Types of Payment Processes  

Creating a hassle-free method for your buyers or shoppers to pay does not only establishes trust, it also makes your credit card payment processing easier, even if it is a High Risk Merchant Account, all of this while reducing the costs of operations.

Today, client’s want to integrate a few types of payments to make their business more profitable. They offer multiple pricing tiers in a subscription-based model and extra services with one-click payments solution. Offering various pricing tiers helps them to reduce the cost of chargebacks and refunds. Furthermore, additional services with one-click payments can have a great impact on their revenue.

Payment features to power your business model. We at iPayTotal support every payment situation.We provide various customisation for payment processes. Simplifying payment process can play a major role in boosting your business’s success rate. You can use multiple payment processes to grow you sales.

We cater a plethora of payment models, depending on what you intend to sell. Here are few payment/billing models that you can refer to in compliance with your product or business model.

  • Single, one-time payments
    For eCommerce, software downloads, digital content, one time payments, set-up fees or selling additional services or products.

  • Recurring payments and subscriptions
    For SaaS, digital content, dating, social network, education, monthly subscription, gaming and pay-per-use.


  • Mixed billing models to fit your business
    Cloud-based computing models, Software services, Media and content provider etc. For SaaS with pay-per-seat business or Dating with subscriptions and even one-time purchases. No matter how complex your business model is, our payment gateway can handle it.

If you’re looking for improved cash flow at your business, say no more. iPayTotal Ltd. can automate and streamline your credit card payment processing, leaving you with more time to focus on more important things.

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