensive and affordable travel merchant accounts for our clients. IPAYTOTAL works with a variety of payment processors who provide merchant accounts for the travel industry and acquiring banks that allow travel agencies to process credit cards for travel agency credit card processing.

We pride ourselves in providing reliable, affordable and secure merchant account services for travel agencies all around the world.

If you operate a legal travel business and are seeking travel agency credit card processing, we specialize in the Travel merchant account industry and can assist you in getting approved. We have separated ourselves from the pack and distinguished ourselves the leader in the high-risk payment processing for travel merchant account/travel agency credit card processing. Give us a call right now to get started immediately.

We provide high-risk merchant accounts for travel associated businesses, including holiday packages, timeshare, travel agencies, tour operators, lodging, ticket sales, reservations, deals, or clubs. Getting a travel merchant account for a company related to the tourism business, whether it be holiday packages, timeshare, agencies, tour operators, hotels and motels, ticket revenue, or some other travel related business is not as simple as speaking to your local banker.

The reason is that to get a credit card processor to accept a travel company, their sponsor bank should allow and approve travel companies in their underwriting guidelines. The majority of the biggest banks usually don’t permit their credit card processors to underwrite travel companies because they’re considered high risk and thus merchant account for travel industry is very difficult to obtain.

If you’re a one-person shop, it may be tempting to look at the quick and easy “flat rate” processing solutions: companies like Stripe or Square. However, Stripe’s prohibited business list explicitly references both travel reservation assistance and cruises and prohibit payment processing for travel industry. Square more generally just lists “high risk” businesses, giving it broad discretion to deny anything it feels is too risky which includes merchant account for travel agents.

But there are still options of travel industry payment solutions for small businesses and solo travel agents. You can sign up with the same high risk processors as the bigger guys for your travel agency merchant account, and choose to utilize smartphone card readers or virtual terminals if you don’t need or want fancy equipment.

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iPayTotal Approach

We, at iPayTotal , assess each travel organization individually, we study your method of doing business so we can board your travel merchant account with the acquirer that would be most suited and beneficial for your travel business. This is how we will be able to give a reliable processing solution for your travel agency.

Our objective is to be the undisputed best travel merchant account provider for your travel business. Whether you are a tour operator, a hotel company, timeshare business, OTA, ticket sales, reservations, deal, club or membership programs, vacation package sales, or any other travel related business, iPayTotal can provide the best solutions to accept payments online for your travel business. iPayTotal works with an assortment of payment processors and acquiring banks that permit travel companies to process credit cards.

Travel Merchant Accounts for All Travel Businesses

All travel businesses are welcome to apply including:



Cruise Lines


Hotels & Lodging

Membership & Club Programs



Ticket Sales


Tour Operators

Transportation Services

Travel Agencies

Travel Clubs

Travel Ecommerce Sites

Vacation Packages

And many more!

Reasons Travel Merchants are Considered High Risk

The primary reason travel merchants are classified as high risk is chargebacks.    Chargebacks occur when a traveler calls their issuing bank to dispute a transaction.

The travel industry loses an estimated $25 billion in fraud and chargebacks each year.  For this reason, effective management of chargebacks & fraud is important for all travel merchants.

There are three main causes banks and processors are concerned about chargebacks from travel merchants.

  • Average sales tickets are high. Tickets, accommodations, tours, and all other costs associated with a trip can add up.  Travelers can seek to defray travel expenses by charging back a transaction even though it was authorized, which is known as “friendly fraud.”
  • Advance purchase. Transportation, lodging and other expenses associated with a trip often purchased months in advance. The long time period between payment for the trip and the actual travel can cause consumers to cancel when plans change or buyer’s remorse sets in.
  • Industry. Bankruptcies & other failures within the travel industry caused banks to take big losses from chargebacks. Some banks still shy away from boarding travel merchants because of past negative experiences with the industry.

There are excellent tools available to travel merchants to keep chargebacks low.  The travel merchant account gateway includes an extensive array of fraud-fighting weapons.  These can be customized, managed, and controlled by travel merchants to meet the changing requirements of various markets.

Travel merchants also benefit from chargeback mitigation and dispute management services.  Chargeback mitigation services alert you when travelers call their card issuing bank to dispute a transaction, giving you the opportunity to issue a refund rather than risk a chargeback.  Chargeback dispute management services help you fight the chargebacks that you have the best chance of winning.

Why iPayTotal?

iPayTotal is a recognized payment processing brand among travel service providers. iPayTotal’s great network of acquirers, payment experts and tailored solutions has helped launch start-ups and take organizations to the next level of corporate growth.
Thousands of merchants, from start-ups to enterprise-scale organizations, leverage iPayTotal’s curated knowledge of high-risk payments to securely process hundreds of millions across an array of vertical industries. iPayTotal works closely with national and regional travel industry vendors and service providers, providing tailored solutions and timely advice, while helping clients maintain the highest standards of banking and payment card industry compliance.

iPayTotal ‘s team of experts, combined with our partners record of successful travel industry products and services, can facilitate successful new company launches and help existing businesses grow and scale.

Travel Merchant Account

iPayTotal can help you with payment processing solutions that are reliable and affordable for your business.