Virtual Check Solutions

Core Features

We believe that all merchants deserve reliable, quality, and secure payment processing no matter their processing history or type of business.

iPayTotal is the premier eCheck processing service that facilitates eCheck payments between merchants and their customers. Unlike any other payment processing provide, we specialize in payment processing that serves merchants who do not qualify for standard ACH or Credit Card processing services due to high return rates or high risk businesses.

We offer a number of industry leading technologies such as our patented CheXshield check verification system, and Remote Deposit Capture capabilities. These features allow for transactions between merchant and customer that are fast, and that have lower return rates. Couple these features with our unparalleled customer service, and Virtual Check is the only choice you need!

Benefits of using Virtual Cheque (eCheck)

Recurring Billing

Create a customizable payment schedule for your clients.

Real-Time Check Processing

We ensure the authenticity of payments with our check processing partner technology

Batch Payment Processing

Upload large batch files to efficiently process large volumes of payments

Industries Served

The combination of a simple solution with beneficial results can make payment processing a means for significant improvement in your company. While electric payment processing was formerly only available to large businesses, iPayTotal makes this service accessible at businesses, no matter what size or what industry.

From health care and retail to non-profits and collections agencies, our clients are making strides with our program.

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In August 2019, we fly to UK to meet the CEO, we were greeted like a king and that alone has touched me on a professional level. I must also thank James Smith for all his support and advice they have been providing to us and these are simply working fantastic so far for our company. We get our settlements on schedule, no questions asked. Extract from Trustpilot ratings.

Avery Mendell
Business Development Manager, Arco Globus Intl
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